Thursday Apr 23, 2009

The Road To JavaOne 2009...

It's been weeks since I have blogged and I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger, but I am back and I have the blogging ju-ju again. Once again, my partner in crime and fabulous friend, Heidi (aka @_intellichick_) and I are going to be giving you the latest news and happenings on the road to JavaOne and on our time there. First up this week, is all about a few housekeeping details...can you say free passes? Contests?  Make sure to go over to Sun Total Access Network and subscribe to our channel to keep up with what we are doing.. or just look at the picture below and wonder what ARE we doing. On a side note, why does YouTube always pick the most attractive still? I have yet to find one that I have been like, wow, that looks good. Enjoy the video and make sure to tune in each week here or there to see what we are up to. :-)


our time there.

Monday Apr 28, 2008

Social Networking Your Music with Java ME.

Happy Monday everyone. In between recording webinars with my partner in all things social media, Heidi, having to re-shoot videos because we were laughing too hard and planning for all things JavaOne, I was able to catch up a bit on some cool technology news. Strands, the team behind the social music site, MyStrands, have updated their Social Media Player for Symbian S60 and Java equipped phones. Picking up all the music on your device, Strands can recommend similar artists and songs, match you up with users that have similar musical tastes, and helps you navigate your musical neighborhood.  The cool news about this update is the inclusion of support for Last.fmand the sending of your track information to that service too. I think that is pretty sweet and will have to test it out on my Java enabled mobile phone...stay tuned on how it works for me...its not like I need any other excuse to get more music on my phone. ;-) 

Saturday Apr 26, 2008


Hello everyone! My friend and co-worker, Cass (who works on all things SDN) and I made a video on Friday about our countdown to JavaOne and what is going on with us... we had quite a few laughs while we were trying to do this, but we think the end result turned out well. Enjoy! Look for us on Monday when my partner in crime, Heidi, joins us behind the camera lens! Oh, and while you are here, stop by Terri's blog and see the cool video we shot with Tim Cramer and Stephen Hahn on OpenSolaris. Lots of cool stuff happening in the next few weeks...make sure to stay tuned to find out what. Enjoy your day!




Thursday Apr 24, 2008

are you a cover lover?

Hello everyone! Before I get into it I must say that the hours to JavaOne are flying by so fast...all hands are on deck and I know I keep on teasing you, but we have some really, really exciting things to share with you in a 12 days! I know 12 days...can you believe it?! For your music introduction this week,  I wanted to introduce you to an LA based music producer and artist, Robin Danar. Back in mid March, he released an album called 'Altered States'. As the name of the album suggests, Altered States are cover songs, however, they aren't simply just covers..these songs are completely reimagined. Take for instance, 'Use Me' which Pete Yorn and Kinky cover from Bill Withers. This is a completely different sound from the original, but I love what Robin, Pete and the boys from Kinky did to the song. Its much more intense and gritty...I like it a lot. If you are on myspace, you can download it from Robin's myspace page for free. How sweet is that? I am also digging Minibar's version of Morrissey's 'First of the Gang to Die'. It took me a few minutes to realize that Minibar was in fact covering Moz.  If you are a cover lover (and I count myself among that group) then I highly suggest you go out and get this album. A lot of you might find many of these songs a tad obscure, but it has inspired me to dig around for the original material to see how it has changed with Altered States.

Alright, I back to work on all things JavaOne, but I hope you will enjoy Altered States as much as I have the last few weeks!



Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

exciting and new!

Hello everyone!

I am in the SunBTV studio recording some very cool video podcasts for much excitement and energy with all the people popping in here today. The day started off with Eric Klein and Jeet Kaul our VP's of Java Marketing and Engineering. These Java twins (as they refer to each other) were a great way to start off the morning and I can't wait to share with you what they talked about with me.

Other exciting news is that my fellow co-worker, Terri has joined the blogosphere at Sun. Please go and check out her blog and don't forget to wish her a happy blogday! Her area of expertise is OpenSolaris and in her personal time, all things water sports. (can you say boating, water skiing and more?!)

