Monday Jun 02, 2008

♪ "The Golden Road" to JavaOne 2008 ♪

Before the craziness of the weeks prior to JavaOne began, my team and I wanted to make a music video of our road to JavaOne. Basically it would be short video clips, pictures, etc. brought together in a montage and placed together with music. When I was tasked with the project, I immediately started running through a list of artists that I would love to feature one of their songs and of course, Pete Yorn, came immediately to my mind. So I did what any good friend would do and I pinged him to see if he would be okay with me using one of his songs off his Westerns EP called "The Golden Road". And of course, Pete, being the nice guy he is,  said absolutely and have fun with it. :) So, after the winding down of weeks following JavaOne, I was able to put together our music video...enjoy our road to JavaOne and thank you again Pete for letting us use your I always say, you're the best....around. ;-) Also, a big thank you to all for letting me invade your space with my little pink flip cam! Enjoy your day! 



Thursday May 22, 2008

Java, Jenn and Chris M.

Hello everyone!

This week I have been a happy blogger again. I have to admit I had somewhat of a bout with writer's block after JavaOne and it took the flip cam to inspire me again. :) My team is currently going through all the super cool videos we shot during JavaOne and the ones we have edited, etc. are steadily getting uploaded to Sun Total Access Network. Stop by when you get a chance. I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Chris Melissinos, Chief Gaming Officer at Sun Microsystems during the SDN Rocks party and our latest video is of our chat...check out what we have to say, the SDN Rocks party going on behind us and the guests rocking out on Rock Band! Thanks again Chris for being so are the best! Enjoy your day! :-D


Monday May 12, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

Hello everyone! 

I am taking a few days off to recooperate after JavaOne and get my life back in order. (ie, unpack, do wash, go shopping)...JavaOne and CommunityOne were great events and its hard to believe that it is all over...until next year that is. ;) I have uploaded a bunch of videos to Sun Total Access Network so please stop by there and to check out what SDN Gal and I were up to last week. I will be back here later this week or early next week to update you on all the latest news and happenings according to me. Enjoy your week! 

Before I leave you, I will leave you with a band that makes my heart smile and my feet tap...If you haven't heard of The Damnwells, get to iTunes or get to your local record store as quickly as you can. They will leave you speechless and keep you coming back for more.  Check them out in the studio recording "I am a Leaver" and I will for sure be telling you much more about them at a later date.   



Wednesday May 07, 2008

JavaOne Day Two

I had this whole draft saved about the opening keynote yesterday, and unfortunately I lost it, so let me quickly summarize everything that I thought about the opening keynote:

- it was awesome to see John Gage, James Gosling and Chris Melissinos on stage doing the t-shirt toss...shirts were flung everywhere!

- the theme for JavaOne this year is Java + YOU and the opening video to show that was really cool.

- the show devices are very cool! The Kindle, The Livescribe pens and the Sentilla motes are sweet. I am not sure what I want first.

-  JavaFX...I want it NOW... ;) I will be up at Nandini's office every day until I can get it. ;) I think it is VERY, very cool

- and of course, last but certainly not least, Mr. Neil Young. Neil took the stage and showed us what he is doing with Blu-ray and its sooooooo cool. And one of my favorite songs, Cinnamon Girl, is on the disc set. Sweet.  It was very cool to see him on stage with Jonathan and Rich talking about archiving his early years and doing it with Blu-ray. So awesome and I can't wait to see all the other artists who follow suit with that. 

Ok..I need to go and get ready to tackle day two. Tonight we have our AWESOME SDN need to be a member of SDN to come and rock out with us, so stop by pod #190 on the JavaOne pavilion floor and get your ticket into the event of the week. :)

Also, sdngal and I will be shooting a video to wrap up our first two days of JavaOne and put it up on Sun Total Access Network. Oh, and, if you can't be here in person, make sure to join us for JavaOne is Second Life... we have a lot of cool things going on today including Nandini Ramani coming in world to talk all about JavaFX. 

Enjoy your day...stay tuned for more! :)  


Tuesday May 06, 2008

The week of JavaOne has begun!

Good morning everyone! The week of JavaOne is here. After months of hard work and dedication, the moment most of us here at Sun have been working towards is going to begin in a few hours. Yesterday, at CommunityOne the rooms were jammed packed and we had some pretty cool annoucements. I will be blogging the keynote later on this morning, but I wanted to leave you with a video that my partner in crime, Heidi Dailey, aka SDN Gal, and I made on the eve of CommunityOne...its also posted on our YouTube channel, Sun Total Access Network. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news and happenings live from the general sessions and show floor. See you guys soon...get ready for an exciting opening keynote and get ready to rock out! :-)



Sunday May 04, 2008

Tommy Jr. hit the MPK Campus

Happy weekend everyone! I am sure that most of us are gearing up for the crazy week that is JavaOne. Yesterday, I headed down to our Menlo Park campus because Tommy Jr. was going to be making an appearance on its way up to JavaOne and for James Gosling's keynote (which will be taking place on Friday, May 9, 2008). Tommy Jr. is based on Java and uses Java Real-Time System as the overall control coding platform.  

Team Jefferson (the Tommy team who was also behind Tommy Sr.) put Tommy Jr. through his paces yesterday. He is much 'smarter" than his first incarnation and can perform several missions on a pre-planned course. He can interact with and merge with moving traffic, stop for stop signs, park, and replan a route to his objective if the way he wanted to go was blocked.  Tommy Jr. is based on a Scion platform and has the stock seats inside so we were able to get inside and take a ride around campus. It was pretty cool to be inside a car and watch it move around a course with no one behind the wheel. Several executives from Rich Green to James Gosling got a ride as well and look for some video clips of those to go up on our YouTube channel, Sun Total Access Network, soon! 

Alright, I have to get ready to head up to San Francisco, but before I go, please enjoy the video clip I got yesterday with Dave Hofert telling me a few cool tidbits about Tommy Jr. and look for me to be blogging a lot next week as I will be seeing and hearing a lot of cool things.  



Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

What do Java and Neil Young have in common?

I have been holding this information as a secret for the last few weeks and I am totally excited that I can finally share it with you!

At this year's JavaOne, music legend and pioneer Neil Young will join Sun Microsystems' executives during the opening keynote session on May 6 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Come hear and see what Java means to Neil Young. Neil's appearance will include a special demo of a new music project.

About 15,000 people are expected to attend this year's JavaOne conference from May 6-9, and thousands will join Sun Microsystems for the second annual CommunityOne event the day prior -- on May 5. The Java platform has attracted over 6 million software developers worldwide, and powers more than 5.5 billion devices including mobile phones, smart cards, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, PCs, car navigations systems and more.

How HOT is that?! I can't wait until everyone hears what Neil and us here at Sun have been working on. Its super cool. :)


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