Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

A Look Inside: Sun's MySQL Optimization Lab

Hello all! Once again, I have been a quiet blogger as I have been so busy that I haven't really scheduled time to blog. That must change, but it can't this week, so here I am quickly bringing you up to date on what I have been up to. 

A few weeks ago my fabulous co-worker and friend, Tiffany Bianco and  I were tasked with a fun video project for today's MySQL/Systems launch. This was a fun little departure for me as I have been so focused on all things JavaFX. When Liz asked Tiffany and I to do this side project, I knew exactly who I wanted to shoot and edit the video for us. Danny had helped my team at JavaOne tremendously and captured some great video for our team. I knew that he would be the perfect person to help us again with shooting a fun, fast paced, high energy video. Not only did Danny deliver that, he made it look effortless. Thank you again Danny for all your hard work and making us look so good. :-) We had a blast shooting it with the MySQL/Systems teams and the end result couldn't have made me happier! Enjoy the video and be sure to enjoy the day! :)



Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Java SE6U10 is now available!


Java SE6u10 is officially here - the latest version of Java for PCs. What's so cool about the new update? Java SE6u10 pushes the envelope by adding more new features and functionality than any other update release! (think FAST!)  

Not only does that mean fast to download, but it also means improved startup time for Java applications AND applets. 

Another cool feature is the ability to drag Java applets directly FROM the browser and have them run as a desktop widget. How sweet is that? And the widgets on your desktop even after you close the browser window.  

This release of Java SE6u10 constitutes an important milestone towards the upcoming release of JavaFX as well! (again..SWEET!) 

And before I go, make sure to stop by the new Planetarium site, which features news related to Java and JavaFX.  

Go for it today and have some fun!  Enjoy the day! :-D


Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

New JavaFX Screencast

Happy Wednesday everyone! Once again its a busy week, but its busy with fun things! :-) Later this week Eric and David (and I will be there too!) will be sitting down with the father of Java for our weekly episode of "This Ain't Your Dad's Java". You will have to tune in to Sun Total Access Network and to our podcast to see what he has to say and much more!

I will be blogging about my artist of the week as well later this week, but I wanted to direct you to a new screencast that was just produced about JavaFX. Jeff Hoffman, a User Experience Designer, introduces Project Nile, a tool that works with JavaFX. He shows you how to use the features of Project Nile, which include export plugins for Adobe products, a SVG graphics converter, a JavaFX graphics view and samples. Make sure to tune in to see what Jeff has to say.

Also, have a question about JavaFX? You have a chance \*this week\* to Ask The Experts! Head over here to ask your questions. The Ask the Experts program gives you the opportunity to ask questions about Java technology or Java tools from Sun and get answers from the experts on that topic. The tool does not require you to log in and allows you to submit questions when its convenient for you. 

 And one more thing..make sure to stop by SDNGal's page today....I hear she is going to be posting a very yummy recipe today... I can't wait to see what it is!  

Enjoy your day! :-D

Monday Jul 14, 2008

All I want is your photograph...


Hello everyone! I figured if I started out with a music lyric reference, I would catch your attention. Any idea what song and group I paid homage to? SDNGal and I have officially launched our Sun Total Access Network on Flickr and we want you to join us! Its pretty easy...all you have to do is become a contact and upload your Sun/Sun Developer Network related photos (old or new..we welcome all!) to our page. Whether its a picture snapped at JavaOne, Tech Days, or a a group of you out and about together, we would love them to be part of our set. :) And, to make things fun for you, we will be giving away a Prize Pack to one of our new contacts. Simply upload your photos between July 14, 2008 and July 28, 2008 and tag them with SunTAN/Sun Developer Network/Event title/Event date/Persons/products shown and you will be entered into a drawing for our Prize Pack which includes a Sun SPOT Development kit, Sun t-shirt, SMI press book, and Java ipod carrier. It's pretty sweet package...but we expect your photos to be even sweeter. Become a contact and start uploading today!

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

NetBeans to support Python- Join the NBPython project today!

Happy Thursday everyone! I just got an email from one of my favorite people and co-workers, Tabitha Scatena, about an exciting NetBeans event that is taking place next week.

On Tuesday at EuroPython 2008, Ted Leung (Dynamic Languages & Tools Architect, Sun Microsystems) and Frank Wierzbicki (Jython Project Lead, Sun Microsystems) announced that the NetBeans IDE will be supporting Python and Jython in future releases. At the core of bringing Python/Jython support to the NetBeans IDE, is the formation of the NBPython Project, led by community member Allan Davis.

For more information, visit the NBPython Project page 
and request membership to the project. For developers wishing to contribute, sign up for the development mailing list.

