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AI: your talent’s secret weapon.

The world of work is changing, fast, and HR teams face a new landscape. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Work 2018 report predicts 75 million jobs will disappear by 2022, but 133 million new roles will be created, thanks to robotics and AI.

Man vs machine. That’s how many thought about Artificial Intelligence in the past: humans on one side and computers and robots on the other. But AI should mean man and machine work better together: Humans augmented by technology. And the HR department could be where this combination is driven from.

Instead of HR technology, intelligent ‘people systems’ could help us manage our own careers, our teams, and our company’s future. So what could AI-enhanced human capital management (HCM) tech do to make work less complex and more intelligent?

Insight: With a constantly refreshed database, managers have a complete picture of the skills and experiences available to them, and can find the best person for a given task in seconds. Using predictive analytics, they’re even able to chart which skills and team members they’ll need next year, and the year after that – fast, easy workforce planning.

Support: Chatbots answer routine employee questions instantly, whether they want to know about their remaining leave or other routine enquiries, thus freeing up HR analyst time for the more complex issues. And regular sentiment analysis, analyzed in near real-time, means HR can keep an eye on morale.

Development: Employees are guided directly by an intelligent system that knows the skills they need to excel in their current and future role. Proactive alerts recommend and help them stay on top of training and compliance. And managers receive tailored reports and recommendations, based on what their team is doing.

Recruitment: Instead of manually searching for candidates, what if your system found the candidates with the right skillset and got in touch with them automatically? And had the answers to almost every question they could ask before an interview?

Value: With AI taking care of more repetitive, manual tasks, employees can focus on tasks where they add the most business value – plus those they get the most value from themselves. And within the HR team, people are freed up to focus time and resources on looking after people more personally.


This is just a glimpse of the future, but we wanted to see how people view AI now. So we asked over 4,000 business leaders for their thoughts and feelings in our latest survey.

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