Tuesday May 26, 2009

JavaOne is almost here!

I cannot believe that JavaOne is exactly a week away! The weeks have been flying by, but we are anxiously awaiting all the fun we have in store for the folks coming to JavaOne. If you have always wanted to come to JavaOne, this is the year to do it! For all the latest on what is going on at JavaOne this year and so much more, go here. As you have seen, my fabulous friend and partner in all things here at Sun, Heidi and I have been recording videos of our road to JavaOne and posting to Sun Total Access Network each week. If you haven't seen any of them yet, make sure you go and check them out. Some of them are actually quite funny!  Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Sheppard and David Bryant to talk all about Blu-ray, This Ain't Your Dad's Java Live! from JavaOne, Java Utopia and much more. Make sure to stay tuned throughout the week of JavaOne to get the play by play from Heidi and I as well as a few guest surprises as well. Enjoy your day! :-) And just for a laugh, enjoy the latest video from one of my most favorite people, Chris Melissinos:

Friday Apr 24, 2009

Get Your Slice of the PIE...

Sometimes, you just want some PIE... my friends Hector and Baron are investigating some really interesting things right now, so I thought I would do my part and pass on their messages to you:

A strange phenomenon is occuring with increased frequency across the globe. These unexplained events are a harbinger of a massive change in mankind's direction. Recent sightings suggest that another event is about to occur. How do we know...because it's happened before.

We're Baron Rude and Hector Macchiato and we've dedicated our lives to researching the paranormal, the strange and the unexplained. Another JUMP is coming and we need your help. Humanity is once again on the cusp of change.  Won't you join the cause and help us solve the mystery of the JUMP?

So what can you do? 

Share your stories, news and knowledge with Baron and Hector...as well as collaborate and brainstorm with other PIE network members.  They need your help...so won't you join the cause? You can visit their website here and register. Happy hunting! :-) 


Thursday Apr 23, 2009

The Road To JavaOne 2009...

It's been weeks since I have blogged and I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger, but I am back and I have the blogging ju-ju again. Once again, my partner in crime and fabulous friend, Heidi (aka @_intellichick_) and I are going to be giving you the latest news and happenings on the road to JavaOne and on our time there. First up this week, is all about a few housekeeping details...can you say free passes? Contests?  Make sure to go over to Sun Total Access Network and subscribe to our channel to keep up with what we are doing.. or just look at the picture below and wonder what ARE we doing. On a side note, why does YouTube always pick the most attractive still? I have yet to find one that I have been like, wow, that looks good. Enjoy the video and make sure to tune in each week here or there to see what we are up to. :-)


our time there.

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

JavaFX Coding Challenge!


While we were down at SXSW, we announced a very cool JavaFX Coding Challenge! Register to enter to win your chance at $25K. How you ask? It's simple, go here to find out what you need to do and submit your application you designed with JavaFX! We look forward to seeing some of the very cool things you all come up with. Good luck... remember... write once...screen EVERYWHERE.  Enjoy your day! 


Thursday Feb 12, 2009

The Most Pervasive and Powerful Mobile Platform is Now the Most Expressive



Today has been a big day over in JavaFX land.  JavaFX 1.1 has just been released with full mobile support and the halls around SCA22 couldn't be buzzing more with excitement. We have had several partners announce their support for JavaFX. Want to learn more? Head over to JavaFX.COM and read all about it. While you're there, play around with some of the samples and download the newest version.  Remember, the most pervasive mobile platform is now the most expressive. Enjoy your day! :-)

Friday Jan 23, 2009

A Good Review of JavaFX 1.0!


I have been a quiet blogger once again and I really need to start blogging more in the next few weeks. I was going through my Twitter channel earlier today and saw someone that I follow Twitter about a great review of JavaFX in eWeek by Jim Rapoza that was posted today. To read the article, go here. Enjoy! 

I am off to enjoy my weekend, so I hope you all do the same. Look for some new postings from me next week.



Monday Dec 08, 2008

JavaFX in Second Life Tomorrow!



As I mentioned late last week, JavaFX 1.0 is finally here. Have you experienced JavaFX yet?? Tomorrow, one of my favorite people, Danny Coward, Chief Architect, will be giving you the scoop on JavaFX live from Devoxx in Belgium. He will be interviewed by Jonathan Erickson from Dr. Dobb's Journal in Second Life. Come join the conversation and learn how JavaFX is changing all the screens of your life.

