Tooth extraction in 30 minutes

While people were preparing to celebrate the Fourth of July with travel plans or other activities, I was planning to have wisdom tooth extraction. Not too fun for the holiday :(

I was a bit nervous, so I googled around to find out more about what to expect during the procedure and found the following page quite informative:

I arrived the dental office on time, after a big meal to make up in advance for all those weight I anticipated to lose in the next few days :) I was immediately led to the dental chair. The assistant came and set up the X-ray slides on the light table and other things, the dentist came and chatted with me and reviewed the X-ray.

He administered local anesthesia in the proper location. Moving the needle around a little bit, but still not too uncomfortable. Then, he asked me to rinse and wait for a few minutes.

During the wait, the assistant explained to me about the post extraction care instructions. Changing the gauze every 20 to 30 minutes, and other standard things.

Now the nervous moment I have been waiting for... The dentist came back and asked if I feel the numbness. I said yes, I did. He then injected another liquid (not sure what it is) around the specific tooth, then started to work on the tooth with an "elevator" (looks like a flat screw driver). I felt some pressure but no pain. Then he changed to an "extraction forcep" (looks like a plier). I felt it turning and heard drilling sound. Then I felt he removed something from the mouth, felt more like removal of the old fillings.

Then he asked the assistant to prepare for suture. He began to sew within my mouth. I wasn't aware that the tooth has already been removed. I thought some other part of the mouth was bleeding or something. After a few minutes, he told me, all done! Hmm.. I didn't even realize the tooth has been removed. All was done and I was out of the door in less than 30 minutes.

It was quite a positive dental visit experience. The doctor asked me, what about the other (remaining) wisdom tooth? Hmm.. maybe next time when something becomes wrong with it.


hi. i had all my teeth pulled out 6/7/2007 about 20 of them, it took 60 minute to extracte 20 tooths. first they give me the niddle they call adrenaline so your heart will be pumping little faster and then freeze them,about 9 injection before extraction and wait 10 minutes.after he started to pull my tooth one by one. it coste $1030.00.tank god the assurance pay at 100 percent because i don't have that kind of cash

Posted by robert krame on July 07, 2007 at 09:43 PM PDT #

Thanks Robert for sharing your story. That mustn't have been fun... I had to pay $50 deductable. The rest was covered by the dental insurance.

Posted by miko on July 08, 2007 at 04:55 PM PDT #

Thanks Robert for sharing your story.

Posted by clark on June 18, 2008 at 05:51 PM PDT #

I had all my teeth extracted at 18 yrs including all wisdom teeth even though they were not fully erupted.I had it done by choice, always wanted to have no teeth. I have dentures`that I wear at work and in public, never in private. I wore dentures in public through my college years except at weekends. Thirty years later I still enjoy not having teeth. I am female and married. Without my dentures I speak with a slight lisp and eating certain foods such as, whole fruits except berry fruits and bananas, nuts,corn on the cob is impossible. Eating steak takes a little time but I can manage. Would I do it again? Yes and yes. Have I any regrets? Yes. If I could have done it earlier,like 13 or 14 when my adult teeth came in that would have been great.
Nobody should worrry about living without teeth. Life for me is wonderful.No toothhache, no fillings, no pain and my husband actually like my pink smile.

Posted by private on April 26, 2011 at 11:52 PM PDT #

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