Friday Mar 07, 2014

Master Data Management and Big Data: Perfect Together!

By Gino Fortunato

Master Data Management and Big Data: Perfect together!

The 'hot' button around gathering customer insight is Big Data.  And justifiably so.  Using Big Data is a great way to harness previously unusable data to look for patterns in the data crumbs that customers leave behind.  By rapidly processing this data in real time, Big Data allows customer insight that was previously impossible. 

Much of this insight is statistical.  Customers have similar patterns.  They abandon shopping carts when something is out of stock or when they see the final price.  At least compared to other points of the buying process.  It's just human nature.  By using statistical and other techniques, driving insight about what the customer is doing, or might be doing next, can drive a lot of value. 

But wouldn't it be great to use that Big Data insight along with what you already know about that customer?  That's where MDM comes in.  MDM is the spot to operationalize what you already know about the customer.  By using what you already know, plus the insight you have gleaned from Big Data, you can make informed decisions about how to react to the customer's next click.  And do it in real time.   To properly use the insight, it is necessary to properly idenfity the customer.  Again, an area that master data management can help.  With it's built in identity resolution capabilities, MDM can help in two ways.  One is to add to what is being derived based on the Big Data source.  The other is to prevent mistakes when the statistical analysis is wrong.  For example, the customer surfing the gaming site may be grouped into a category that has a number of traits.  One of those traits might be an expected age range.  But if the organization knew the birthdate of the person was outside that age range, they can propose different cross sell/ upsell possiblities and perhaps lead to the discovery of a new subcategory to further open the market.

To learn more about the importance of MDM as an underlying technology that facilitates big data initiatives, read an in-depth Oracle C-Central article, "Masters of the Data: CIOs Tune into the Importance of Data Quality, Data Governance, and Master Data Management."

Friday Feb 28, 2014

Oracle Fusion Product Hub showcased digital catalog publication solution using Product Hub

By Dhiman Bhattacharjee

In the recently concluded Oracle’s 2nd Annual Value Chain summit, Oracle Fusion Product Hub showcased the new capability of Product Hub for digital catalog publication. With this capability Product Hub customers can now create and manage their print, web, and mobile catalogs from a single application. Fusion Product Hub is the ideal publishing solution for multi-channel catalog requirements, combining product information management capabilities along with advanced publication features and tools ensuring that product catalogs published across all channels are consistent and error-free.

The digital catalog print solution has been developed along with a product hub partner named Silicon Publishing and uses their product called Silicon Paginator. Based out of San Francisco, Silicon Publishing is the leading provider of Adobe InDesign Server solutions. Their product Silicon Paginator, renders catalogs from various data sources and delivers high-quality print and mobile output. Silicon Paginator has now been integrated with Oracle Fusion Product Hub, allowing fully automated publishing from Product data Hub, using Adobe InDesign Server and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The diagram below shows the data flow for digital catalog publication using product hub.

The video below shows the workflow: how data from Product Hub is mapped to document object styles, producing ready-to-print output and iPad/Android applications. The Silicon Paginator product ingests Product Hub data, flows the data through InDesign templates according to rules, incorporates static matter (such as ads or static content) and automatically generates navigational tools such as tables of contents, indexes and tablet search functionality.

Here is link to the youtube video link:

Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

Blowout Event: Oracle Value Chain Summit at San Jose’s McHenry Convention Center

By Dhiman Bhattacharjee

In the recently concluded Oracle’s 2nd Annual Value Chain summit, Oracle Fusion Product Hub was very well represented and drew significant attention from our customers. The summit was highly successful, drawing over 650 attendees comprised of business users and architects of every stripe reflecting a strong alignment with one of the key themes of the conference - The Importance of Innovation.

The attendance at product hub sessions was excellent reflecting the growing importance of Product MDM and the Commercialization phase of the product lifecycle. We have over 150+ attendees in both sessions. One of the product hub sessions was about effective multichannel commerce with product information management. The session was very well attended with lots of interaction from the audience. The session started with Bruck Assefa and Dhiman Bhattacharjee from Oracle product MDM strategy team outlining the key challenges with product data from a multi-channel perspective and how Product Hub can help in mitigating these challenges and establishing best practices. I would like to specially call out the customer case study in this session. It was about Pampered Chef, a global company headquartered in Addison, Illinois that offers a line of kitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks aimed for preparing food in the home. At the session, Shaibal Talukdar, Pampered Chef’s director of IT EAA, told about the company’s journey with Product MDM, and how it enabled Pampered Chef to transform business reducing time to market, improving customer satisfaction and impacting significant IT savings. Another key highlight of this session was the introduction of Fusion Product Hub’s digital publishing capability. This is a key topic and I would have another blog post on it.

