Friday Feb 20, 2009

♪ artist of the week. ♪

In the spirit of getting truly back into blogging, I thought I would bring back my artist of the week. It's not like that has been gone for a long time or anything, but I haven't really blogged about music or music that has my feet tapping or artists that touch my soul in a long while.  This week, I am going to tell you all about one of my most favorite bands ever (and no, it's not Pete Yorn, altho, go over and check out his new site! It's pretty sweet! ), The Damnwells. I stumbled upon The Damnwells accidently one evening in San Francisco. I was in need of some good live music, but it was a Monday night and I didn't see anyone I knew of that was playing. It was just one of those nights where I knew I needed to see something spectacular but had no idea how much this band would touch my soul. I looked at the line up at one of my favorite SF spots, Bottom of the Hill and noticed that this band from New York/LA was going to be playing. Hmmmm... I thought, why not? If anything, you can go take a listen, have a tasty adult beverage and see some live music. The worst thing would be that you left, right? So I hunkered down (it was a Monday in a bit foggy and cold) and headed down to Bottom of the Hill. What my ears had in store for me will never leave me as I was turned into a Damnwells fan that night.

Who are they you might ask?! If you ask Alex Dezen, the lead singer, he would say "The Damnwells has always been about my songs and the extremely talented musicians and producers collaborating. The personnel have changed, but the essence--one of this week's vocabulary words for the 7th graders I teach--remains the same."

All in all,  The Damnwells, as a collective, have been making music since the turn of the century.

Still craving more information about the band? Then you might want to check out Chris Suchorsky’s excellent "Golden Days" documentary, which revolves around the trials and tribulations of the band. To read an excerpt from the documentary site, detailing the story of “Golden Days” go here

As I have been typing this blog, my wish of seeing them live again soon just came true. I was browsing their myspace page and found out that they are going to be down at SXSW at the same time we are down there. I am so excited!! To get to see them, Greg Laswell, Cary Brothers, The Decemberists and more..I can't wait!  

So go ahead...stumble upon their myspace page for awhile and soak in the gorgeousness that The Damnwells are. Your ears will thank you. I guarantee it! Enjoy your weekend! :-D

Thursday Feb 12, 2009

The Most Pervasive and Powerful Mobile Platform is Now the Most Expressive



Today has been a big day over in JavaFX land.  JavaFX 1.1 has just been released with full mobile support and the halls around SCA22 couldn't be buzzing more with excitement. We have had several partners announce their support for JavaFX. Want to learn more? Head over to JavaFX.COM and read all about it. While you're there, play around with some of the samples and download the newest version.  Remember, the most pervasive mobile platform is now the most expressive. Enjoy your day! :-)

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Happy 2009!



Hello my blogheads! Happy New Year! I realized over my holiday break that I hadn't blogged in a really long time and I realized that I was missing it. 2008 hasn't been gone too long, but I am looking forward to an amazing 2009 and I look forward to blogging more in the days and months to come. 

I am not really one to make new years resolutions, but there are some things that I want to do more of this coming year and things I am looking forward to:

  • Pete Yorn's new album(s) and tour
  • Blog more (I need you all to help keep me too this!)
  • Discovering new music and seeing new bands live
  • Registering for a 10K (I am thinking the Rock and Roll Half Marathon)
  • Having fun, living life and laughing lots
  • Spending quality time with family and friends

And of course, there are other things that I am sure will be on the list, but I hope that 2009 is one of the best years yet. 

I can't really go out without saying that probably one of my most favorite albums of 2008 was King of Leon's 'Only By the Night'. Man, do they know how to rock! I have seen them live a few times and have liked them for awhile, but this album knocked my socks off when I bought it and it has been in non-stop heavy rotation since then. For a quick listen, check out track number three. Look for me to blog about them in the coming weeks, but make sure to go out and take a listen. Once again, your ears will thank you. Enjoy the day! :-D

Thursday Nov 13, 2008

♪ What's Getting Me Through The Weeks... ♪

Hello blogland! 

Once again I have been quiet here on my blog as I have been so crazy busy heads down on all things JavaFX. The FX launch is quickly approaching, but I am so excited to show the world what we have in store. It's world domination. One step at a time. ;-) In any case, we have had many late nights and early mornings and when I am not in meetings or in the studio I am listening to my music full blast and getting things done. 

