Friday Mar 06, 2009

This Week In Tweets...

It has been totally crazy busy with SXSW planning (can you believe its exactly one week away?). The weeks are flying by,  but we are excited to be down at SXSW! Make sure to take a look here and on Twitter to see the latest news and happenings while we are down there. (more updates on this next week!)

Since I have been so very busy, I thought I would shameless borrow a borrowed idea from Intellichick... this week in tweets. Some are funny to go back and read...enjoy! BTW...I love if you haven't tried it, you should check it out! :-D

    1. you can't start a fire without a spark... ♫
    2. @_intellichick_ LOLOLOLOLOL!
    3. ummm..okay...really people...really?? ♫
    4. a little bit of The Damnwells to start Friday off right... ♫
    5. working on all things SXSW with @_intellichick_... just saw some very cool comps for something we are creating ... ♫
    6. @peteyorn I love the new Morrissey as well! It reminds me a lot of old Morrissey.
    7. @peteyorn LOST was good last night!
    8. @dredge are you talking about the Flavia machine? You don't want to be Flavia'd...
    9. another busy day today...time to get a move on... ♫
    10. @Drdrew what happened to Loveline on Live 105 in San Francisco?!
    11. is home and is LOST...
    12. @joerocker nice shirt!!!
    13. is working away in SCA and plugging away on a very long SXSW to do list...
    14. @dunkinacha I know! It's really weird..I will remember the song first and the rest of the dream falls in...
    15. this is just lovely... I love the way PY covers this song!
    16. I woke up humming this song...probably because @greglaswell tweeted "Vienna" yesterday...looks like its going t... ♫
    17. @GregLaswell now I have that Ultravox song stuck in my head!
    18. why is the word juicy so gross sounding? From juicy weather to juicy clothes to juicy meat. Juicy is just not an okay word....mmmmmkay?
    19. it comes and goes in waves... ♫
    20. RT: @peteyorn: My new record titled “Back and Fourth” will be released on June 23rd. It was produced by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes). Sweeet!

Wednesday May 14, 2008

what does your blog mean?

Hello everyone!

I am officially back to work after taking a few days off, however, I could have been a lady of leisure for a little bit longer. ;-) Last week at JavaOne, I got a lot of questions on why I named my blog and my Twitter channel "Maybe I'm Right". When I was thinking about launching my Sun blog, I couldn't think of anything that I really wanted to name it...I struggled with it for awhile when Heidi, aka, SDN Gal, suggested to me to jot down a few of my favorite songs and see which one might resonate with me. That presented me with an even bigger task, because well, I  like a lot of songs. ;-) I wrote down about two pages worth of songs that I really like and thought might sound good as a blog name...and then read them to Heidi. As we were going through the list, "Maybe I'm Right" kept on moving towards the top of my list because it sort of summarized what I was thinking about what I wanted my blog to be about. Maybe I'm right....maybe you're right...maybe we're all right. It just clicked in at that point and that, my readers, is why I named my blog what I named my blog. When I went to start my Twitter channel, I wanted to keep it uniform so I would be easy to find, so I made sure that I was right over there too. ;) If you are wondering who wrote and performed the song, it is off Pete Yorn's latest album, Nightcrawler.  Most of you know all about Pete from previous posts, so just trust me and go and listen to his music as soon as possible. :-D And you will most definitely need to stay tuned to Sun Total Access Network as I am making a music video of my team's road to JavaOne. Alright, I am off to take on the day and catch up on all my email. Enjoy the day! 





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