The second product hub session witnessed a packed house savoring everything about the foundation of enterprise product Information. Sachin Patel from Oracle’s Product MDM Strategy led the session where he outlined key capabilities and the new features of Fusion Product Hub. This session gave a complete picture of Product Hub starting from product features to customer case studies to implementer’s perspective. The highlight of that session was the customer presentation by CDW, a provider of technology products and services for business, government and education. Karl Schulz and Dave Dunkelbarger from CDW highlighted the key challenges of CDW around product data, their plan around Fusion Product Hub, why they choose the product hub cloud service and their success criteria’s. That was followed by Tamer Chavusholu from Kaygen Inc, an implementation partner of Product Hub and he spoke about their offerings and the best practices in implementing Fusion Product Hub Cloud services. A lot of enthusiastic questions from the audience extended the session well beyond its stipulated time.

Pampered Chef and CDW’s use cases and experiences are not unique, and mastering product data continues to be a hot issue for many companies. Fusion Product Hub seems to offer the right blend of tools and functionality for enabling the foundation of product information as companies look to integrate silos of product data sources and formulate the governance processes around them.

Monday Feb 10, 2014

Data Relationship Governance: Effectively Managing Change and Creating a Nimble Enterprise

In an agile world, enterprises should be able to react to change at a fast pace. However, managing changes across systems can be very challenging. Data Relationship Governance offers best of breed data governance capabilities to align people and processes and to maximize information asset quality.

Join us for an Executive forum to discover strategies and tools that are unlocking business potential, driving impact across all business lines and allowing organizations to manage for growth.

Learn directly from organizations succeeding with Data Relationship Governance strategies:

  • Cisco Systems will discuss how their solution supports key financial transformation programs, improved business agility and created a consistent framework for growth.
  • NetApp Inc will discuss how they are utilizing their investment within the Finance organization and how DRM has been a strategic game changer for Sales and Marketing.

This session guarantees an in-depth opportunity to understand why Data Relationship Governance is at the forefront for every Finance Executive priority list.

Register today and learn from your peers on how they are unlocking business potential.

Register Now

February 13th, 8:30-1pm PST

Four Seasons

2050 University Ave
East Palo Alto, CA 94303


8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Networking and Breakfast

9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Effectively Manage Change with Enterprise Data Governance
- Doug Cosby, Vice President, Engineering, Oracle

10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Data Governance Strategies at Cisco Systems
- Finance Business Manager, Cisco Systems

10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Enforcing Governance with EPM and BI Solutions
- Robin Peel and Dianne Paulus, Oracle

11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

NetApp Inc extends outside of Finance to Support Sales Territory Maintenance
- Sr. Finance Manager, Finance Systems Group, NetApp Inc.

11:45 a.m.

Lunch and Data Governance Panel

If you are an employee or official of a government organization, please click here for important ethics information regarding this event.

Thursday Feb 06, 2014

Improve Your Customer Experience Through World-Class Data Quality

Webcast: Improve Your Customer Experience with World-Class Data Quality

Now Available! - Webcast Replay

As an Oracle customer, you know that Oracle is the premier provider of Commerce Solutions. Now you can take your customer experience to the next level by enhancing the data in your systems by adding EDQ (Enterprise Data Quality) to further boost the effectiveness and ROI of the systems you already have. If you are like most organizations, the quality, completeness and consistency of your customer, partner, and/or product data in your systems is much less than you may know and that may be undermining the effective operation of your systems. But how do you know? Do you have quality metrics? Do you have a quality governance program? Do you know how much any of this may be undermining the expected ROI from your Commerce Solutions? Learn how you can develop a data quality program, reduce support costs, improve customer satisfaction, and drive future growth.

See how you can enhance your CX applications to take your Customers Experience to the next level. You’ll discover: The importance of data quality in providing a rich and engaging experience with your customers from their first interaction on your website. You will learn to create a Data Governance program to optimize customer experience and how Oracle’s Customers transformed their online Commerce experience by leveraging Enterprise Data Quality,

This one hour webcast replay is with Martin Boyd, Senior Director of Strategy for Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Tamer Chavusholu, Managing Consultant at Kaygen. 

Learn how to leverage a data quality program to dramatically improve your Customer Experience!

Webcast Replay

Thursday Jan 30, 2014

Oracle Value Chain Summit - February 3rd-5th, 2014

Are you based out of the Bay Area? 