Where:  Live, in Second Life, Sun Microsystems 1 and 2, Main Amphitheatre

Time:  1:00pm (PT)

Danny is twittering live from Devoxx and you can follow him here or you can read his blog here

Make sure to come in world to find out all the latest news and happenings with Danny and the crew! See you in world. :-) 

Enjoy your day! :-D


Thursday Dec 04, 2008

Rich Internet Experiences... for all the screens of your life.



Hello everyone! 

I have been very quiet in the blogosphere lately mostly due to what launched today. I am so happy, and so proud to announce that JavaFX 1.0 is officially HERE!  

JavaFX is an expressive, rich client platform for creating and delivering rich internet experiences across all the screens of your life.  The JavaFX platform gives you unparalleled freedom and flexibility to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and content across multiple screens, including mobile phones, desktops, TV's, and other consumer devices. It combines the best capabilities of the Java platform with comprehensive, immersive media functionality into an intuitive and comprehensive, one-stop development environment. 

The JavaFX platform empowers content developers by enabling them to focus on creativity instead of coding. It enables developers to create game-challenging applications and engaging content with maximum market penetration opportunities.

JavaFX 1.0 marks the first step in Sun's strategy to enable rich immersive media and content across all screens. How COOL is that? :-D 

I am very honored and very proud to have worked on all of this with some of the most talented and fabulous people at Sun. There is a whole slew of people who made all of this possible. THANK YOU to all of you. You know who you are! 

Make sure to download FX and play around with it today. Visit our blogs, lets us know what you think. Check out everything and more at the JavaFX website. Lots of fun things coming your way. Stay tuned! 

Enjoy your day! :-)  

Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Java SE6U10 is now available!


Java SE6u10 is officially here - the latest version of Java for PCs. What's so cool about the new update? Java SE6u10 pushes the envelope by adding more new features and functionality than any other update release! (think FAST!)  

Not only does that mean fast to download, but it also means improved startup time for Java applications AND applets. 

Another cool feature is the ability to drag Java applets directly FROM the browser and have them run as a desktop widget. How sweet is that? And the widgets on your desktop even after you close the browser window.  

This release of Java SE6u10 constitutes an important milestone towards the upcoming release of JavaFX as well! (again..SWEET!) 

And before I go, make sure to stop by the new Planetarium site, which features news related to Java and JavaFX.  

Go for it...download it today and have some fun!  Enjoy the day! :-D


Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

This Ain't Your Dad's Java Podcast Series

Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy, crazy week, but we are all in crunch mode with JavaFX. This fall is going to rock with JavaFX and I can't wait for everyone to see what we have been working on.

It was brought to our attention last week while we were recording our latest episode of our weekly podcast series, This Ain't Your Dad's Java, that I hadn't told my blog world about it. 

Every week, Eric Klein, David Bryant and I sit down with various people from across Sun and talk all things Java as well as we dive into some of our favorite toys, what music has our toes tapping, what books we are reading as well as what we got in our last box from Amazon.COM. We go all over the place, but we always have fun doing it. We also plan to go outside of Sun and talk to partners, customers, Java gurus and more. 

We are now nine (9) episodes deep and have recently been featured as a "new and notable" podcast series on iTunes! We have had a pretty sweet group of people on with us so far... from Jeet Kaul,  to James Gosling, Param Singh, Danny Coward, Nandini Ramani, Bill Sheppard, Chris Melissinos and more.

To get to our podcast series, you can subscribe at the following places:

our Feedburner RSS Feed:



If you are interested in hearing us talk with someone or have some feedback for us, send us a note to: aintyourdadsjava@sun.com and we will get you in our queue. Remember, This Ain't Your Dad's Java... its a whole new arena and we are ready to play!  

And before I sign off for the day, a huge big thank you must go to our graphic's goddess, for our fabulous podcast graphic:




 Enjoy the day! :-D

Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

New JavaFX Screencast

Happy Wednesday everyone! Once again its a busy week, but its busy with fun things! :-) Later this week Eric and David (and I will be there too!) will be sitting down with the father of Java for our weekly episode of "This Ain't Your Dad's Java". You will have to tune in to Sun Total Access Network and to our podcast to see what he has to say and much more!

I will be blogging about my artist of the week as well later this week, but I wanted to direct you to a new screencast that was just produced about JavaFX. Jeff Hoffman, a User Experience Designer, introduces Project Nile, a tool that works with JavaFX. He shows you how to use the features of Project Nile, which include export plugins for Adobe products, a SVG graphics converter, a JavaFX graphics view and samples. Make sure to tune in to see what Jeff has to say.

Also, have a question about JavaFX? You have a chance \*this week\* to Ask The Experts! Head over here to ask your questions. The Ask the Experts program gives you the opportunity to ask questions about Java technology or Java tools from Sun and get answers from the experts on that topic. The tool does not require you to log in and allows you to submit questions when its convenient for you. 

