Thursday Jan 30, 2014

Year of The Horse--Wishing You Immediate Prosperity

by Angela Wang |Solution Principal Oracle Midsize Programs -Greater China

Tomorrow, we’ll say farewell to the Year of the Snake and welcome the Year of the the Horse. In Chinese history, the horse has always been a beautiful totem, which symbolized strength, speed, and grace. To be positive. To go forward ceaselessly.

Everyone likes horses. Search the internet and you’ll find many cute cartoon horses with money, or a house, or a car, or a couple of elephants on their backs. This is a lucky sign that expresses the will to right away have what we desire. The Chinese word “Ma Shang” means “at horse speed” and is used to mean that something will be done right away. Thus, a cartoon depicting a horse with money on its backs expresses the hope of immediate prosperity. The Chinese words for “a pair of elephants” and “boyfriends/girlfriends” share the same pronunciation. So…a horse with two elephants on its back expresses the hope of getting a date soon. You get the idea. I think, this must express our common willing for 2014.

When Oracle provides services to our midsize customers, we often find they need the same capabilities as big companies. They want the same software as our large customers.

Meanwhile, midsize companies often must face the challenges of fast growth. They need flexible and scalable software that can grow with them to suit the fast changing market. Midsize companies also can’t afford lengthy implementations and high project risks. This is just like choosing the right horse for a wagon while also in a fast changing environment!

It must be a horse—not a donkey, not an ox. The horse can grow stronger while the wagon gets heavier. It can turn easily as the direction changes. It can be easily and rapidly connected to the wagon and run immediately. This doesn’t sound easy, but it sounds quite familiar to me. Isn’t it Oracle Accelerate, the Oracle program designed for midsize customers?

The English word, “Accelerate”, has the meaning of “speed up”. The word makes me think of a galloping horse. Created by Oracle's expert partners, Oracle Accelerate solutions are simple to deploy, industry-specific packaged solutions, designed for fast time to benefit, which means getting the right solution in place quickly, inexpensively and with a controlled scope and predictable returns. Maybe, this is the most suitable horse that our midsize customers are seeking?

We will collaborate more with you via blog, Weibo and Wechat in the coming new year and share with you the thoughts from Oracle and partner experts. Our team will be like the horse that gallops without the raising of the whip! We wish you a lucky and wealthy Year of the Horse!

Friday Jan 10, 2014

Are You Ascared of Being Disconnected?

by Jim Lein, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle Midsize Programs

I just read an Oracle Magazine interview with Peter Utzschneider, vice president of product management for Java at Oracle, “Navigating the Internet of Things”. It’s a sure thing that we’ve only scratched the surface of how internet connectivity will soon impact our business and personal lives.

It got me thinking…am I "ascared"--fearful--of being disconnected?

Millenials are well documented as the connected generation. I’m not a millennial but I am father to three and often behave like one myself. I walked into the living room the other day and found my sixteen year old son, home for the holidays, sitting on the couch. He had Sponge Bob Square Pants on the TV with the sound off. He was listening to Pandora on the Sol Republic Wireless Headphones Santa brought him. And, reading one of the Harry Potter books (in print, mind you).

That acorn didn’t fall too far from the tree. I call it the Johnny 5 Syndrome”. Like the lovable robot from Short Circuit, my son’s brain, and mine, need “more input”. I was an eager adopter of smartphones because my global, virtual role requires constant connectivity to make sure that none of my projects lag simply because I am “out of the office” or in a different time zone. Oracle provides me with a complete, integrated mobile platform—applications and technology—that goes beyond email to include file sharing, chat, and an internal social network we use heavily for collaboration. That platform makes my job easier which also improves my quality of life. 

The byproduct of being conditioner to connectivity for work is that I have also become highly connected for play. I listen to Car Talk when I’m hiking. I post selfies to Facebook from the chairlift. Most annoyingly, in social conversations I constantly validate or refute Cliff Clavin statements of others.

I tell myself that this connectivity is a good thing. But is it really that I’m just afraid of being disconnected for some reason—some form of autophobia? Something to ponder next time I’m sitting on my favorite rock, streaming contemporary folk music from WUMB into my Braven outdoor Bluetooth speaker with a stunning view of 14,265 ft Mt Evans.

Jim Lein | Sr. Principal Product Marketing Director | Oracle Midsize Programs | @JimLein

The views expressed on this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle



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