Thursday Jun 02, 2011

JavaEE / GlassFish at JUG Ostrava

Recently I gave JavaEE6/7 & GlassFish talk and led a JavaEE workshop afterwards at Ostrava JUG event. The attendance was around 50-60 people and the discussion/workshop afterwards was very valuable and I really enjoyed talking to such an open crowd. Several pictures from the organizers (Ondrej Kvasnovsky and Jan Pfeffer) are below and more info can be found here:

Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

New features in Metro 1.3 with NetBeans 6.1

Couple of people asked about availability of the new features I described earlier. The bits there point to NetBeans 6.5 builds. Question is whether you can use the same bits for NetBeans 6.1?
Unfortunately the answer so far is no, it is not possible. However, come here for updates.

I've tried to keep the bits the same, but there has been a change in classpath apis which didn't allow me to produce the same artefacts for both 6.5 and 6.1 builds. There's also a WS server api redesign planned for 6.5. So, I'll try to provide the build, but we'll see.


Well, you might have already read Kohsuke's blog about JAXB 2.2 maintenance release. Hudson is his baby now, and he's moving away from JAXB duties.
The reason I mention it on my blog is that I'm going to take over the JAXB work going forward.
I'll leave it with that note for now, maybe I'll write more later on.

Tuesday Jun 03, 2008

Signing/Encrypting message attachments

Ashutosh reminded me of a feature which was not supported yet by NetBeans. It's the ability to sign and encrypt message attachments. This is connected to the message level specific settings.

For each operation, or better say for each message of your web service, you have an option to select whether the whole message body shall be encrypted, or signed, or both. If you don't want to process the whole body, and want to sign & encrypt only specific credit card information field to improve performance significantly, you may specify such configuration as well.

The new feature now enables you to configure the same for message attachments. You may choose to sign and/or encrypt message attachments. Just click "Add Attachments" button and then check checkboxes in respective columns:

The security policy generated from such configuration looks like this:

Monday Jun 02, 2008

New features in Metro 1.3 and NetBeans

Recently, there've been couple of blogs about new features in Metro 1.2 release, and about some additional things that will be released with Metro 1.3.

I've been working on updating the NetBeans Metro plugin to make sure these features are easily configurable from our tools as well.

Today, I'd like to announce availability of NetBeans 6.5 builds that contain support for both Metro 1.2 and Metro 1.3 features. Click here to download your NetBeans 6.5 copy from Hudson continuous builds, or grab a daily builds. You shall get either JavaEE or Full bundle.
Note that in order to leverage the new features, you need to have Metro 1.2 or Metro 1.3 installed on top of your GlassFish installation.

The biggest changes you find in the UI are shown in the following screens:

  • Namespace Version Chooser - Metro 1.3 supports .NET 3.5 release, which has policy assertions in a different (standard based) namespaces than .NET3.0. Thus, you need to have a choice which version your service shall be developed with.

  • Kerberos - additional security profile available for 1.3 version with Kerberos support. Read more about Metro Kerberos support on Ashutosh's blog, and if you are not familiar with Kerberos itself, read more on Wikipedia

  • STS Issued Supporting Token Profile - new security profile based on Issued tokens.

  • Hash passwords - support for Hash Passwords in the Username Authentication with Symmetric Keys security profile. Read more about Hash Password support on Ashutosh's blog, and if you are not familiar with Digest Authentication itself, read more on Wikipedia

  • Encrypted Supporting Tokens - ability to encrypt supporting tokens.

There are some other things which I might forgot about, so let me know if you miss anything. Also, let me know if you find any errors, meet any exceptions, anything like that. Currently these are development builds, and release quality shall be met with NetBeans 6.5 release. However, I think the metro modules shall be stable enough already. Let me know ;O)


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