Thursday Mar 20, 2014

The Fastest Oracle HCM Cloud Implementation Ever?

by Nandita Vijay Sinha, Principal Consultant, Manufacturing Unit, Infosys

Growing midsize companies need fast time to value from enterprise application projects but they usually don't set out to break any speed records. In 2013, The Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group (The KOJ Group) deployed Infosys’s Oracle Fusion HCM RapidStart Solution for Oracle Accelerate in 32 days start to finish. At the time, it was the fastest implementation of Oracle Fusion HCM known to mankind.

At Infosys, we strive to continually discover innovative, ground-breaking ways to deliver Oracle Fusion Applications so that our customers will benefit from best practices in both Cloud and on-premise deployment models.

The KOJ Group is a rapidly growing chain of 660+ retail outlets in the Middle East. Their operations span multiple franchises carrying beauty, fashion, healthcare and children’s learning and development products. 12 brands, 6 countries, 3,500 employees.

Their executive team has long realized that a talented and happy workforce is the key to their continued success and growth. In 2013, during a time of rapid growth, they decided it was business critical to automate their appraisal system  in order to reward workers appropriately and make sure the right management progression processes were in play. The end of that appraisal cycle was less than two months in the future.

The only solution that fit both their HCM requirements and  time constraints was Infosys’s Oracle Fusion HCM RapidStart Solution for Oracle Accelerate. Oracle Cloud HCM in 2013 had everything The KOJ Group needed at the time and it fit seamlessly into their all Oracle IT strategy they had embarked on in 2006.

Based on a long relationship with Oracle, The KOJ Group trusted that Oracle was committed to HCM. And they trusted that Infosys had the experience and expertise to complete the project successfully in the tight time frame. The keys to success were strong executive commitment enabled via a steering committee and the formation of a highly efficient and collaborative project team consisting of The KOJ Group, Infosys, and Oracle experts.

An Accelerated Project Drives Fast Time to Benefit

Accelerated project components consisted of:

  • An Oracle Cloud instance available on Day 1,
  • Pre-built Configuration Templates used for data collection during the workshops,
  • A detailed business processes performance requirements document used for enabling the product processes a pre-built data migration solution, and
  • 800+ pre-built System Integration Test (SIT) scenarios.

Some of the results include:

  • A single HCM solution for 3,500 employees, spanning 650+ stores (today) and 6 countries, integrated to core ERP,
  • Establishment of specific and measurable employee performance goals,
  • The ability to identify and reward top performers,
  • The real time ability to check evaluation (performance appraisal) status,
  • A considerable improvement in business analytics available to managers,
  • Multi language support, and
  • Significant reductions in administrative cost.

Synergies Drive Success

The synergies between Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud and Infosys's methodologies and rapid implementation tools resulted in The KOJ Group achieving the goals the needed from this project.

“This is an amazing project," said Rizon after the go live in 2013. Exceptional teamwork between KOJ, Oracle, and Infosys. The 1st milestone of go live in Performance Appraisal is achieved!"

"The most challenging of deadlines,” added Martin Alexander, Group Human Resources Director at KOJ. “Yet with great commitment, professionalism, teamwork, and hard work we achieved a successful implementation of the new appraisal system. I am proud to be part of this project."

The KOJ Group Hitches Its Wagon to Oracle

By Jim Lein, Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies

"Hitch your wagon to a star," is an American expression that translates loosely as "aspire to the highest goals and ideals". I'm sure there is a Middle Eastern version of this advice. I'd like to learn what that is.

After Nandita submitted her post, I did a little research on The KOJ Group. The company embarked on an all-Oracle "Red Stack" strategy in 2006. That decision was made based on the industry best practices in Oracle Retail, the end-to-end strength of Financials in Oracle E-Business Suite, our commitment to building a complete suite of modern applications, and the integration between applications and the platform itself.

All-Oracle strategy has served The KOJ Group well. As Mohammed Thameem Rizvon, Group IT Manager, explains in this video,  the KOJ Group has improved the experiences of their customers. Equally important, they have realized increased workforce efficiency and productivity by empowering end users through best practices.

This video was recorded in 2012. At that time-and since deploying the integrated Oracle IT platform-The KOJ Group had almost doubled their number of stores (300-500+) while decreasing the number of warehouse workers (155-135) and IT staff (51-27).

Like Oracle, The KOJ Group aspires to the highest goals and ideals. They have-and continue to-achieve great success. Like many growing companies, they have trusted their continued success to that of Oracle's. They leverage our expertise, experience, breadth and depth of solutions, partners, and financial strength. In short, they have tied their reputation to ours and that of our key partners such as Infosys.

Since The KOJ Group deployed Oracle HCM Cloud in 2011, Oracle has released Cloud HCM enhancements and new modules as well as acquiring best of breed solutions such as Taleo Talent Management. As Larry Ellison said recently at Oracle CloudWorld, "My focus now is on people, and that means taking care of your employees, and taking care of your customers...HCM is the app that manages your most precious asset-your people".

The combined KOJ Group and Infosys project team wasn't trying to make it into The Guinness Book of World Records. They implemented the solution at laser speed because the business demanded it.  Is 32 days still the fastest Oracle HCM Cloud implementation ever? I don't know. Some things aren't meant to be a race.

Jim Lein

I evangelize Oracle Accelerate, Oracle's Applications Strategy for growing midsize companies. I recently celebrated 15 years with Oracle, having joined JD Edwards in 1999. I'm based in Evergreen, Colorado and love relating stories about creativity and innovation whether they be about software, live music, or the mountains. The views expressed here are my own, and not necessarily those of Oracle.



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