Join more than 1,000 of your peers at the Value Chain Summit to learn how smart companies are transforming their supply chains into information-driven value chains. This unparalleled experience will give you the tools you need to drive innovation and maximize revenue. As you plan for this Summit don’t miss out on our 2 Product Information Management sessions where you will hear how customers today face the pressure points to get their products to market, achieve operational excellence and stay competitive!

Date: February 3-5, 2014
Location: San Jose McEnery Convention Center

Click here to learn more

Product Information Management: Effective  Multi-Channel Commerce with Product Information Management

Featuring: Pampered Chef

Speakers: Shaibal Talukder, Pampered Chef and Bruck Assefa and Dhiman Bhatacharjee, Oracle Customers today face many pressure points in order to get their products to market through multiple sales and distribution channels.  In today’s multi-channel commerce environment, it is critical more than ever to provide relevant, accurate and timely product data to end-consumers to increase sales and provide superior customer experience. Achieving these goals requires robust tools and governance processes including a central repository for self-service product data onboarding, embedded data quality for cleansing and standardizing, and governance workflows to orchestrate product definitions and change management processes. In this session you will learn how Oracle Product Hub and Enterprise Data Quality can help you master your product information effectively for your multi channel commerce initiatives.

Fusion Product Hub: The Foundation for your Enterprise Product Information

Featuring: CDW and Kaygen

Speakers: Sachin Patel and Milan Bhatia, Oracle, Tamer Chavusholu, Kaygen, Karl Schulz, CDW How much do you trust your product data to give you a competitive advantage and operational excellence in your enterprise? In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, where faster product launches, cost efficiency, and regulatory compliance are a necessity, many enterprises struggle with achieving consistent, high-quality product data that provides significant business value. This session shows how to achieve a solid Product Information Management Foundation with Oracle Fusion Product Hub and the Oracle Enterprise Data Quality platform. Learn about best practices and differentiated capabilities for the Fusion Product Hub with case study from a marquee customer.

Tuesday Oct 08, 2013

Overhead Door Corp: Categorizing millions of items to enable incredible growth

Learn how Overhead Door Corporation is transforming the burden of managing the exponential growth of its item numbers to a core business strength!

Overhead Door Corporation produces hundreds of thousands of new unique items per year. Each of these items must be categorized, cataloged, and managed using robust lifecycle management techniques. The result is millions of item numbers that must be properly maintained. Implementing the Oracle Product Data Hub is enabling Overhead Door Corporation to:

  • Expand their product leadership
  • Improve their operational excellence and reduce costs
  • Increase their customer intimacy

Hear directly from Larry Freed, CIO of Overhead Door Corporation as he describes the business challenges of managing millions of item numbers and how Oracle and Hitachi Consulting tackled these challenges with process and technology solutions.

Register now for this 60-minute webinar with Overhead Door Corporation, Hitachi Consulting, and Oracle and learn how the company that invented the upward-lifting garage door and the electric door opener is now using Oracle's Product Hub to help re-invent their business processes.

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

New Aberdeen White Paper - Using PIM to Drive Business Performance

Re-posted from Oracle Supply Chain Management and Procurement Blog

Inside and outside the corporate firewall, there has never been a greater demand for product data.

Download a free copy of the latest Aberdeen Group whitepaper entitled, "More Data, More Channels, Fewer Problems: Using PIM to Drive Business Performance" and discover how best-in-class companies that are leveraging PIM solutions are experiencing fewer product recalls, more perfect shipments, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.  

Find out how you can:

  • Speed time-to-market and reduce failure costs for new product introductions
  • Reduce stock-outs and eliminate under/over ordering with accurate product data
  • Reduce risk with improved management of product regulatory compliance
  • Improve customer service and enable a seamless multi-channel commerce experience
  • Leverage a cloud-based PIM solution as a lower cost, faster-deployment alternative

Click here to download the paper.

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Friday Sep 20, 2013

Data Governance Series: Part 3 - Data Governance Best Practices

And we are with the final installment of our Data Governance appcast (think podcast) series around data governance. If you missed part 1, click here and for part 2, click here.

In this AppCast session, we share with you industry best practices around data governance. I am once again joined by Kelle O'Neal, Managing Partner of First San Francisco Partners and Rahul Kamath, Director of Product Management, Oracle.

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Thursday Sep 19, 2013

Focus On MDM @ OOW

We hope you found our Oracle OpenWorld Blog series helpful in planning your MDM sessions. As our final blog in this series, I wanted to make sure you had the handy Focus On documents.

You can access the online MDM Focus On or you can download this PDF version.

