Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

Are you receiving the Oracle Systems Support Newsletters ?

The Support News is a monthly publication available to anybody with My Oracle Support Access. It covers what’s new in My Oracle Support for Systems customers, covering topics such as: this months Sun Alerts, Advisor Webcasts, What are the top 10 hot documents customers are accessing, and other related content.

There is a 30second video on the Newsletter to demonstrate how to subscribe to Hot-Topics to ensure you get an automatic notification when the document is published each month.

Do you have questions about support that are not answered in the newsletter? If Yes, use the +/- icon on the document to send in topics or use the comments option on this blog. Any suggestions will be reviewed and included in the coming monthly releases.

In this release March 2013:

  • Become an Oracle Support Insider!
  • Advisor Webcasts for Systems Customers
  • Welcome Xsigo Customers
  • Do you want a faster turn around time for your Service Request?
  • What's happening in the My Oracle Support Communities
  • Have you viewed the latest My Oracle Support Speed Training?
  • Are you getting the most out of your support experience?
  • Sun Alerts for February 2013
  • Did you know about supported Languages for My Oracle Support?

  • Tuesday May 01, 2012

    The Oracle Solaris, Systems, and Storage Newsletter for May is now available.

    Interested in what we are doing at Oracle to improve your support experience?
    Firstly, check out the newsletter for top documents, new documents the x86 team have created, take a survey and what how to find patches. Once you log into My Oracle Support either search for document 1363390.1 or follow the link under the document number.

    Secondly, check out the new portal experience accessed via On the default home page of My Oracle Support ( there is a new toggle switch to enable you to check the html version or the flash version. The switch remembers your setting between sessions.

    Finally, Stay Proactive... New releases of AutoServiceRequest will be available on May 7th, take time to upgrade release. The patch is available in My Oracle Support -> Patches and Updates -> Product/Family Advanced Search -> Enter in Auto S as the product and select, then select the latest release from the version option and download.


    Monday Apr 23, 2012

    Preventing outages before they become an escalation

    Did you know that there was a Proactive Page available for Systems customers? 79 Individuals out of a total of 85,636 took a few minutes to see how they could improve their systems by being a little more proactive. Did you?

    In a commissioned study conducted on behalf of Oracle, Forrester Consulting found that Oracle Premier Support for Systems customers are getting quantifiable benefits from:

    • Reduced downtime and associated costs of that downtime,
    • Avoiding the costs of parts inventories, and
    • Avoiding the costs of augmenting internal IT staff to provide hardware support.

    The study, which analyzed the total economic impact of investing in Oracle Premier Support for Systems, demonstrated a 43% return on investment (ROI) for Oracle customers. [ Learn More]

    Sunday Apr 01, 2012

    Product Support News for Oracle Solaris, Systems, and Storage

    Hi System Support Customers,

    April Newsletter is now available

    The April, 2012 Newsletter for Oracle Solaris, Systems, and Storage is now available via document 1363390.1 *Requires a My Oracle Support account to access.

    Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter. The newsletter is the primary method of communication about what we in support would like you to be aware of. If you are not receiving the newsletter, it could be due to:
    (a) Your Oracle profile does not have the allow Oracle Communication selected (on Sign In, or if logged in select "Account" and under your Job Role, check you have selected this box : [ ] Yes, send me e-mails in Oracle Products....
    (b) you have not logged a service request during the last 12 months.
    Oracle is working to improve the distribution process and changes are coming and once they are ready I will write more about that. But today if you don't automatically receive the newsletter all you can do is save it as a favorite within My Oracle Support and come back on the 2nd of each month to check out the changes.

    This month I am really interested to find out from you is the Newsletter providing you the type of items that you are interested in. To gather some data on that, I have a small 2minute survey running on the newsletter or you can access it [ here ]

    Finally, if you think I am missing a topic in the Newsletter, let me know by taking the survey or suggesting a topic via this blog.

    Get Proactive

    Don't forget about being Proactive. The latest updates for Systems and Solaris pages in the Get Proactive area are now available. Check out document 432.1 and learn what proactive features are available for Systems and Solaris.

    Sunday Mar 25, 2012

    What's hot in Oracle Premier Support News for Solaris, Storage and Systems - How to Patch!

    Struggling with locating patches for Sun products?

    Can't find your Oracle System Drivers? This question has been raised many times by customers and was the source of a short video in the Oracle System Support Newsletter in February 2012. The transition between SunSolve and My Oracle Support is to change how you think about the type of patch your looking for. For example, in SunSolve you might have typed e1000g if looking for an Enternet Driver.. but entering e1000g will not find anything in My Oracle Support -> Patches and Update Menu. As you need to use the Product (Advanced) search which is driven of the Product Name, therefore you need to type "Ethernet" and select the ethernet product you are looking for to locate the patches for this product.

    Just to recap that video: If you are looking for the e1000g Ethernet Driver - You need to use Advance Search and search for Enternet

    1. Log into My Oracle Support -> Select Patches and Updates -> Select Product or Family (Advanced Search).
    2. In the product line enter: Ethernet and select the product name from the menu.
    3. Check remove supersede patches - that ensure you only get relevant current patches in the results.
    4. Select Search and the results are displayed.

    Now you have more options to include the platform (Solaris,Linux etc.) if want to further narrow the search.

    Need more information?

    Log into My Oracle Support and what a short 90sec video I put together. View the 7 minute Video using Firefox/chrome – It shows searching for individual patches, Solaris, Firmware etc.

    If you are not receiving the Oracle System Support Newsletter:
    Option (a) Within My Oracle Support, make document id: 1363390.1 a favourite and revisit it on the 2nd of each month for the latest content.
    Option (b) By default the Newsletter  is sent to all customers who have logged a Service Request on an Oracle Systems Hardware Product during the last 12months, unless you have opted out to receiving Oracle Communications on your profile on

    Monday Mar 19, 2012

    Get Proactive! Proactive Capability Portfolio

    Unleash Oracle Premier Support’s Advanced Proactive Capabilities

    Where do you go to solve technical problems? Better yet, where do you find out how to prevent them? Oracle Premier Support’s proactive capability portfolio can help Support customers prevent, resolve, and upgrade.


    Join thousands of Oracle customers who are already taking advantage of proactive support.

    Are You Ready To Get Proactive?

    Bookmark the proactive capabilities portfolio and start exploring Oracle Premier Support's proactive support capabilities. Search "Get Proactive" in My Oracle Support to view the knowledge, tools and communities available through product specific pages. Act now to get started!

    Questions? Contact Oracle’s "Get Proactive" team today.


    This blog is focused on assisting Systems and Sun customers get the most out of their My Oracle Support Experience. Topics covered included but are not limited to: getting proactive, staying informed, support video's tips, finding content, finding patches, accessing the My Oracle Support Community, upcoming training events and to enable users to stay informed.


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