What music has my toes tapping recently? I have downloaded a bunch of new releases from some of my favorite people ever, but my trusty and true music always has me coming back for more. Here is what has me going this week in no particular order:

1. Ryan Adams and The Cardinals:  Cardinology -- this it the latest release from the crew and it's as beautiful as everything they have ever released. I just recently discovered that they (as in The Cardinals) are on Twitter. If you are interested, follow them here. Along with everything else Mr. Adams does, I could be a happy girl listening to just him alone. But, I have to spread the love to all. 

2.  Pete Yorn: musicforthemorningafter, Day I Forgot, Nightcrawler and miscellaneous b-side and non-released music that he hasn't put out. Pete just soothes my soul. Enough said. Next up is Pete on Twitter. Again, Mr. Yorn is one I could only listen to and never get tired of hearing him singing. 

3. Greg Laswell: Through Toledo and Three Flights From Alto Nido. I am a fan of anything Mr. Laswell does. 

4. Keane: Perfect Symmetry -- this is their latest release and definitely a different sound than we are use to from them. But I am slowly beginning to really enjoy this album. 

5. Travis: Ode to J. Smith -- how do I love thee? Oh Let me count the ways. I could listen to anything Travis does on constant repeat and never get bored. 

6. The Smiths: The Sounds of The Smiths -- The Smiths and Morrissey are my junior high and high school years. iTunes recently got this compilation and there is just something about Morrissey and his voice that will make me feel forever young. And again, one I can listen to over and over.  

So there is a little taste of what has me going and helping me when I am heads down.  Go and check out some of the amazing artists (or all of them actually). As I always say, your ears will thank you. 

Enjoy your day! :-D 




Wednesday Oct 22, 2008

♪ New Yorn Serenade ♪


With the U.S. elections coming in mere weeks (did everyone get registered to vote?) I couldn't let the opportunity pass without posting a new song and video that PY recently recorded. 

I got an email from PY about how he was inspired to write the song that I thought I would share with all of you: 

"I wrote American Blues Vol. 1. on the 4th of July after reading the morning paper. It's unlike any song I've ever written. I was moved by how much negativity I was reading about and how even groups were boycotting Independence Day because they were so disgusted by the state of our Nation.  I thought things would improve...they obviously haven't yet...but I know they will in time.  I sent the song to some friends and one of them (a really old friend of  mine who is actually a huge reason I didn't give up on a musical career back in 1998)  was really affected by the message.  He always has had an unwavering faith in America and has always been able to laugh when times got tough. The video for American Blues Vol. 1. was made by this friend of mine. He is not a video director...just a guy from New Jersey who wanted to put images to a song that hit home for him. He wanted me to share here is American Blues Vol. 1. "


Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

♪ What I'm listening to this week... ♪

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I have been super busy these last few weeks on all thing JavaFX and have been either in meetings or heads down plugging through a very long list of things I need to do. Last week I had the amazing opportunity to record a podcast with Eric Klein and James Gosling. We talked all things Java and we found out some very cool information from James. You can listen to this episode and all episodes here. Ok...back to the subject at hand. ;)  Music is definitely keeping me sane through all of this hecticness and I have been listening to LOTS. I thought I would once again feature a list of artists and bands who have been filling my days with sweet sounds so far this week:

1. Greg Laswell - Three Flights from Alto Nido and Through Toledo (I have been lovin' me some Greg Laswell lately!) 

2. Jeff Buckley - Grace (I adore Jeff Buckley...sad that we lost him way too soon and Grace is just one of those albums that will never grow old) 

3. Travis - Something Anything (from their forthcoming album, Ode to J.Smith... cannot wait for the new album to come out) 

4. Radiohead - In Rainbows (they were at the Outside Lands Music Festival last weekend in San Francisco and they just blew up the place!)

5.  Chris Bell - I Am the Cosmos (another loss way too soon and altho this album was mostly written in 1974 (but wasn't published until 1992, I still think it sounds absolutely modern) 

6.  Ryan Adams - Love is Hell, Pt. 1 and 2  (I am pretty much a fan of anything Mr. Adams does) 

7.  Stereophonics - Language. S\*x. Violence. Other? - (they are hitting San Francisco next month..I can not wait to rock out with them..its been way too long!) 