In addition, the Sun Developer Network (SDN) is also launching the Python Developer Center and is planning to feature Python/Jython technologies in future Sun Tech Days events, a 15-city world tour designed to educate developers in local markets on various technologies. Python runtime support is already available in OpenSolaris 2008.05, via the repository, as well as with Cool Stack on Solaris 10-based systems.

Sounds like a lot of fun and interesting things are coming for NetBeans! 


Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

This was too cool not to share...

Good morning! I saw this yesterday and I thought it was too cool not to share being that it combined two things I think are neat (Bob Dylan and typography).  Turn up the volume and enjoy! :-)  

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Join the OpenSolaris Community for OSDevCon in Prague!

My friend and co-worker, Terri Wischmann, who works on all things OpenSolaris just told me about a great event that is happening in EMEA for all you OpenSolaris developers!  

The OpenSolaris Developer Conference is an annual worldwide community event organized conference for OpenSolaris enthusiasts, engineers and users. The purpose of the conference is to bring together people interested in OpenSolaris development and meet, discuss, create connections between attendees and do coding together in an informal fashion.  The annual Developer Conference (OSDevCon) moves for its second year from the heart of Germany – Berlin to the heart of Czech Republic – Prague. (both of those cities are beautiful AND fun) All OpenSolaris enthusiasts and people interested in the development of OpenSolaris are kindly welcome.

Looks like it will be a very cool conference and I look forward to hearing about and blogging about what comes out of the show. Enjoy your day! :-D 



Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

Mobile Devices: Let the Games Begin

Happy Wednesday everyone! I was reading an article by Jonathan Erickson on Dr. Dobbs that I thought I would share with all of you regarding gaming and mobile devices... enjoy: 

So if our (technological) future is to be a mobile one, why not throw games into the mix?

"Why not, indeed?" asks Xavier Carrillo-Costa, CEO of Digital Legends, a developer of 3D games for mobile platforms. After all, says Carrillo-Costa, with 1 GB (or larger) hard disks, 200-MHz (or more) CPUs, hardware acceleration, and the capabilities for instantly generating 300,000 polygons, a typical cell phone sounds like a better gaming platform than, say, the much less powerful Nintendo DS.

Moreover, based on installed base numbers, the market opportunities seem to favor "converged" mobile devices (like mobile phones). For instance, according to Carrillo-Costa, the worldwide installed base of the PlayStation 3 is 12.8 M, the Xbox 360 is 19 M, PlayStation Portable (PSP) at 23.4 M, the Wii at 24 M, and the Nintendo DS at 70 M, while converged mobile devices are at 118 M. In short, there's a huge space opening for games that run on mobile devices. And already, the nascent generation of 3D mobile games support features that gamers expect--sight, voice, touch, location, and the like.

Okay, I really don't think for a minute that a hard-core gamer is going to be playing Grand Theft Auto on a mobile phone nonstop for 16 straight hours. That said, it is surprising to learn that most video games on mobile devices are played at home, instead of on a park bench or in Algebra class.

But there's still some cool stuff happening. For instance, widget implementations of some console games are becoming available for mobile phones, letting gamers score points that are then synchronized/combined with the console version for a continuous gaming experience.

But what needs to happen for mobile games to evolve from a good idea to an idea whose time has come, says Carrillo-Costa, are two things:

  • Better controls. This might mean design and accommodation for wireless controls, like those gamers are familiar with. After all, wireless keyboards are already available for converged mobile devices (like cell phones). Or, more importantly, it might mean cell phone keypads designed with games in mind, with dual-meaning keys and the like.
  • Open APIs that link to consoles.

All in all, this seems reasonable--unless, I suppose, you happen to be a console vendor. However, ignoring these suggestions/requests, which really doesn't require effort or expense, is simply treading water on the part of console vendors because, in the long run, console quality games for mobile devices will be commonplace.

Wednesday May 28, 2008

The Adventures of the Sun Quest Chronicles

Everyone is always up for a new game, right? I am pretty sure that most of you out there in SDN land are ready to go on an adventure as you quest for the Ruby of Destiny in the Sun Quest Chronicles! It's a choose your own adventure mini-book and is super easy to play. Simply register as an SDN member (if you already a member, just log in) before your journey begins and you will be entered to win one of seven SunSPOTs (how sweet is that!).

Enjoy your journey and let us know how your story goes! :-D 




Monday May 12, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

Hello everyone! 

I am taking a few days off to recooperate after JavaOne and get my life back in order. (ie, unpack, do wash, go shopping)...JavaOne and CommunityOne were great events and its hard to believe that it is all over...until next year that is. ;) I have uploaded a bunch of videos to Sun Total Access Network so please stop by there and to check out what SDN Gal and I were up to last week. I will be back here later this week or early next week to update you on all the latest news and happenings according to me. Enjoy your week! 

