I am addicted to YouTube

I am addicted to YouTube. It’s really strange, because not too long ago, I was always wondering, why this website was such a big success.

Watching videos on YouTube, I imagined, is like watching an endless episode of the funniest home-videos. The videos are wiggly and the sound is cruel. Some of them might be funny, but most of the time you wonder, what strange kind of humor some people must have. It’s torture to watch this and some people to that voluntarily? The Internet bears some really strange fruits…

I do not remember how it actually happened: maybe a mail sent by a good friend “you’ve got to watch this video” to get hooked on it, some unexpected free time and nothing better to do, clicking unmotivated around on the website… and suddenly it happened.

At present, I check every day, what’s new and where the biggest discussions are taking place. I even subscribed to a couple of channels. I know who Michael Buckley is and wonder who MRirian is. I know who is hot for words and I know what "daft hands" are. I dived deep into the world of YouTube.

But what is it, that keeps me logging in every night and check what’s going on? It’s not the funny videos (although there are some really good ones) and it’s not the movie trailers, video clips or other crap which uses the platform as a cheap form of advertisement.

What I am interested in are opinions. Never ever in my whole life did I have the feeling to be able to listen to so many opions on every topic available.And everything is just a mouse-click away. What makes those opinions so interesting is, they are unfiltered. I watched "Submission" (the video for which its director Theo van Gogh was murdered) and I watched responses to that video calling the author Ayaan Hirsi Ali a liar and worse. I watched videos from creationists trying to prove the earth was created and responses trying to prove it was not. (I almost forgot, that this is seriously discussed in other parts of the world.) Currently I am watching videos why "Tibet was, is and always will be a part of china" (obviously made by a Chinese) and videos why Tibet must be freed (whatever that means).

The messages are raw, unfiltered, provoking, biased, and politically uncorrect. Watching the videos became a journey with uncertain destination. So far, I learned one thing: the world is far more complex than I’d ever imagined. And I am very curious about what else I will discover in the future.


I totally agree with you YouTube is an incredible site. I sometimes find myself visiting the site during and after work. I really enjoy finding live versions of my favorite songs.

Posted by Michael S Hussey on March 29, 2008 at 07:36 AM CET #

I'm addicted to youtube because I wanna know whats going on in other like kinda cultures like the african american culture.
I wanna know everything what tv program most of them watch what they think of everything en my opinion changes alot because of their opinion. I think I have to quit watching videos on youtube. cause I actually don't know why I'm interested in those people, does anybody know? I'm only thirteen but after school I go to youtube alot than I go eat than I go to youtube and than I go to sleep. what I learned about that culture is alot.
I know like 80 people how have a talent how are black and I have to know their opinion. I learned to dance, but not only booty shakin but more, I learned to talk like them by the way I'm from holland but now I can speak english very very well and even though like them black folks. I learned more about life, I listen to the music they listening to I mean with those black folks typical people you know that like gospel r&b and hip hop and stuff.
but I wanna know why I'm so interested in them, does anybody know please tell me. holla.

Posted by holla on June 08, 2009 at 12:58 PM CEST #

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