8. M.I.A. - Kala (when I want to get funky) 

9. David Bowie - Best of Bowie (I have been rocking our to Suffragette, do I love that song!)  

10. Minibar - Desert After Rain (what list is complete without some love for my Minibar boys...this album is always in heavy rotation) 

In other exciting news, Pete is in the studio recording a new album! Earlier this summer, PY was in Salem, Oregon recording an album with the ever incredible Frank Black (yes, that Frank Black of Pixies) and is now currently in the studio in Omaha, Nebraska working on his new album (with Bright Eyes guru Mike Mogis). In a blog post earlier this week, his myspace said "stay tuned for more updates and NEW EXPLORATIONS IN MUSIC coming soon!" That last bit makes me super stoked to see what he has in store for us!  

One more thing before I sign off..make sure to head over to Heidi's blog to see what yummy recipe she has for us this week...she never tells me what they are, but am always pleasantly surprised with what she picked!! So far, with what I have made, they are all A+! 

Ok..I am off to conquer more of my to do's... enjoy your day! :-D


Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

♪ What I'm Listening To This Week. ♪

Happy Wednesday everyone! I feel like this week is zooming by... I am heads down on our upcoming JavaFX launch, so I have been listening to lots of music to keep me going while I plug away on a never ending to do list.  Instead of featuring an artist this week, I thought of I would share with you a list of songs, albums and artists that have been making my ears happy as I am working on that list: 

1. Pete Yorn - Last Summer  (it was a new song on his myspace page for a few weeks and its one of those songs that speaks to the soul)

2. Minibar - Road Movies (this album just makes me tap my feet and sing along to all the songs...I love Minibar!)

3. Romantica - America (enough said...I featured them last week and I can't stop listening to this album)

4. Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - Cold Roses ( a beautifully sad album that I can listen to on repeat)

5. Doves - Some Cities (I can listen to the Doves over and over again...) 

6. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (for when I need to rock out... I love the Foos! This album is amazing!!!)

7. Sloan - Parallel Play  (I love these guys!! They really know how to rock! So stoked for their show in September!)

8.  The Damwells - Air Stereo (I think that Alex Dezen is one of the most articulate artists out there)

9. The Twilight Singers - Twilight as Played By The Twilight Singers (came out in 2000 and it still sounds fresh and new.. this album is always in constant rotation)  

10. Pixies - Wave of Mutilation - Best of Pixies (I recently saw someone's facebook status that they were listening to the Pixies and I was like, I need to bust them out I have been listening to them a lot this week). 

So there is my very short list of what I am listening to...this week. ;)  I highly suggest going through it and listening to all of these amazing artists. Your ears will thank you and so will they. :) Also, if you are hungry for something good and tasty, head over to my fabulous friend Heidi's aka SDNGal's blog and see her featured recipe of the week. It sounds super yummy! Enjoy the day! 








Wednesday Jul 02, 2008

♪ artist of the week. ♪

Hello everyone! I am heading off to Lake Tahoe for the holiday weekend later tonight, but I wanted to quickly leave you with my artist of the week. This will probably come as no surprise that I am going to feature the likes of the boys of Minibar. After being blessed with seeing them live and performing all my favorite songs last week, I figured I needed give them props once again and get all of you listening to them as soon as possible. I am actually going to feature one of Simon Petty's side projects, Solomon's Seal in this post because I think the song, "Sleeping In the Car" is gorgeous. Simon's voice can get you lost in a sea of beautiful lyrics, gorgeous vocals and musical prose. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do and I am working on getting the boys up to San Francisco as soon as possible. Until they come to your neck and my neck of the woods again, enjoy the song and of course enjoy your day! :-D 


Thursday Jun 26, 2008

LA LA Land...

Hello everyone! This week is going to be a short week for me as I am heading down to Los Angeles for a quick jaunt to visit with friends and celebrate my birthday. I love visiting LA, but I love that I can go away from it just as fast. ;) My bestest friend in the whole world, Claudette (we have been best friends since high school) is coming with me and we are staying at my hairstylist and good friend's West Hollywood bungalow. Its a historical landmark and is steps away from the notorious Chateau Marmont. We have spent many a night up at the Chateau and all I can say is wow. The things we have seen are enough to write a tell all book. But, I am not that kind of girl. But, it is great to be able to have somewhere we can call home for a few days and its minutes from any hot spot we want to be at. A full report will come in another blog, but I can tell you that this trip will be full of food (we are eating at at Top Chef restaurant for my birthday!), music (the boys of Minibar) and much, much more! Here is a picture that we took a few months ago of our home away from home (did I mention Bette Davis used to live in this building?) and another as we were driving away from our place of the Chateau..see, it really is that close! Happy weekend! :-D

