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Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2014 Will Blow Your Mind

June 19, 2014 By: Jim Lein

Maybe I shouldn't have read this report first thing on a Monday morning, Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2014. But I did, and it blew my mind.

We've been publishing a lot of thought leadership content lately on modern best practice. Modern best practice is flexible, supports growth and innovation, and enables new ways of executing to achieve consistently superior performance. It's enabled by Cloud, Social, Analytics, Big Data, Mobile, and The Internet of Things. It's about leveraging these enablers to do things fundamentally different, sometimes without consciously realizing that we're doing so.

In our hectic kinetic connected lives we think nothing of downloading a new app or adopting a new communication channel to get what we want or make our lives easier. It's fascinating to see the collective metrics of our actions in this report.


Meeker's identifies how we are globally adopting and leveraging enabling technologies. A couple of highlights from my perspective:
  • Tablet adoption was up 52% in 2013 and growing faster than PCs ever did
  • Mobile is 25% of web usage vs 14% a year before
  • Mobile advertising revenue is up 47% and now represents 11% of total advertising spend.

Modern best practice can be doing something that you never even dreamed possible prior to adopting an enabling technology. Meeker describes this as re-imaging, like this graph relating to re-imagining communications.

The effectiveness of any single communication channel for each of our sub groups depends on wholehearted adoption by all members. One guy in my band doesn't use Facebook. So we all communicate via email. Friends get frustrated with me because I don't return calls or texts promptly but they forget I don't get mobile coverage at my house. .

Maybe some day we'll all have the same devices and a single universal communication channel.But for now, I'll just remind myself to be happy that we're not reliant on land lines and answering machines.

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