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Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

OpenWorld – Oracle Product Hub

In today's blog, Dhiman Bhattacharjee, Principal Product Strategy Manager shares with us what is happening around Oracle Product Hub at OpenWorld.

Oracle Product Hub enables organizations to take control of their product master data across their entire portfolio of applications. The new release of Oracle Fusion Product Hub combines a lot of powerful functionalities that can be used to solve many complex business problems. As you plan your schedule at OpenWorld, please take a look at the following Product Hub sessions and decide which ones you would want to attend.

[CON8747] Oracle Fusion Product Hub: The Foundation for Your Enterprise Product Information

Thursday, September 26th 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm, Moscone West - 2022

In this session, Sachin Patel, Director of Product Strategy, Oracle and Shyam Lakshman, Director of Product Management, Oracle will provide you a comprehensive view of the Oracle Product Hub including the product features, the strategy and roadmap. From this session, you will gain insight into how companies improve upon their time to market, reduce their inventory costs comply with government regulations utilizing Oracle Product Hub. You will also learn how to build and maintain a solid product information management system in your enterprise. If you are new to Fusion Product Hub you will also benefit from the presentations about the key capabilities and best practices around Fusion Product Hub. 

The session is co-presented by Brain Mericle, Director of IT from O’Reilly Media. Brain will share with you how O’Reilly Media achieved faster time to market in publishing its books, online service and magazines by replacing its custom product master solution with Oracle Product Hub Cloud solution.

We hope you would join us in this informative, interactive and lively session.

[CON9012] Effective Multichannel Commerce with Product Information Management

Wednesday, September 25th 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Moscone West - 2009

Join Bruck Assefa, Senior Product Strategy Manager, Oracle and Dhiman Bhuttacharjee, Principal Product Strategy Manager, Oracle in this session to learn about how Oracle Product Hub enables Commerce solutions to consistently deliver relevant and personalized cross-channel buying experience to E-commerce customers. Attending this session will help you understand how to build a product information management system in your enterprise for supporting multi-channel commerce initiatives, as well as the various flows that enable product and catalog data sharing with E-Commerce applications.

You will also hear from Shaibal Talukder, Senior Director of Information Systems at Pampered Chef, a global multi-level marketing company and how they used Oracle Product Hub to be the single source of consistent product information across the enterprise and synchronize that information with E-Commerce, web, mobile and ERP systems.

We hope you will join us in this session and experience how product master drives multi-channel commerce.

[CON8991] - Enabling Commercialization for Your Product Value Chain

Thursday, September 26th, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm, Moscone West - 2011

In this session, Sachin Patel, Director of Product Strategy, Oracle will take you through the integrated business process called Product Value Chain and how it offers rich strategies to collectively leverage Oracle Product Hub, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Enterprise Agile PLM to manage product complexity and innovation challenges. You will also learn how the Product Value Chain empowers business leaders with accurate and instantaneous information leveraging Oracle Product Hub. 

The co-presenter for this session is Rameshwar Balanagu with NCH Corporation, a global marketer of maintenance products including chemicals, fasteners, welding supplies, and plumbing parts. Rameshwar will walk you through NCH’s implantation of Product Hub and the benefit it is reaping now including an enterprise wide consistent set of product data for reporting and classification.

Product Hub Demo Booth - Moscone West (W077)

Please join us is in the Product Hub Demo Booth and experience the functionality laden rich UI enabled Fusion Product Hub demo. Our product experts will be eager to show you the latest and greatest in the product, cool features, core functionalities and much more. Whether you are looking for a quick intro, a peek into the latest edition of the product or an in-depth demo and discussion, be sure you step into this booth and ask for a one-on-one session.

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Monday Sep 16, 2013

OpenWorld - Oracle Fusion Customer Hub

We are less than a week now from the start of Oracle Open World 2013 and in today's blog, Narayana Machiraju, Senior Principal Product Manager shares details around  “Leveraging Oracle Fusion Customer Hub to Maximize Quality and Enhance Customer Experience.”

Manouj Tahiliani, Senior Director of MDM Product Strategy provides you on a journey of Fusion Customer Hub, the Product releases, the Strategy and the Roadmap.

You will discover how Fusion Customer Hub embedded within the Cloud Sales Solution can help your enterprise improve data quality, create accurate and complete customer information,  manage governance and help create great customer experiences. You will also understand how to leverage data quality capabilities and create a sophisticated customer foundation within Oracle Fusion Applications. You will also hear Zane Brady, Assistant CIO of Trimble talk about how Oracle Fusion Customer Hub applications provide a modern, next-generation, multi-domain foundation for managing customer information on the cloud.