Monday Jun 02, 2008

♪ "The Golden Road" to JavaOne 2008 ♪

Before the craziness of the weeks prior to JavaOne began, my team and I wanted to make a music video of our road to JavaOne. Basically it would be short video clips, pictures, etc. brought together in a montage and placed together with music. When I was tasked with the project, I immediately started running through a list of artists that I would love to feature one of their songs and of course, Pete Yorn, came immediately to my mind. So I did what any good friend would do and I pinged him to see if he would be okay with me using one of his songs off his Westerns EP called "The Golden Road". And of course, Pete, being the nice guy he is,  said absolutely and have fun with it. :) So, after the winding down of weeks following JavaOne, I was able to put together our music video...enjoy our road to JavaOne and thank you again Pete for letting us use your I always say, you're the best....around. ;-) Also, a big thank you to all for letting me invade your space with my little pink flip cam! Enjoy your day! 



Wednesday May 21, 2008

♪ Rockin' The Boat Basin. ♪

Hello everyone! 

I haven't blogged about music in a week or so, but I couldn't let this week pass by without talking about it. So,  I am here to tell you all about a special performance that Pete Yorn did last week in New York City.

 I was invited by Spin magazine to attend this special performance, but sadly, I could not get a flight out to New York that would get me in on time...but that does not stop me from taking you through the evening as detailed as I can from what I have been told. 

Here is a quick excerpt from a Spin.COM araticle that pretty much summarizes Pete's set:

Pete strolled into Manhattan's 79th Street Boat Basin on May 15th and strummed out an intimate acoustic set at the Amsterdam-themed Amstel Light Lounge 1870 gala, sponsored by Spin. 

Pete's short, but sweet set list had pumped up the crowd and had them singing along to songs such as "Life On A Chain", "For Nancy", "Strange Condition", "For Us", "Model American" and a new song called, "Somebody". Armed only with an acoustic guitar, Pete mostly sang with closed eyes, morning melodically over chord strums between lyrical rambles. With the audience encouraging with their singing, Yorn fully engaged, smiling at the sight of upturned faces firing his lyrics right back at him. After an eleven-song set, fans toasted one last time as laughs reverberated off the enclosure's historic, towering brick walls back across the Hudson to Yorn's hometown.

I was super bummed I missed this special show last week, but I was very fortunate to see that someone captured some of his set on video and posted it to YouTube. Pete revealed that he will have a new album coming out later this year (SWEET!) and I am super stoked for that. Before I leave you, here for your listening (and viewing) pleasure, is Pete singing "Somebody" last week...enjoy the music, enjoy Pete, but most of all, enjoy the day! :)   



Wednesday May 14, 2008

what does your blog mean?

Hello everyone!

I am officially back to work after taking a few days off, however, I could have been a lady of leisure for a little bit longer. ;-) Last week at JavaOne, I got a lot of questions on why I named my blog and my Twitter channel "Maybe I'm Right". When I was thinking about launching my Sun blog, I couldn't think of anything that I really wanted to name it...I struggled with it for awhile when Heidi, aka, SDN Gal, suggested to me to jot down a few of my favorite songs and see which one might resonate with me. That presented me with an even bigger task, because well, I  like a lot of songs. ;-) I wrote down about two pages worth of songs that I really like and thought might sound good as a blog name...and then read them to Heidi. As we were going through the list, "Maybe I'm Right" kept on moving towards the top of my list because it sort of summarized what I was thinking about what I wanted my blog to be about. Maybe I'm right....maybe you're right...maybe we're all right. It just clicked in at that point and that, my readers, is why I named my blog what I named my blog. When I went to start my Twitter channel, I wanted to keep it uniform so I would be easy to find, so I made sure that I was right over there too. ;) If you are wondering who wrote and performed the song, it is off Pete Yorn's latest album, Nightcrawler.  Most of you know all about Pete from previous posts, so just trust me and go and listen to his music as soon as possible. :-D And you will most definitely need to stay tuned to Sun Total Access Network as I am making a music video of my team's road to JavaOne. Alright, I am off to take on the day and catch up on all my email. Enjoy the day! 




Thursday Apr 24, 2008

are you a cover lover?

