Friday May 23, 2014

Supercharge Your Web Storefront with Superior Data Quality

By Neela Chaudhari (Compiled from Profit Magazine - May 2014)

A targeted, comprehensive data management strategy can differentiate your business from the competition. By providing a great online customer experience starts with providing consumers with the information and research tools needed to make informed buying decisions. All too often, product research capabilities that already exist on a website get diminished by poor data quality behind the scenes.

Companies like Ace Hardware and are adopting these data management strategies, and many retailers are seeing significant improvements in the quality of their guided navigation, product spec presentation, and product comparison strategies.

So while modern web storefront capabilities are critical to online sales success, be sure to remember that it is the data that makes it work with your customers and prospects!

There are three key areas where product data quality is impacting the customer experience. What are they? Visit our latest Profit article to find out:

Friday May 09, 2014

Improve your Customer Experience with High Quality Information

By: Ulrich Scheuber

Why do I need to care about MDM when talking about Customer Experience?

Companies and organization’s leaders cross industries are talking more and more about “How to improve Customer Experience”.  Multiple companies currently are working on strategies, moving from product centric towards customer centric approaches. The common idea is to take customers and prospects in their buying and service cycle from where they are at the moment.

Given all of the new channels and touch points in the area of social media, customer behavior has changed quite a bit. Instead of reaching out to the sales people and company websites for gathering information, there are wider independent communities, which manage and exchange information about companies, products and solutions on their own.

The way organizations tend to address these new challenges is by extending their processes and IT-solution landscape beyond the borders of the core enterprise. Most companies are focusing on dealing with their customers in the customer’s home zone.

What’s often forgotten in this approach is the “know your customer” foundation, which enables real success. If only an organization is able to understand their customers and prospects current situation, their history, their real needs, their experience and their challenges, ideal treatment and satisfying Customer Experience can happen.

But how do you get there?

The following whitepaper gives you some additional information on improving customer experience with high quality Information:

Improve your Customer Experience with High Quality Information

Monday Apr 29, 2013

Upcoming Webcast: Enriching the Customer Experience with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Commerce


Imagine a commerce customer experience that was driven by relevant product and customer data.  A data-driven strategy powered by Enterprise Data Quality offers the commerce customer or potential customer information that is cleansed, standardized, and most importantly relevant.  Knowing the correct information about a customer, their purchasing history, orders as well as details about the product you are considering to buy all contribute to a satisfying, repeatable commerce experience.  Tune into this webcast titled Data Quality – Driving More Personalized Commerce Experiences” and you will learn how Oracle Commerce and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality are the perfect combination to cleanse and standardize product and customer data from multiple sources and automatically optimize product and customer information to support your commerce channel. This webcast is hosted by Michael Hylton, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director -- CX and CRM, and Mala Narasimharajan, Principal Product Marketing Director -- Fusion Middleware, of Oracle. Click here to register.

Monday Oct 22, 2012

Master Data and Data Quality - Do You Really Know Your Customer?

How well do you know your customer?   Data Quality and MDM go hand-in-hand when it comes to fully knowing your customers and information related to the Take a look at this video and see why customer data needs a consolidated management strategy that incorporates data quality.  Oracle MDM, specifically Oracle Customer Hub enables enterprises to truly understand their customers and ensure a single, trusted view for any customer.  It offers the most complete MDM application suite in the marketplace.  For more information on Oracle MDM and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality visit us on the web.



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