And if that wasn't ENOUGH goodness, my friends over in SDN land have got THREE more FULL conference passes to JavaOne to give away! How how hot is that?!  All you need to do is follow them on twitter here. Winners will be picked on Thursday. Good luck everyone and keep on rockin'! 

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

and the winners are....

My JavaOne passes for new SDN members flew out of my hands and are gone!  The winners are (drum roll please):
Erika, Scott, Thom, Richesh and Mona!!!

Congratulations to all the winners and enjoy the conference!! Make sure to stop by the SDN booth while you are there to say hi. :-)




free javaone passes!

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week seems to be flying by and JavaOne is all I have been breathing and living for the last few months. I just got an email in my inbox about a pretty sweet offer from my friends in SDN...check it out:  If you are not a SDN member, but have always dreamed of being one, the time has come! I have been given five (5) passes to JavaOne and will give them to the first five of you who email me at Jennifer.Winger@Sun.COM.

There are some rules, however... ;-)  

1. You can not be a current member of SDN

2. You will be registered for SDN to recieve your pass

3. You can't be a Sun employee

If you fit that criteria, then you, my readers, are all waxed up and ready to ride your way to JavaOne 2008!

Please send me the following information:

First and Last Name

Email address

Country of Origin

 I will let the lucky winners know the good news tonight! 

Friday Apr 11, 2008

A JavaOne Rockumentary with Eric Klein

I think this week has officially become my post a new blog week...either that or I just have so much to say that I can't contain it all in one posting. ;-) Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Eric Klein, Vice President of Java Marketing, to talk about the road to JavaOne. Eric has so much energy and passion for what we are doing here at Sun and in the Java market, that I could make an entire video series on him alone (hmmmmm...that gives me an idea!) Please enjoy our latest clip on Sun Total Access Network and be sure to stay tuned to the channel because we will have many more things like this coming your way. And a big thank you again to Eric... I hope you will share the wine as the countdown to JavaOne dwindles down to zero days and zero hours! ;-)

Thursday Apr 10, 2008

communityone and javaone update

Happy Thursday! Just a quick little updated to tell you what is shakin' down at CommunityOne and JavaOne 2008...although I feel I have been saying those two (or is it four?!) words a lot these last few months. I just got a really cool email in my inbox for all you students out there!  If you are a student, we are offering free admission to both CommunityOne and JavaOne this year!!!! Check out all pertinent information here. How hot is that? Spread the word and meet us there! 

party like a SDN Rockstar!

Have you always wanted to bring out your inner rockstar?? Be part of JavaOne's most rockin' night at the exclusive Sun Developer Network event! On Wednesday, May 7th, new and old members will party like rock stars all night long until their tour bus wheels fall off.  Come to the SDN booth in the JavaOne pavilion to join SDN and get your exclusive party invitation plus backstage access to all the cool things SDN has to offer.   See you there!






Wednesday Apr 09, 2008

for a good cause. (or two)

Hello everyone! I have been super busy with all things JavaOne and haven't really been able to post that much this week....I owe you a run down of my last two days at the Evans Data Developer Conference, but before I can get into that, I need to introduce you to two very good causes and my artist of the week. This week I am featuring the one and only, Pete Yorn. I took a few minutes to myself to catch up on all my social media outlets when I cruised by Pete's  myspace page to read two new blog posts that caught my eye. 

The first thing I read was that Pete's song "Old Boy"  is on The Green Owl Compilation: a Benefit for EnergyAction Coalition. The disc came out yesterday (April 8th) and is available at all Whole Foods stores, your local record stores and on-line at Amazon, iTunes and Insound. The Disc is made up of unreleased tracks from an eclectic group of artists. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds from the album will be given to support the EAC. If are you interested in finding out more information, please go to Green Owl Records. Old Boy is one of my most favorite PY songs, so go and soak it in. Your ears will once again thank you. :-)

And... if that wasn't enough, for those of you in the Los Angeles area, you can join Pete in helping kick off The Justice Tour next Tuesday, April 15th at the legendary Troubadour. I have to say that the Troub is one of my most favorite venues in LA, so to catch such an incredible show with the following people performing might warrant a quick jaunt down:

The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello) with special guests: Slash, Perry Farrell, Flea, Pete Yorn, State Radio, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and Davey Havoc of AFI.

