Oracle MDM Industry Value Chains

Over the past several weeks, I have outlined the unique value chains MDM creates for EPM, CRM, PLM, and SCM. These all come together when we discuss MDM implementations in various industries such as Financial Services, Communications, Retail, Manufacturing, and the Public Sector. You’ll find MDM Industry Value Chain sessions for each of these at OpenWorld this year. Anyone interested in the total impact that MDM can bring to their enterprise will find these industry specific examples of great value even if their business is not in one of the Oracle OpenWorld MDM industry sessions.

To set the context for MDM’s role, don’t miss our MDM General Session - Oracle MDM Vision, Strategy and Roadmap at 2 pm on Monday, October 3rd in Moscone West 3014 featuring Cummins Corporation. Here are the MDM industry value chain sessions you ought to include in your OpenWorld schedule:

On Monday October 3rd at 11:00 am, in Moscone West room 3016, check out Session 18212 - Turn Customer Data into an Enterprise Asset with the Oracle Fusion Customer Hub

In this session, you will hear Church Pension Group explain how managing customer information as an enterprise asset is a critical part of creating a customer-centric financial services enterprise.

Also on Monday at 12:30 pm, in Moscone West - Room 3014, join us for Session 18303 - Solutions and Vision for PLM and PIM

Hear Master Lock, a world leading manufacturer, discuss how they design, deliver, and profit from the right products delivered to market at the right time.

And again on Monday at 2:00 pm, at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Sutter room, join Oracle for Session 19920 - Unlock the Power of Your Enterprise Data

You will hear from Sprint about how it leverages Oracle Enterprise Information Management products to achieve timely and reliable access to mission-critical data across the enterprise.

And again on Monday at 3:30 pm, at the Intercontinental Hotel room Union Square - Floor 3, join us for Session 17781 - MDM in the Public Sector

The need for a single view of the citizen is greater than ever. Discover how Oracle master data management products create a system of record for citizen data with best-in-class data quality. Learn how Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)—Social Insurance of the Netherlands—leveraged an innovative MDM solution to achieve a single view of the citizen to replace its current legacy IT systems and streamline distribution of social insurance benefits to citizens.

And again on Monday at 5:00 pm at the Intercontinental Hotel room Union Square - Floor 3, join Io Consulting for Session 9457 - Leveraging MDM and the Higher Education Constituent Hub to Optimize Your IT ROI

What does a total enterprise solution using HECH and MDM look like? Io Consulting will demonstrate how using HECH components and web services can connect multiple enterprise applications. Join our experienced staff members and discuss details about a real HECH/MDM implementation from a total solution perspective.

On Tuesday at 3:30 pm at in Moscone West - Room 3007, join us for Session 17760 - Justify your MDM project and measure true ROI using the Oracle MDM ROI Model

How often have you been tasked with presenting the business case to justify investment in a new project? When it comes to MDM projects the task of building the business case could become even more complex with mostly indirect benefits. In this session, see how the leading retailer TJX uses the Oracle MDM ROI model and methodology to prepare business case for new projects as well as measure payback from its existing implementations.

On Wednesday at 11:45 am in Moscone West room 2008, join Infosys and Tesco for Session 34460 - Infosys Helps Tesco Maximize Benefits in PIM Implementation

This session discusses the business benefits derived by Tesco, the world's third-largest multicategory retailer, through implementation of Oracle Product Information Management. It also demonstrates the key aspects of the PIM solution implemented by Infosys.

On Wednesday at 1:15 pm at the Westin Metropolitan II, join Oracle for Session 6348 - Oracle Identity Analytics Roles and Oracle Master Data Management Affiliations

Oracle Identity Analytics provides role and entitlement mining capabilities. Oracle's Higher Education Constituent Hub enables higher education institutions to create a complete, authoritative, single view of their constituents including applicants, students, alumni, faculty, donors, and staff. Oracle Identity Analytics can use this single point of truth to provide accurate role and entitlement results. The new role definitions provide institutions with a better understanding of the common access privileges shared by users with similar affiliations, job codes, and departments across multiple systems. These newly defined roles can be used by Identity Management systems to deliver a more efficient provisioning and de-provisioning model.

And again on Wednesday at 3:00 pm in Moscone West room 3007, join us for Session 17741 - The Road to competitive advantage with Oracle Site MDM

Organizations are now starting to digest the potential of the third major MDM domain - Locations. Getting a firm handle on location/site data and leveraging it to drive growth and operational excellence is gaining fast momentum. Interested to learn more?  Join Oracle and Tango Management Consulting in understanding how to effectively master and manage site lifecycle using Site Hub to get maximum ROIC (Return on Invested Capital). Also listen to how Postal Department of Norway (Posten Norge) successfully deployed MDM Site Hub to streamline its core business of mail delivery.

On Thursday at 10:30 am in Moscone West room 3007, join Oracle, Lumendata and Prudential Financial Services for Session 17780 - MDM for Financial Services: Compliance to Competitiveness

Case Study: Financial Services firms have an ever increasing imperative to understand counterparty exposure at the account and supplier level. In addition, the regulations demand that they manage the cross-border data sharing and “Chinese Walls” within the organization to meet various regulations. This session will include hierarchy management, cross-border data sharing, counterparty risk examples and discuss business case, solution architecture, organizational considerations as well as tangible business benefits achieved by implementing Oracle MDM.

And again on Thursday at Noon in Moscone West room 3007, join Oracle, Infosys and Tesco for Session 17800 - E-Commerce and Multi-Channel Retailing – An MDM Perspective

E-commerce and multi-channel retailing have become ever more important to a retailer’s top- and bottom-line. Customers expect a seamless, consistent experience across webstore, catalog and traditional ‘bricks and mortar’, forcing retailers to integrate their key retail operations across channels. MDM, which provides a single source of truth for product, site, customer and supplier, is a critical enabler for these initiatives. This session will discuss the advantages that Oracle’s MDM products bring to retail operations - from management of the lifecycle of a retail site, to introducing new products, to full customer views.

And on Thursday at 3:00 pm in Moscone West room 3007, join Ascent Services Group and Cricket Communications for Session 9384 - How Master Data Management Fits into Your Enterprise Application Strategy

In this session, learn the benefits of addressing master data governance prior to your CRM, SCM, or procurement optimization projects. By focusing on the benefits of MDM as business process enabler, see how to increase the success of CRM, SCM, and procurement initiatives. Learn the fundamentals of master data management and how they relate to the rest of your enterprise applications and corporate strategy.

To actually ask your questions of our MDM customers, join the MDM Panel session 17762 on Wednesday at 5:00 pm in Moscone West - room 3007. We will have the following customers on the panel to discuss their success and leasons learned around their experience with the Oracle MDM Industry Value Chains for Manufacturing, Retail, and Financial Services: Master Lock, Wendys, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Credit Suisse

For all our MDM sessions, consult the Focus on Master Data Management document. And don’t forget to register today for OpenWorld. Pre-registration for MDM sessions has gone over 2,000. You might want to get into your favorite sessions before the rooms fill up. I’ll see you there.


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