Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Java SE6U10 is now available!


Java SE6u10 is officially here - the latest version of Java for PCs. What's so cool about the new update? Java SE6u10 pushes the envelope by adding more new features and functionality than any other update release! (think FAST!)  

Not only does that mean fast to download, but it also means improved startup time for Java applications AND applets. 

Another cool feature is the ability to drag Java applets directly FROM the browser and have them run as a desktop widget. How sweet is that? And the widgets on your desktop even after you close the browser window.  

This release of Java SE6u10 constitutes an important milestone towards the upcoming release of JavaFX as well! (again..SWEET!) 

And before I go, make sure to stop by the new Planetarium site, which features news related to Java and JavaFX.  

Go for it...download it today and have some fun!  Enjoy the day! :-D


Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

New JavaFX Screencast

Happy Wednesday everyone! Once again its a busy week, but its busy with fun things! :-) Later this week Eric and David (and I will be there too!) will be sitting down with the father of Java for our weekly episode of "This Ain't Your Dad's Java". You will have to tune in to Sun Total Access Network and to our podcast to see what he has to say and much more!

I will be blogging about my artist of the week as well later this week, but I wanted to direct you to a new screencast that was just produced about JavaFX. Jeff Hoffman, a User Experience Designer, introduces Project Nile, a tool that works with JavaFX. He shows you how to use the features of Project Nile, which include export plugins for Adobe products, a SVG graphics converter, a JavaFX graphics view and samples. Make sure to tune in to see what Jeff has to say.

Also, have a question about JavaFX? You have a chance \*this week\* to Ask The Experts! Head over here to ask your questions. The Ask the Experts program gives you the opportunity to ask questions about Java technology or Java tools from Sun and get answers from the experts on that topic. The tool does not require you to log in and allows you to submit questions when its convenient for you. 

 And one more thing..make sure to stop by SDNGal's page today....I hear she is going to be posting a very yummy recipe today... I can't wait to see what it is!  

Enjoy your day! :-D

Friday Aug 08, 2008

myPicks Beijing 2008 and more

Happy Friday readers! It has been a long week of getting things done, but I am happy to say that I have checked many things off of my to do list this week. My awesome team and I had a fabulous planning and brainstorming meeting yesterday and it was awesome to be able to spend the day in one room with everyone. About half of my team work remotely or in another state, so when we get together for these meetings, its always good to see the girls! And we had an awesome team dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Palo Alto called Junnoon. I have one things to say. YUMMY!

In any case, I am super excited about the Olympics starting today and even more excited about this really cool new application (ok... really, its  a game!) that was launched on Facebook called myPicks Beijing 2008. What is myPicks Beijing 2008 you ask? WELL... it is a game that allows users like you and I to predict winners at the Olympics. And, if your predictions are correct, you win points. All points we accumulate are credited to the country we choose when we sign up and you can challenge your friends to competition predictions and more. Whats even more cool about this is that the game was created on Zembly - the worlds first and easiest Facebook application development environment. Zembly is built from the ground up on Sun's technology (both hardware and software...sweet!).

 My partner in crime and all around fabulous friend, Heidi (aka SDNGal) and I shot a video today for Sun Total Access Network to talk about myPicks Beijing 2008. Make sure to head over to SunTAN and to Heidi's blog as well to find out just what we have to say about all the cool stuff that is happening in our worlds. Heidi, I am ready for our Olympic challenge. GAME ON! Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy your day! :-D

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Join the OpenSolaris Community for OSDevCon in Prague!

My friend and co-worker, Terri Wischmann, who works on all things OpenSolaris just told me about a great event that is happening in EMEA for all you OpenSolaris developers!  

The OpenSolaris Developer Conference is an annual worldwide community event organized conference for OpenSolaris enthusiasts, engineers and users. The purpose of the conference is to bring together people interested in OpenSolaris development and meet, discuss, create connections between attendees and do coding together in an informal fashion.  The annual Developer Conference (OSDevCon) moves for its second year from the heart of Germany – Berlin to the heart of Czech Republic – Prague. (both of those cities are beautiful AND fun) All OpenSolaris enthusiasts and people interested in the development of OpenSolaris are kindly welcome.

Looks like it will be a very cool conference and I look forward to hearing about and blogging about what comes out of the show. Enjoy your day! :-D 



Sunday May 04, 2008

Tommy Jr. hit the MPK Campus

Happy weekend everyone! I am sure that most of us are gearing up for the crazy week that is JavaOne. Yesterday, I headed down to our Menlo Park campus because Tommy Jr. was going to be making an appearance on its way up to JavaOne and for James Gosling's keynote (which will be taking place on Friday, May 9, 2008). Tommy Jr. is based on Java and uses Java Real-Time System as the overall control coding platform.  

Team Jefferson (the Tommy team who was also behind Tommy Sr.) put Tommy Jr. through his paces yesterday. He is much 'smarter" than his first incarnation and can perform several missions on a pre-planned course. He can interact with and merge with moving traffic, stop for stop signs, park, and replan a route to his objective if the way he wanted to go was blocked.  Tommy Jr. is based on a Scion platform and has the stock seats inside so we were able to get inside and take a ride around campus. It was pretty cool to be inside a car and watch it move around a course with no one behind the wheel. Several executives from Rich Green to James Gosling got a ride as well and look for some video clips of those to go up on our YouTube channel, Sun Total Access Network, soon! 

Alright, I have to get ready to head up to San Francisco, but before I go, please enjoy the video clip I got yesterday with Dave Hofert telling me a few cool tidbits about Tommy Jr. and look for me to be blogging a lot next week as I will be seeing and hearing a lot of cool things.  



Thursday Apr 10, 2008

communityone and javaone update

Happy Thursday! Just a quick little updated to tell you what is shakin' down at CommunityOne and JavaOne 2008...although I feel I have been saying those two (or is it four?!) words a lot these last few months. I just got a really cool email in my inbox for all you students out there!  If you are a student, we are offering free admission to both CommunityOne and JavaOne this year!!!! Check out all pertinent information here. How hot is that? Spread the word and meet us there! 

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