Hello everyone! Before I get into it I must say that the hours to JavaOne are flying by so fast...all hands are on deck and I know I keep on teasing you, but we have some really, really exciting things to share with you in a 12 days! I know 12 days...can you believe it?! For your music introduction this week,  I wanted to introduce you to an LA based music producer and artist, Robin Danar. Back in mid March, he released an album called 'Altered States'. As the name of the album suggests, Altered States are cover songs, however, they aren't simply just covers..these songs are completely reimagined. Take for instance, 'Use Me' which Pete Yorn and Kinky cover from Bill Withers. This is a completely different sound from the original, but I love what Robin, Pete and the boys from Kinky did to the song. Its much more intense and gritty...I like it a lot. If you are on myspace, you can download it from Robin's myspace page for free. How sweet is that? I am also digging Minibar's version of Morrissey's 'First of the Gang to Die'. It took me a few minutes to realize that Minibar was in fact covering Moz.  If you are a cover lover (and I count myself among that group) then I highly suggest you go out and get this album. A lot of you might find many of these songs a tad obscure, but it has inspired me to dig around for the original material to see how it has changed with Altered States.

Alright, I back to work on all things JavaOne, but I hope you will enjoy Altered States as much as I have the last few weeks!



Friday Apr 18, 2008

♪ keep on rockin' in a free world ♪

Last week, I introduced all of you to Pete Yorn and told you that he would be joining fellow rockers on stage at the Troubadour for the Justice Tour. The show sold out in a few hours and the place was jam packed waiting to hear all the boys rock out on stage. Pete sang three of his own songs, including a new one, 'Shot Gun'. I was fortunate to have heard it previously when he did a show at another legendary LA venue, The Roxy Theatreback in December for another great causeThe Spectrum Program at New Roads School. I really like Shot Gun...its a darker and emotionally raw, I'm really looking forward to the studio version of it to come out soon. But...back to the show itself...the show featured early acoustic performances by Tom Morello, Pete Yorn, Jerry Cantrell and MC5's, Wayne Kramer. Morello acted as master of ceremonies and orchestrating the chaos. After warming the crowd up, Morello then brought out what would serve as the core of the evening’s house band: Travis Barker on drums, Flea playing bass and a rotating line-up of Steve Vai, Slash, Dave Navarro, Davey Havoc and Morello sharing guitar duties. The team backed up Cantrell for a version of Thin Lizzy's 'Jailbreak' and rocked out on covers of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition.' The culmination of the night, for me, was when Pete was joined on stage by the rest of the boys to cover Neil Young's 'Keep on Rockin' In A Free World'...luckily, someone captured it on YouTube and now all of you can enjoy it too! It was great to see Pete lead on that song and to watch him rock out! The show was amazing and it helped raise a lot of money and awareness for PATH. Enjoy the clip and get ready to rock out with them! Also, look for the Justice Tour hitting cities across the US...each stop will benefit a different charitable organization and will feature different guest rockers. How hot is that?! 

Wednesday Apr 09, 2008

for a good cause. (or two)

Hello everyone! I have been super busy with all things JavaOne and haven't really been able to post that much this week....I owe you a run down of my last two days at the Evans Data Developer Conference, but before I can get into that, I need to introduce you to two very good causes and my artist of the week. This week I am featuring the one and only, Pete Yorn. I took a few minutes to myself to catch up on all my social media outlets when I cruised by Pete's  myspace page to read two new blog posts that caught my eye. 

The first thing I read was that Pete's song "Old Boy"  is on The Green Owl Compilation: a Benefit for EnergyAction Coalition. The disc came out yesterday (April 8th) and is available at all Whole Foods stores, your local record stores and on-line at Amazon, iTunes and Insound. The Disc is made up of unreleased tracks from an eclectic group of artists. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds from the album will be given to support the EAC. If are you interested in finding out more information, please go to Green Owl Records. Old Boy is one of my most favorite PY songs, so go and soak it in. Your ears will once again thank you. :-)

And... if that wasn't enough, for those of you in the Los Angeles area, you can join Pete in helping kick off The Justice Tour next Tuesday, April 15th at the legendary Troubadour. I have to say that the Troub is one of my most favorite venues in LA, so to catch such an incredible show with the following people performing might warrant a quick jaunt down:

The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello) with special guests: Slash, Perry Farrell, Flea, Pete Yorn, State Radio, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and Davey Havoc of AFI.

Proceeds from the show will benefit PATH - People Assisting the Homeless. 

Doors at open at are only $10 and can be purchased through

Just think...two great charitable organizations that will benefit from
Pete...way to go!! 

Alright, I am diving back into all things JavaOne, but check out the greatness that is Yorn and if you are in the LA area, go and enjoy the show. It will be an amazing night of music! Keep rockin'.


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