Thursday Feb 17, 2011

Using My Oracle Support for Hardware Products

Our new seminar series, entitled "Using My Oracle Support for Hardware Products" will cover different topics each month. To see the schedule and register for a session, please review knowledge article 1282218.1 within My Oracle Support.

Throughout February, March, and April 2011, we will focus on the following topics:

  • Hardware Asset and Automated Service Request (ASR) Management

    • Support Identifiers and viewing hardware asset information

    • Managing hardware asset information

    • ASR functions and processes

    • Activating and managing ASR for your hardware assets


  • Best Practices for Knowledge Search and How to Find Firmware, Storage Updates, and Oracle Solaris Patch Sets

    • Understanding your entitlement information

    • Oracle Solaris recommended patch clusters and patch sets

    • Finding firmware for Storage and x86 product lines

    • Making the most out of search filters to improve your results

    • Searching the knowledge base for Systems, Storage and Oracle Solaris information


  • Understanding Automated Service Request (ASR), End-to-End

    • Auto Service Request installation and configuration for Oracle hardware products, including:

      • Sun Servers using ASR Manager

      • Sun Storage arrays using Common Array Manager (CAM)

      • Sun Unified Storage 7xxx

    • Managing ASR assets using My Oracle Support

    • Testing your configuration 


  • Proactive Hardware Service Portal 

    • The value of using Proactive Hardware Service Portal

    • How to download and setup your systems to be able to make use of the Proactive Hardware Service Portal

    • Reading and taking action on the information provided to you.


  • My Oracle Support - Hardware Service Request

    • When to engage the My Oracle Support Community to get answers to questions

    • How to create a hardware Service Request

    • Managing your Service Request

    • When and how to escalate your Service Request

      Oracle support experts will be on hand to present the webinar sessions, as well as answer questions about best practices in using My Oracle Support for servicing your supported hardware products.

      We hope that you take advantage of these seminars and begin using My Oracle Support to its fullest potential.

    Monday Nov 15, 2010

    SunSolve - Final 3 week count down to retirement

    Hello SunSolve users,

    We are move into the final countdown stage for the retirement of SunSolve. It is critical that you register for My Oracle Support Access. By registering on My Oracle Support you are ensuring you have uninterrupted access to knowledge, patches, and creating and updating Service Requests. If you don't register you could experience delays in getting access to My Oracle Support.

    1. Watch the Registration Video (2-3minutes)

    2. Watch the getting started Video (5minutes)

    3. Register on My Oracle Support

    4. Review the Welcome Center site for Official Oracle information on what to do during the Transition period.

    SunSolve will no longer be accessible after the weekend of Dec 11-12, 2010.

    The views expressed on this Miriam’s Blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

    Sunday Oct 31, 2010

    SunSolve - Nov Week 1 Update

    Hi and welcome to this week’s update.

    All existing customers have been notified about the retirement of SunSolve and Member Support Center. Live Webinar Schedule and Agenda are available - Review the Schedule and take time to attend.

    To get you ready for My Oracle Support, here are a few tips and tricks.

    1. PowerView - A PowerView is a way to filter what content you need to see on My Oracle Support. The cool thing here is you can mouse over the word PowerView to activate the drop down menu. Here is how to limit your view to Sun Products
    1. Mouse over the PowerView word, to the down arrow and select Edit.
    2. The edit view is displayed, select “Product Line” from the first drop down option.
    3. In the text field, start typing Sun, and select Sun Hardware from the suggestion field, add a comma to indicate more products are coming, and type Sun and select Sun Software, select Save and call this PowerView, "Sun Products" and select OK. Now My Oracle Support is filtering for just Sun Products. Play around with PowerView and select the products your interested in. To see the PowerView in action, select the "Knowledge Tab", the PowerView symbol is displayed on the Alerts region and the content is restricted to Sun Hardware and Sun Software.

    2. Customize My Oracle Support - to your needs. Take a few minutes to get the home page set up for your use. Select the link Customize and then drag and drop the patch, knowledge regions on to your home page. To alter the height of each region, select the Pencil Icon. Different regions have different height values. Explorer by changing the heights, exit by selecting “Close Customize”.

    3. My Oracle Support, Patches and Updates Tab. During November the link on Patch Quick Links  for Sun will point all users back to SunSolve. Later when everything is ready for user to migrate to My Oracle Support, will redirect users to My Oracle Support at this stage all users will be able to make use of the Advance Search by Product or Family on the Patches and Update page to find Sun Products. Some products are a little tricky; Oracle Open Office is still called StarOffice in the Product or Family option. Tip: When searching try the old and the new name.

    More help to get users started, there are a number of 5 to 10 minute video’s to show users different areas and features of My Oracle Support,  view the first of these on Watch "Learn the basics in 10 minutes".

    Visit the Welcome Center for the Official migration information for SunSolve customers migrating to  My Oracle Support.

    The views expressed on this Miriam’s Blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle. 

    Tuesday Oct 12, 2010

    SunSolve Retirement Notice - October 2010


    [Read More]

    Tuesday Aug 17, 2010

    SunSolve - August 2010 Update

    Oracle Support Services will be at Oracle OpenWorld in full force this year with 10 sessions, a Support Stars Bar, a My Oracle Support Community Meet-up event, and demos of powerful new support tools. Learn best practices for supporting and upgrading Oracle products and hear how others are getting the most of their hardware and software by tapping into all the features and entitlements of Oracle Premier Support. Come network, learn, and collaborate with us. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco this September at Oracle OpenWorld 2010.

    S317562 - Best Practices for Supporting and Upgrading Oracle Solaris (Stream:SERVER AND STORAGE SYSTEMS; Tracks: Oracle Solaris, Sun SPARC Servers) [Learn More]
    S317567Best Practices for Supporting Sun Server and Storage Systems.(Stream: SERVER AND STORAGE SYSTEMS; Tracks: Sun SPARC servers, Storage) [Learn More]

    SunSolve Updates for August 2010

    1. Users are reminded that SunSolve will transition to MyOracleSupport by the end of 2010. Please take time to register on My Oracle Support(MOS) and review the  Help (top right hand corner of the page). To get up to speed quickly on MOS take the speed video training.

    2. Please be aware; SunSolve content now has new document numbers. By default when you are on SunSolve the application is mapping legacy document ids to the new document ids. Sometimes the document you are looking for is no longer available. Please search using keywords and if that does fail then make use of the Feedback Link to access the support team.

    3. Did you notice that the search results have changed on SunSolve? The search engine was swapped out at the end of July. The results now target the content that is in SunSolve. If you can not find an article you are looking for, make use of the Feedback Link on the right hand side of SunSolve and lets us know about your issue. Be sure to advise what you are looking for and we will help you find it.

    4. There are currently delays in the Oracle/Sun booking process which is causing issues for some customers when attempting to access patches. If you experience an access problems please use the Feedback Link to report the issue, be sure to document your Sun Online Account name and the file you are attempting to access.

    5. SunSolve outages are reported on the help site at

    My Oracle Support - Tips and Tricks for early users.

    1. Log  into MOS and then take the speed video training to fast track your knowledge about how MOS works.


    This blog is focused on assisting Systems and Sun customers get the most out of their My Oracle Support Experience. Topics covered included but are not limited to: getting proactive, staying informed, support video's tips, finding content, finding patches, accessing the My Oracle Support Community, upcoming training events and to enable users to stay informed.


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