Before I leave you, I will leave you with a band that makes my heart smile and my feet tap...If you haven't heard of The Damnwells, get to iTunes or get to your local record store as quickly as you can. They will leave you speechless and keep you coming back for more.  Check them out in the studio recording "I am a Leaver" and I will for sure be telling you much more about them at a later date.   



Wednesday May 07, 2008

JavaOne Day Two

I had this whole draft saved about the opening keynote yesterday, and unfortunately I lost it, so let me quickly summarize everything that I thought about the opening keynote:

- it was awesome to see John Gage, James Gosling and Chris Melissinos on stage doing the t-shirt toss...shirts were flung everywhere!

- the theme for JavaOne this year is Java + YOU and the opening video to show that was really cool.

- the show devices are very cool! The Kindle, The Livescribe pens and the Sentilla motes are sweet. I am not sure what I want first.

-  JavaFX...I want it NOW... ;) I will be up at Nandini's office every day until I can get it. ;) I think it is VERY, very cool

- and of course, last but certainly not least, Mr. Neil Young. Neil took the stage and showed us what he is doing with Blu-ray and its sooooooo cool. And one of my favorite songs, Cinnamon Girl, is on the disc set. Sweet.  It was very cool to see him on stage with Jonathan and Rich talking about archiving his early years and doing it with Blu-ray. So awesome and I can't wait to see all the other artists who follow suit with that. 

Ok..I need to go and get ready to tackle day two. Tonight we have our AWESOME SDN need to be a member of SDN to come and rock out with us, so stop by pod #190 on the JavaOne pavilion floor and get your ticket into the event of the week. :)

Also, sdngal and I will be shooting a video to wrap up our first two days of JavaOne and put it up on Sun Total Access Network. Oh, and, if you can't be here in person, make sure to join us for JavaOne is Second Life... we have a lot of cool things going on today including Nandini Ramani coming in world to talk all about JavaFX. 

Enjoy your day...stay tuned for more! :)  


Tuesday May 06, 2008

The week of JavaOne has begun!

Good morning everyone! The week of JavaOne is here. After months of hard work and dedication, the moment most of us here at Sun have been working towards is going to begin in a few hours. Yesterday, at CommunityOne the rooms were jammed packed and we had some pretty cool annoucements. I will be blogging the keynote later on this morning, but I wanted to leave you with a video that my partner in crime, Heidi Dailey, aka SDN Gal, and I made on the eve of CommunityOne...its also posted on our YouTube channel, Sun Total Access Network. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news and happenings live from the general sessions and show floor. See you guys soon...get ready for an exciting opening keynote and get ready to rock out! :-)



Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

What do Java and Neil Young have in common?

I have been holding this information as a secret for the last few weeks and I am totally excited that I can finally share it with you!

At this year's JavaOne, music legend and pioneer Neil Young will join Sun Microsystems' executives during the opening keynote session on May 6 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Come hear and see what Java means to Neil Young. Neil's appearance will include a special demo of a new music project.

About 15,000 people are expected to attend this year's JavaOne conference from May 6-9, and thousands will join Sun Microsystems for the second annual CommunityOne event the day prior -- on May 5. The Java platform has attracted over 6 million software developers worldwide, and powers more than 5.5 billion devices including mobile phones, smart cards, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, PCs, car navigations systems and more.

How HOT is that?! I can't wait until everyone hears what Neil and us here at Sun have been working on. Its super cool. :)

Saturday Apr 26, 2008


Hello everyone! My friend and co-worker, Cass (who works on all things SDN) and I made a video on Friday about our countdown to JavaOne and what is going on with us... we had quite a few laughs while we were trying to do this, but we think the end result turned out well. Enjoy! Look for us on Monday when my partner in crime, Heidi, joins us behind the camera lens! Oh, and while you are here, stop by Terri's blog and see the cool video we shot with Tim Cramer and Stephen Hahn on OpenSolaris. Lots of cool stuff happening in the next few weeks...make sure to stay tuned to find out what. Enjoy your day!




Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

exciting and new!

Hello everyone!

I am in the SunBTV studio recording some very cool video podcasts for much excitement and energy with all the people popping in here today. The day started off with Eric Klein and Jeet Kaul our VP's of Java Marketing and Engineering. These Java twins (as they refer to each other) were a great way to start off the morning and I can't wait to share with you what they talked about with me.

Other exciting news is that my fellow co-worker, Terri has joined the blogosphere at Sun. Please go and check out her blog and don't forget to wish her a happy blogday! Her area of expertise is OpenSolaris and in her personal time, all things water sports. (can you say boating, water skiing and more?!)

And if that wasn't ENOUGH goodness, my friends over in SDN land have got THREE more FULL conference passes to JavaOne to give away! How how hot is that?!  All you need to do is follow them on twitter here. Winners will be picked on Thursday. Good luck everyone and keep on rockin'! 


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