Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Shift Radio

Last week while I was on my mini-vacation for my birthday, Chris Melissinos, our Chief Gaming Officer and one of the greatest people I know, launched his new radio show called "SHIFT Radio". The show is all about things that I find way cool like entertainment and the electronic lifestyle. His first show was last week and featured Hal Halpin, President of the Entertainment Consumers Association. You can check out the replay here. I can't wait to see what else and who else Chris brings on his show. I might have to give him my wish list of guests I would like him to talk with... my brain is already going. ;)  



Monday Jun 02, 2008

♪ "The Golden Road" to JavaOne 2008 ♪

Before the craziness of the weeks prior to JavaOne began, my team and I wanted to make a music video of our road to JavaOne. Basically it would be short video clips, pictures, etc. brought together in a montage and placed together with music. When I was tasked with the project, I immediately started running through a list of artists that I would love to feature one of their songs and of course, Pete Yorn, came immediately to my mind. So I did what any good friend would do and I pinged him to see if he would be okay with me using one of his songs off his Westerns EP called "The Golden Road". And of course, Pete, being the nice guy he is,  said absolutely and have fun with it. :) So, after the winding down of weeks following JavaOne, I was able to put together our music video...enjoy our road to JavaOne and thank you again Pete for letting us use your song...as I always say, you're the best....around. ;-) Also, a big thank you to all for letting me invade your space with my little pink flip cam! Enjoy your day! 



Tuesday May 20, 2008

flipping out.

I have to confess to something (although its nothing terrible).  I watch Oprah. I do, I watch The Oprah Show and TiVO it everday. Sure there are days that I fast forward through a lot of it, but there are other days that I stay glued. Last November, she had a show that featured young and successful business entrepeneurs. There were many guests on her show such as Sean "Diddy" Combs, and some young, successful people vying to be his assistant at Sean John plus many more interesting guests. What immediately caught my eye was that she featured the founders of YouTube as well. Why did this catch my eye?! Well, on that day, Oprah officially launched her own YouTube channel and filmed her first clip with this handy little digital video camera called The Flip Video Ultra Series which was later coined on the show, the YouTube camera.  What I love about this camera is that its super easy to use. With only four buttons, it’s incredibly simple to record, zoom, playback instantly or delete the videos you don't want anyone else to see. ;-)  I think what is most brilliant about this camera is that it is plug and play. Once you are done recording you can literally plug your camera into any USB port on your computer because it has an extremely convenient USB arm that is part of the camera. And..it comes in a bunch of different colors so you can choose a color that matches your personality best. Mine is pink. So why am I going on and on about this camera? Well, once I saw the camera on Oprah, I quickly went on the web to see when I could get my hands on one because it was around that time that Heidi and I had discussed launching our own YouTube channel which all of you now know as Sun Total Access Network. I was looking for a camera that would be easy to record with and easy to upload to YouTube and The Flip was the perfect camera. We tested it out while we were down at SXSW and we both fell in love with how easy it was to use. In fact, we kept on going on and on about them that our fabulous manager and senior director got our team a few flips so that everyone had them and could capture videos real time. Since getting mine, I carry it with me wherever I go. We used them at CommunityOne and JavaOne and we will continue to use them at each event we go to. I am in the process of making our road to JavaOne music video and many of the clips that are part of the video were filmed on my flip. That project is almost done and once it is, I will be posting it to SunTAN so make sure to keep on checking for new video updates from us. Heidi will also be down next week and we will be filming a new video segment a la the flip for the channel as well...so stay tuned. Also, be sure to check back here later this when I feature my artist of the week as well as a video of me and the ever so fabulous, Chris Melissinos. :-D Enjoy your day! 


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