Oracle MDM Value Chain – MDM and Oracle Information Architecture

Oracle’s Information Architecture covers the full range of data related functions including data storage, data movement – real-time and batch, data access, data integration, data warehousing, data quality, data security, data governance, etc. for structured data, unstructured data, metadata, operational data, analytical data, and most importantly, master data. I say ‘most importantly’ because 1) by definition, master data is the most critical enterprise data, and 2) master data glues together all the other components of a complete information architecture. We call the MDM and Information Architecture combined value proposition the MDM - Information Architecture Value Chain. The OpenWorld MDM program examines several key aspects of this value chain.

To set the context for MDM’s role, start with our MDM General Session - Oracle MDM Vision, Strategy and Roadmap at 2 pm on Monday, October 3rd in Moscone West 3014. Here are the MDM – Oracle Information Architecture value chain sessions you won’t want to miss:

On Monday, October 3rd at 2 pm, in the Sutter room of the Intercontinental Hotel, join Oracle and Sprint for

Session 19920 – Oracle Data Integration: Unlock the Power of Your Enterprise Data

Data integration is at the heart of many key IT initiatives today, including data consolidation, data warehousing, SOA, BI, data quality, MDM, and the cloud. Not surprisingly, Oracle weaves its data integration products into the core fabric of its middleware, database, applications, and engineered systems, and they also have the ability to interface with heterogeneous systems. In this session, you will learn what uniquely positions Oracle's data integration solution as the most complete, integrated, and flexible solution in the industry and how it can transform your business. You will hear from Sprint about how it leverages Oracle data integration products to achieve timely and reliable access to mission-critical data across the enterprise.

At 3:30 pm, on the same day, in the Ballroom C, Floor 5 of the Intercontinental Hotel, drop in on

Session 19400 - Universal Approach to Data Quality with Oracle

Is your enterprise information reliable and accurate? Does the information empower you to make sound business decisions, delight customers and seize opportunities? Data quality is the backbone of any IT initiative – whether it is MDM, Data Integration, Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing. Data Quality provides reliable, cleansed, standardized data for any domain: customer or product. This session will feature Oracle’s Data Quality offerings and product strategy and how they address different data domains, repair faulty data to transform it into providing trusted business insight, and help enterprises instill high data quality for any data store.

At 5:00 pm, on Monday, in Moscone West 2009, join Oracle and Serene Corp for

Session 9559 - Oracle Data Relationship Management -Enabling BI Excellence with Analytic MDM

With modern BI product suites like OBIEE having the ability to reference multiple star schemas from a single dashboard, the motivation to create consistency among reporting dimensions is greater than ever.  However, the very reasons for creating multiple star schemas are rooted in subtle dimensional differences related to the particular business questions that consumers of the star seek to answer.  This creates a largely misunderstood data management opportunity that exemplifies the value proposition for Analytic MDM.  A detailed discussion of star schemas, fact and dimension tables, data mappings, and the processes behind the scenes will include proven use cases and strategies for leveraging DRM to reduce risk while increasing ROI.

On Tuesday, October 4th, at 5:30 pm in Moscone West 3007, don’t miss me delivering

Session 17801 - Enterprise Information Management, MDM and Oracle Fusion Middleware

Businesses are increasingly feeling the competitive pressure to drive innovation by leveraging fresher, accessible, and more authoritative data from their IT systems. The challenge is how to effectively deliver that solution while building sustainability models for enterprise information initiatives. In this session we’ll look at information architectural frameworks that incorporate enterprise information management with a master data management backbone to improve business insight, increase performance, and reduce risk. We’ll examine Oracle’s comprehensive Enterprise Information Management strategy including these best practices combined with Oracle Data Integration, Oracle MDM, and Oracle’s Data Quality products.

On Wednesday, October 5th, at 1 pm in Moscone West 3007, catch

Session 17740 - Data Quality as a Key Component of Master Data Management

Master Data Management Hub or Data Quality – the chicken or the egg?  For most organizations they are inextricably intertwined – neither is a complete solution without the other and together each makes the other more valuable – a true synergy.  But where to start on the MDM journey?  Data quality first, or Hub first, or both together?  Or how about Data Quality attached to an existing ‘master’ application?  The possibilities are as varied as the number of companies implementing MDM. 

And for our grand finally on Thursday October 6th at 3 pm in Moscone West 3020 see our wrap-up for the Information Architecture MDM Value Chain with

Session 15429 - MDM, SOA and AIA - Revolutionizing Your IT Landscape 

AIA (Application Integration Architecture) and SOA have the potential to transform IT landscapes -- properly deployed and managed, they have the power to create business flexibility and agility. But AIA/SOA is only as good as the data it manages. Enter MDM. Master Data Management (MDM) solves the data quality problem that can reduce effectiveness of application integrations. Together, MDM and AIA, provide the IT transformational potential of SOA. This session will showcase enterprise architecture, best practices, design patterns, governance, and case studies of real-life large scale customer implementations, leveraging MDM, AIA and SOA to achieve business flexibility with high quality, accurate business data.

For all our MDM sessions, consult the Focus on Master Data Management document. And don’t forget to register today for OpenWorld. I’ll see you there.


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