Thursday Dec 25, 2008

Merry Xmas and a happy new year

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to everybody.

 I hope to be able to work on a new library for JavaFX during my vacation, which I was thinking about in the last couple of days. It's going to be a nice little thing, I think, so stayed tuned!

Friday Dec 19, 2008

Binding Java Objects in JavaFX Script

Bindings are one of the key features of the JavaFX language, because they simplify one´s life tremendously. By reducing the amount of boilerplate code, which is usually needed to keep the objects in an application in-sync, the developer can concentrate on the really important things. (You know, like a cool looking UI.) ;-)

Unfortunately Java objects do not provide this capabilities for their fields. That means the boilerplate code has to be written manually. This article will show a solution to bind properties of Java objects.

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Thursday Dec 04, 2008

JavaFX is out - or thinking about my last year with JavaFX

It's been done. Today the first version of the JavaFX SDK was released. What better occasion could there be to reactivate my blog? And it is a good time to stop for a moment and think about the past year in which I have worked on JavaFX.[Read More]

Saturday Sep 06, 2008

Milestone 6 released

Milestone 6 of the OpenJFX Compiler has just been released. Here is a short summary from Brian, of what was done in the last iteration.[Read More]

Sunday Jun 15, 2008

Creating JavaFX sequences in Java programs (Part I)

The last article explained, how sequences are represented in the runtime and touched some of the possibilities to create new JavaFX sequences in Java programs. This article and the follow-up focus on sequence-creation and give an overview of additional possibilities.

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Monday Apr 21, 2008

Internal design of JavaFX sequences

This is the first part in a series of articles about JavaFX sequences. It will focus on the basic concepts of the implementation and explain some of the possibilities how to create JavaFX sequences in Java programs.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 10, 2008

The JavaFX Script compiler milestone 3 release is available

The JavaFX Script compiler milestone 3 release is available. Major features of this release include:[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

Refactoring a function to become a bound function

The specification for bound functions seems to be very strict at first sight. But in this article, I present a little recipe with which almost every function can be refactored to a bound function.[Read More]

Sunday Mar 30, 2008

Creating JavaFX objects in Java programs

So far, all of the examples in my previous article about how to use JavaFX objects in Java code expected the object as an input parameter. But what if you want to create a JavaFX object directly? In this article, I will describe a very simple but effective solution.[Read More]

Friday Mar 28, 2008

Using JavaFX sequences in a Java program

The last two articles were about how to pass and deal with primitive datatypes, Java objects, and JavaFX objects. This article focuses on JavaFX sequences.[Read More]

Thursday Mar 27, 2008

I am addicted to YouTube

I am addicted to YouTube. It’s really strange, because not too long ago, I was always wondering, why this website was such a big success.[Read More]

Friday Mar 21, 2008

Using JavaFX objects in Java code

As shown in the last article, passing parameters between a JavaFX script and Java code is fairly simple, if the parameters are native to the Java language. But if we want to pass a JavaFX-object, things are different. The main obstacle is the fact, that the Java compiler is not able to read JavaFX scripts directly to extract the needed information. But JavaFX objects can be shared between a JavaFX and Java code by using one of the approaches presented in this article.[Read More]

Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

Winter 2008 in Prague

Here are some pictures, I took this winter in Prague.Unfortunately the snow did not stay for very long, just a couple of days.[Read More]

Saturday Mar 15, 2008

Writing Java code for JavaFX Script

When writing Java classes which can be used in JavaFX scripts, three factors have to be considered: how to create a Java object, how to access its members and how to pass parameters between Java and JavaFX.[Read More]

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