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A Two-Way Street for Software Vendors?

April 23, 2014 By: Jim Lein

by Jim Lein, Oracle Midsize Programs

As I examined software review sites, my search results varied greatly from site to site. Many Oracle products weren’t represented or had very few or no reviews.

“How can that be?” I wondered out loud.

A Two Way Street for Vendors

Oracle offers applications spanning all business functions and over a thousand published customer references. Why aren’t all these products listed on every software review site?

When an IT buyer encounters a similar and counter intuitive situation it can typically be explained by one of the following reasons.

  • Lack of Collaboration—the vendor hasn’t proactively worked on the review provider’s terms to make sure the profile for every product is complete

  • Focus—Very few software review sites can or want to boil the ocean by attempting to cover all products within all categories

  • Vendor Cheerleading—Some vendors are more proactive in encouraging their users to review their products as a form of grass roots awareness marketing

  • Revenue Sources—If a vendor won’t pay for leads, it could adversely impact the likelihood of their products being recommended

A Comprehensive and Balanced Approach

Oracle is successful not because we work closely with software reviewsites but instead because we have helped hundreds of thousands of customers become more successful.

Like it or not, software review sites aren't likely to replace RFPs. But without a doubt, they are replacing some stages of the traditional buying process, especially for lower cost, less complicated products. With so much at stake, caveat emptor still applies – selection managers & IT buyers must be diligent in assessing the veracity, objectivity, and completeness of any online advice they choose to follow.

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