 And one more thing..make sure to stop by SDNGal's page today....I hear she is going to be posting a very yummy recipe today... I can't wait to see what it is!  

Enjoy your day! :-D

Thursday Jul 31, 2008

JavaFX SDK Preview Available Today!

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is an exciting day in Java land. I'm thrilled to announce that we officially launched the JavaFX Preview SDK this morning!  This is a very exciting milestone for us as it marks our first official release and includes tools to enable web scripters to begin prototyping JavaFX content for use in desktop or browsers.

The JavaFX Preview release is designed to help early adopters become familiar with JavaFX and is not yet being offered for commercial applications. The JavaFX Preview release consists of the following components:

  • JavaFX Preview SDK: Provides the JavaFX compiler and runtime tools, 2D graphics and media libraries to create highly interactive applications for desktop and browser, as well as tutorials, API documentation and sample code.
  • NetBeans 6.1 IDE with integrated JavaFX plug-in: Provides a sophisticated development environment to build, preview, and debug JavaFX applications.
  • Project Nile: An easy to use tool that exports creative assets from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to JavaFX applications.
  • Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 10 Beta: Delivers a high performance runtime with a new browser plug-in that provides the ability to drag a live running applet out of a web browser and dynamically transform it into an application running on the desktop.

So now its your turn... go to download the preview SDK here and get started playing around with JavaFX today!

Think Creative - Be Creative

 Enjoy the day! :-)

Friday Jul 18, 2008

This Ain't Your Dad's Java...

Yesterday I sat down with Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing and David Bryant, Sr. Director of Java Marketing and recorded our first Java podcast in our new series "This Ain't Your Dad's Java". I think we all had way too much fun doing it and make sure to look for it to be up on iTunes, sun.com, java.sun.com, our blogs, etc. in the next week. This will be a weekly podcast where Eric and David will have guests on and will be answering questions that you all have for them. Ask them anything...they are willing to answer it all. ;-) Oh, and if you want to email us your questions, send us an email to aintyourdadsjava@sun.com and we will get your questions, suggestions in the queue for one of our next shows. Their first show really gives everyone a great glimpse into who these two rockstars are and what is on their mind. We talk everything from Blu-ray, JavaFX and Java SE to the Livescribe pen to Coldplay and Remember the Milk. We go all over, but you will learn a lot. I know I did. And you will definitely laugh along the way. Once we have it uploaded everywhere, I will let you know. I hope everyone has a great weekend! :-) 




Thursday Jul 10, 2008

NetBeans to support Python- Join the NBPython project today!

Happy Thursday everyone! I just got an email from one of my favorite people and co-workers, Tabitha Scatena, about an exciting NetBeans event that is taking place next week.

On Tuesday at EuroPython 2008, Ted Leung (Dynamic Languages & Tools Architect, Sun Microsystems) and Frank Wierzbicki (Jython Project Lead, Sun Microsystems) announced that the NetBeans IDE will be supporting Python and Jython in future releases. At the core of bringing Python/Jython support to the NetBeans IDE, is the formation of the NBPython Project, led by community member Allan Davis.

For more information, visit the NBPython Project page 
and request membership to the project. For developers wishing to contribute, sign up for the development mailing list.

In addition, the Sun Developer Network (SDN) is also launching the Python Developer Center and is planning to feature Python/Jython technologies in future Sun Tech Days events, a 15-city world tour designed to educate developers in local markets on various technologies. Python runtime support is already available in OpenSolaris 2008.05, via the pkg.opensolaris.org repository, as well as with Cool Stack on Solaris 10-based systems.

Sounds like a lot of fun and interesting things are coming for NetBeans! 


Monday Jul 07, 2008

Java + MUSIC

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a good weekend. Mine was spent in beautiful Lake Tahoe and I had a lovely time. I am back in full swing with lots happening in the JavaFX world that I am excited to share with all of you soon. I was browsing around this morning looking for a bit of inspiration to blog about and I stumbled upon aTunes.org. aTunes is a full-featured audio player and organizer AND it's developed in the Java programming language. How sweet is that? aTunes supports mp3s, ogg, wma, wav, flack and mp4 files and allows users to edit tags, organize music, rip audio cds and as an added bonus it also offers radio streaming. And..what's even cooler is that it is all built on open source software. For a full list of features and benefits, go here. I will definitely be playing around with this new player this week, so look for me to review more about it soon. I love new toys that involve music. Off to check it out now. Enjoy your day! :-D







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