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Friday Sep 13, 2013

Data Governance Series: Part 2 - Measuring the Impact of Data Governance

We are back with part 2 of our Data Governance appcast (think podcast) series around data governance. If you missed part 1, click here.

In this AppCast session, we explore what drives value within the context of a data governance initiative and how to measure its business impact. I am once again joined by Kelle O'Neal, Managing Partner of First San Francisco Partners and Rahul Kamath, Director of Product Management, Oracle.

Next Friday, September 20th, come back to listen to the final installment of our series, Part 3: Data Governance Best Practices.

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Thursday Sep 12, 2013

OpenWorld – Oracle Data Relationship Management

When people think of Oracle Master Data Management, they often overlook Oracle Data Relationship Management, which is an important solution in our MDM portfolio. Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) is an enabler of enterprise transformations: financial transformations as they relate to ERP/GL migration, consolidation, rationalization, or coexistence, etc., as well as business transformations including employee, organization, sales, or legal entity restructuring. Today’s blog post shares all things DRM at OpenWorld, including the three key sessions to attend:

[CON9511] Introduction and Update: Oracle Data Relationship Management

Tuesday, September 24th, 10:30 AM- 11:30 AM, Intercontinental Ballroom B

Oracle Data Relationship Management helps proactively manage changes in master data across operational, analytical, and enterprise performance management silos. In this session, Rahul Kamath, Director, Product Management will provide an introduction to Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) and introduce a new product, Oracle Data Relationship Governance (DRG). DRG represents Oracle’s foray into delivering a configuration-based, model-driven master data governance solution that has been designed to provide essential change management and data quality remediation workflows across transactional and analytical system silos. This ensures data quality, policy compliance, repeatable business processes, cross-functional collaboration, and change awareness throughout the enterprise. If you are already familiar with this product line, attend this session to learn about product direction and what’s coming next.

As a spotlight customer, attendees will also hear from Nikki Verhoff, Associate Director, Data Governance, Verizon Wireless, one of Oracle’s first Data Relationship Management and Data Relationship Governance customers! 

[CON9517] Customer Success: Oracle Data Relationship Management

Wednesday, September 25th, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM, Intercontinental Ballroom B

Attend this session to hear about the implementation success stories of four Data Relationship Management customers across all industries – Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Security Systems and Automotive. This customer showcase will include a discussion of the business challenges, solution architecture, data governance approach, business benefits achieved, implementation best practices and lessons learned. If you are actively considering Data Relationship Management or Data Relationship Governance, you will want to join this session, which includes a live Q&A.

[CON6122] The Power of Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management at Experian

Monday, September 23rd, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM,  Intercontinental Ballroom A

Experian, like most experienced the burden of data inconsistencies. Attend this customer led session by Mariana Venter, Global Finance Systems Manager and Richard Harwood, Finance Manager at Experian who share their first-hand experiencence on how they have been able to effectively manage master data changes across the organization, leading to a significant overall reduction in costs, improved operational efficiency, and better visibility for management.

[CON9521] Product Development Q&A: Oracle Hyperion EPM Applications

Wednesday, September 25th, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM, Intercontinental Ballroom C

Join our executives: Matthew Bradley, VP, EPM Devlopment, Prasad Kulkarni, Senior Director, Financial Planning Applications, Doug Cosby, VP of Software Development, and Rajesh Bhatia, VP of Product Development in this panel session. We will discuss Oracle Hyperion enterprise performance management applications product development team addresses your questions on product capabilities, release plans and the roadmap, and other topics related to products and technology.

Be sure to stop by our Oracle Enterprise Dimension Management Solutions demo booth in Moscone West – W099.

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Tuesday Sep 10, 2013

OpenWorld - Oracle Customer MDM Panel

Two more weeks until OpenWorld! In today's blog, Narayana Machiraju, Senior Principal Product Manager shares details around the Master Data Management Best Practices, Data Quality, Data Governance and ROI session. If you missed previous blog posts, use the links at the bottom of this blog posts to access.

This year, we will be hosting a customer panel session dedicated to Oracle Customer Hub at Oracle Open World.  An esteemed panel of Oracle Customer Hub customers in different Industries: Credit Suisse, RCCL, T-Mobile and Auto-Desk will provide insight into the journey of Customer MDM right from building a business case and MDM vision, establishing and sustaining governance, implementation strategies and realizing the benefits. You will also hear about implementation challenges, phasing strategies and lessons learned from real-life experiences.

If you are already implementing Customer MDM or evaluating the benefits of MDM and would like to hear directly from our customers then we highly recommend you to attend this session:

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