Monday May 14, 2012

Upgrading Database Schema in FMW Upgrade

During a FMW upgrade one of the most common tasks forgotten is the upgrade of the database schemas as the steps seem to be berried in a mountain of documentation. If you are looking for the actual steps to upgrade FMW look at the following post - Upgrading Fusion Middleware 11.1.1.x to when you get to step 24 refer to this blog entry.

Oracle has made it a bit simpler running the Patch Set Assistant (psa). Before it was a bit of a dark art running a command line script and you had to guess what schemas need to be upgraded. Now there is a wizard driven tool to implement this.

  1. As the middleware owner change directory to $MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin
  2. Run the following command to start the PSA wizard

    Click Next to start entering details

  3. Select the component you want to upgrade, it will include all the prerequisites.

  4. Select the prerequisite check boxes to say you have backed up your environment.

  5. Enter connection details for the MDS schema

  6. Enter connection details for the SOAINFRA schema

  7. Check that all schemas connect successfully. If not go back and correct.

  8. Make sure all the setting are correct and continue

  9. Watch the install run, then complete

  10. Now you can check the version of the schemas to ensure they are correct. In this case I'm looking to have the version come back as

    SELECT owner, version, status FROM schema_version_registry
    where owner in ('DEV_MDS', 'DEV_SOAINFRA');

    OWNER                          VERSION                        STATUS
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------
    DEV_MDS                                   VALID
    DEV_SOAINFRA                              VALID

Sunday May 13, 2012

Finding the Right Patchset

I'm always surprised at how hard it is to find the right patchsets when looking to do an upgrade.

So I thought I would make a blog entry that makes it easy to find the right patches starting from The following list are documents that provide the required patches for the associated upgrades:

I will update as more patchsets become available.

If you are looking for patch install instructions please refer to the following blog entry:

Upgrading Fusion Middleware

Happy upgrades

Tuesday Jun 14, 2011

Issue Deploying Migrated BPM Processes to

I have migrated my BPM processed from to This issue may happen with other versions but I thought I would document anyway.

When deploying my migrated BPM process I get the following error:


This issue is caused by the ADF worklist projects in your BPM process. Therefore for each ADF project in your BPM process you need to modify the weblogic.xml file to add the oracle.soa.worklist.webapp  library which seems to be a requirement in the new release of In JDeveloper it adds it automatically so you don't need to worry about it for new projects.

The weblogic.xml is found in the ADF worklist project:

Web Content > WEB-INF > weblogic.xml

Open the weblogic.xml in source mode and add the following code at the bottom just before the </weblogic-web-app> tag.


To confirm you have entered it correctly go to the Overview tab and select libraries. You should see the the library added.

Now you can redeploy, and you should get success.

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Upgrading Fusion Middleware 11.1.1.x to

This is a follow on from my previous post where we upgraded to The instructions I provide here will work for Fusion Middleware and wanting to upgrade to

In this example I’m just upgrading SOA Suite on OEL 64bit but the steps will be the same, some of the downloads may be different based on your environment.

To upgrade to you need to have access to as this is where the downloads reside. Oracle provides as a standalone download so you can do a fresh install if required using OTN downloads (

The high level steps to upgrade are as follows:

  • Download software
  • Shutdown your SOA Environment
  • Upgrade WLS to
  • Upgrade SOA Suite to
  • Upgrade OSB to
  • Upgrade MSD Schemas
  1. Identify the downloads you require for your install. You will need the WebLogic Server Upgrade and the additional product downloads. If you are using 64bit then use the generic version. The downloads are found from the following location -

    For the purpose of this post I downloaded the following patches
    11060985 – WLS Server Generic
    11060960 – SOA Suite
    11061005 – OSB Suite 
  2. Make sure you have set the Java executable in your PATH e.g.

    export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
  3. Make sure all your WebLogic environment has been shut down before performing the upgrade.
  4. Extract the WLS patch 11060985 to a temporary directory and start the installer

    java –jar wls1034_upgrade_generic.jar

    Please note if you are not running 64BIT then the upgrade executable will be just a bin file which you can execute directly.

  5. Chose the right Oracle home for your WebLogic Server install.

  6. In the Register for Security Updates you can enter your details or just click Next. If you do not enter details confirm that you don’t want to receive these updates


  7. Select the products you want to upgrade and select next. It is recommended that you accept the defaults.

  8. Confirm the directories that will be upgraded

  9. Upgrade of WLS ahs been completed

  10. Extract your both SOA downloads to a temporary directory and run the installer found in Disk1

    ./runInstaller -jreLoc /java/jdk1.6.0_20/jre

    Please note that the java location and version may be different for your environment

  11. Skip the Software Updates

  12. Ensure your system meets the prerequisites

  13. Set the Oracle home for your SOA install.


    You will be asked to confirm that you want to upgrade, click Yes

  14. Choose your application server. Since you are upgrading from 11.1.1.x you will be on WebLogic

  15. Start the Install

  16. Installation Upgrade of SOA Suite completed accept the default to finish.


  17. In my environment I have OSB installed so I need to upgrade this next. If you don’t have SOA Suite you can go straight to completing the DB Schema updates at Step 24. 
  18. Extract the OSB upgrade files to a temporary directory and execute the installer found in the Disk1 folder.
    ./runInstaller -jreLoc /java/jdk1.6.0_20/jre


  19. Skip the software updates

  20. Select the Oracle home for your environment


    Accept the warning to continue the upgrade

  21. Point to the location of your WebLogic Server installation

  22. Install the OSB upgrade

  23. Upgrade has been completed accept the defaults


  24. Change directory to $MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin where the Patch Set Assistant is installed
  25. Execute the following command to update the MDS schema. Please not for my examples I have the context set to DEV. your may be different. This means that all my schemas are prefixed by DEV.

    ./psa -dbType Oracle -dbConnectString 'localhost:1521:xe' -dbaUserName sys -schemaUserName DEV_MDS

    You will be asked you passwords for sys and the schema

    Enter the database administrator password for "sys":
    Enter the schema password for schema user "DEV_MDS":

  26. Change directory to $MW_HOME/Oracle_SOA1/bin to where the Patch Set Assistant is installed for SOA Suite.
    Execute the following command to update the SOA and BAM schemas

    ./psa -dbType Oracle -dbConnectString 'localhost:1521:xe' -dbaUserName sys -schemaUserName DEV_SOAINFRA
  27. To check that you have the installed correctly run the following SQL as sysdba.

    SELECT owner, version, status FROM schema_version_registry;

    OWNER                          VERSION                        STATUS
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------
    DEV_MDS                                   VALID
    DEV_SOAINFRA                              VALID

    Don’t stress if the versions are not all sitting at version as not all schemas need to be updated. The key ones are MDS and SOAINFRA


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