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In our last blog, I discussed the Ideal Information Architecture characterized by the central Enterprise MDM component linking the operational and analytical sides of the business. Oracle has state-of-the-art products and capabilities in each of the key information architecture domains. Oracle's MDM suite holds the master data. Oracle's SOA suite connects the master data to the operational side of the business. Oracle's ODI suite connects the master data to the analytical side of the business. And Oracle's BI suite of products, including data warehousing, leverages the master data.

Oracle's Multi-entity MDM Suite includes the applications that consolidate, cleans, govern and share the master operational data stored within the Oracle 11g Database: the Customer Hub, the Product Hub, the Supplier Hub, and the Site Hub. Each of these MDM hubs comes with a Data Steward component that provides a user interface and workbench for data professionals.  The MDM Suite also includes state of the art Data Quality capabilities with: Oracle Data Quality servers for all party based structured data such as Name, Address, Customer, Supplier, Partner, Distributor, Regulator, Client, Doctor, Contact, Organization, Family, Constituent, etc.; and Product Data Quality for mastering unstructured item data such as Product, Catalog, Medical Procedure, Calling Plan, Asset, Parts, SKU, Service, etc. The MDM suite also includes the Data Relationship Management (DRM) application that consolidates, rationalizes, governs and shares master reference data such as Chart of Accounts and Cost Centers. DRM also manages enterprise hierarchies for other MDM Hubs and  Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management and other BI tools. All the Oracle MDM products offer Data Governance capabilities that provide business users with the strong controls they need to enforce organization standards.

On the operational side of the business, Oracle's Fusion Middleware Suite (FMW) provides the EAI and SOA capabilities. FMW includes Oracle Service Bus, a full function high performance enterprise service bus. FMW also includes the Oracle Business Process Execution Language Process Manager (BPEL PM).  This is the best business process orchestration product on the market. Both Enterprise Service Bus and BPEL PM understand the Oracle MDM data structures and access methods. Additional components include: Oracle Business Rules engine that can be coordinated with the data quality rules engines inside the MDM applications; Event Driven Architecture for real time complex event processes so essential for triggering appropriate MDM related business processes when key data items are changed; Web Services Manager to manage and secure the SOA web services, including the web services exposed by the MDM applications; Web Center and Oracle B2B for individual and partner participation; XSLT & Xquery Translation for open standards based data transformations as master data flows between applications and the MDM data store; and Oracle Identity Management (OIM) for full user identification, authorization, and provisioning. OIM helps insure full Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) for the MDM applications and their primary data governance functions.

On the analytical side of the business, Oracle Data Warehousing is number one in the industry, and Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition (ODI EE) offers best in class, high performance ETL architecture along with Oracle Golden Gate for real time data integration. These products understand MDM dimension, hierarchy and cross-reference tables and can use them to correctly connect the detailed data elements flowing into the warehouse from transactional systems.



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A tremendous amount of valuable information can accumulate in the master data store.  Directly leveraging this data can provide critical business insights. Oracle provides the most complete portfolio of BI applications and technologies in the industry.  Oracle MDM customers can utilize Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBI EE) with its ad-hoc query, highly interactive dashboards, business activity monitoring, and BI Publisher to query, monitor and report on the master data. Oracle Data Mining is extremely valuable and includes a feature called Anomaly Detection. The goal of anomaly detection is to identify cases that are unusual within the data. This is an important tool for detecting fraud and other rare events that may have great significance but are hard to find. When used against central stores of master data, unusual activity can be identified and remediated if necessary. All these BI applications have direct access to the master data tables within the MDM Data Hubs. Metadata is managed by Oracle's OWB Metadata Manager. Unstructured data is included via Oracle Universal Content Manager. Secure searching across MDM, DW, Metadata, and Universal Content Manager data volumes is provided with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search.



With all the master data supporting business processes in one place, high availability becomes a must. Single points of failure are not acceptable. High performance from a transactional point of view is also essential. A system that is too slow to provide the needed data in real time is as bad as a system that is down. Real Application Clusters (RAC) provide high availability, scalability, and mixed workload support for the MDM OLTP and Decision Support workloads on one Single Global Instance with its associated cost savings. With the Sun Oracle Database Machine, Exadata, Oracle provides the highest performance lowest total cost of ownership hardware platform perfect for running both the entire MDM platform and the Data Warehouse - two databases on one clustered instance.

Designed for mixed workloads and non-stop high performance, the Oracle Information Architecture with MDM at the center utilizing Fusion Middleware to unite operational applications with analytical systems running on RAC based Exadata hardware truly represents the most powerful, lowest cost architecture for any IT landscape. Oracle is Hardware and Software engineered to work together.


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