Monday Sep 09, 2013

IFA 2013: Fraunhofer MPEG DASH framework for OTT VOD

The Over-The-Top (OTT) Video On Demand (VOD) market is heading to two game-changing moments: the AppleTV app platform opening up for everyone - and open standard MPEG DASH implementations reaching the rest of the world. At IFA 2013 in Berlin, the Fraunhofer FOKUS competence center Future Applications and Media (FAME) demonstrated MPEG DASH and 2nd screen innovations with their multiscreen framework FAMIUM. 

The FAME team researches and develops interactive web technologies focused on cross platform smart media and IPTV. FAMIUM is a collection of software components for multiscreen applications which allows a seamless user experience across multiple devices. It enables providers and marketers to realize cross-platform development, adaptive media streaming, content synchronization and protection using MPEG DASH.

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is the upcoming streaming standard for the Web and will harmonize video delivery across the Internet. The Fraunhofer FOKUS solution forms an ecosystem for the consumption and delivery of adaptive bitrate content as well as Digital Rights Management protected (DRM) content. It bundles several DASH and DRM related functionalities for the use in Web applications and is based on the W3C working drafts Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions. 

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Friday Aug 30, 2013

The Rise of Customer Experience in Media & Entertainment

What are the key market drivers behind the rise of Customer Experience (CX) in media and entertainment? Obviously, the digital transformation disrupts the traditional value chain - broadcasters and publishers controlling their market - in four key ways:

  • Consumers expect digital content to be delivered to all of their devices in an engaging way anytime – increasing the costs and complexity for the media companies
  • Old revenue models are being impacted: reduced sales of physical/packaged media, and reducing advertising spend (part cyclical economy, part declining traditional audience) – these have not been replaced by equivalent digital revenues ("analogue pounds replaced by digital pennies”)
  • Internet connected devices create the potential for a direct relationship with the consumer for the first time. The mostly-unrealised potential for those media companies that understand how to connect with the audience and create an engaging digital proposition
  • New competitors and partners coming in to the value chain – e.g. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Flipboard – these “digital native” players are capturing a large share of digital revenues at the expense of traditional players 

On top of this there are specific changes in advertising – e.g. the shift towards automatically-traded digital online advertising which means data is an increasingly-valuable raw commodity.  

Taking the “three Cs” the overall impact is: 

  • Consumer ... direct engagement is key to compete with digital natives and to grow digital ad revenues through data. Delivering a compelling, engaging customer experience is critical. 
  • Content ... alone is no longer enough and is becoming increasingly commoditised, but owning and managing great content is still key. Renewed focus needed on creating/managing truly multi-platform content, removing traditional platform silos. And increased focus on cost and efficiency of creating, managing and distributing content across platforms. 
  • Commerce ... two key revenues streams, media companies need to balance both. Advertising still depressed, but owning and managing data and direct consumer relationships key to increasing rates. Payment/subscription revenues not yet working in digital for many traditional players. Need to focus on the customer, and building models where the payment is for the value and experience the customer receives, not just “paying for content”.

So, not so obviously, within just a few years the media & entertainment industry becomes a highly competitive digital B2C market where customer, not content, is king. What it means? Many new challenges, but exciting times ahead to mix and mashup all those C's - content, commerce, community - into new compelling digital customer experiences.


Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

Meet Oracle media experts at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam

Join Oracle at IBC 2013 and learn how Oracle’s media & entertainment industry solutions are enabling the world’s leading broadcasting, content production and digital media organizations to create content, build audience engagement, and run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

The Oracle booth (9.D15) will feature live demonstrations of Oracle’s media industry solutions for managing your digital media content supply chain, delivering a compelling media consumer experience, and running your digital media business:

Oracle’s specialized media team will be in the booth to meet with you and demonstrate how Oracle can help you run your Digital Media Enterprise with. Interested? Register at IBC and request a meeting with our team via this link



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