Proceeds from the show will benefit PATH - People Assisting the Homeless. 

Doors at open at are only $10 and can be purchased through

Just think...two great charitable organizations that will benefit from
Pete...way to go!! 

Alright, I am diving back into all things JavaOne, but check out the greatness that is Yorn and if you are in the LA area, go and enjoy the show. It will be an amazing night of music! Keep rockin'.

Sunday Apr 06, 2008

Sun Total Access Network

Happy Sunday everyone! I realized I forgot to tell all of you that I posted two new videos to our YouTube channel, Sun Total Access Network (SunTAN)... I sat down with Bill Sheppard, our Chief Digital Media Officer where we talked all about the digital media space for JavaOne 2008 as well as my fellow teammate and friend, Cassandra Clark, talks about being a newbie to Sun and to JavaOne. Stay tuned to our channel for all the latest news and happenings in the world of JavaOne. Tomorrow and Tuesday find me attending the Evans Data Developer Conference. I am sure I will have lots to talk about, so keep on checking back here to get all the latest from me. :-) 

Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

♪ artist of the week. ♪

It's that time again! This week I am introducing you to some of my favorite people on the planet. I have had the immense pleasure getting to know the boys from Minibar and they my readers, are my pick of the week. Formed in London in the mid-'90s by Simon Petty (vocals, guitar), Sid Jordan (bass, vocals) Tim Walker (electric guitar, vocals, pedal steel), and Sir Malcolm Cross (drums, vocals, percussion) they soon relocated to L.A. where they quickly became music to my ears. I can not tell you how many times I have listened to their albums on repeat these past few weeks as I am working on all my deliverables for JavaOne. Which, BTW, we have some very, very cool things planned. Stay tuned here for little tidbits and snippets of things we have been working on for you. Ah.. but let me get you back to Minibar... I am including one of their music videos, "Crime Scene Ribbon" for you all to enjoy from their latest record, Desert After Rain.

AND...if you can't get enough of the Minibar boys, you can check out Simon and Sid as they will playing tonight in San Diego and tomorrow in Los Angeles as part of The British Empire Tour. The Bristish Empire Tour is a collective of singer/songwriters who hail from current and former parts of the british empire. Playing with Simon and Sid are Ted Brown, Seth Rothschild and Greg Johnson. They will be coming to the bay area as well as traveling across the US this spring/summer, so if they are in your neck of the woods, go and check them out! Your ears will thank you once again. Enjoy the music!

Monday Mar 31, 2008

The countdown to JavaOne has begun.

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by already. It's March 31st and I could have sworn the new year just passed. Where does the time go? As you know, everyone here in software at Sun is pretty much entrenched in all things JavaOne. Whether we are behind the scenes, or creating the content, all roads are leading to JavaOne (p.s. stay tuned for a very cool music video I am putting together for our road getting there). You all need to head over to our YouTube channel, SunTAN (Sun Total Access Network) and check out our weekly videos we will be posting up there. Last week I got the opportunity to sit down with David Bryant. David is the Senior Director of Marketing in the Client Software Group and he gives us a quick little glimpse of whats to come. Enjoy the clip and stay tuned for lots more of them to come over the next four weeks.  

Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

SDN Program News.

Hot off the presses:

Three NEW SDN only Member Benefits have been added...sweet!

  • Sample Chapter and 40% off Available on McGrawHill's - Secrets of the Rockstar Programmers by Ed Burns, Sun Microsystems
  • Advance Draft Chapter and 40% off Java CAPS Basics - Implementing Common EAI Patterns by Michael Czapski
  • Register for CommunityOne | May 5, 2008 | San Francisco - SDN members receive priority General Session seating.
Go here to learn more about these and other SDN Member benefits and register!


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