Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

A Look Inside: Sun's MySQL Optimization Lab

Hello all! Once again, I have been a quiet blogger as I have been so busy that I haven't really scheduled time to blog. That must change, but it can't this week, so here I am quickly bringing you up to date on what I have been up to. 

A few weeks ago my fabulous co-worker and friend, Tiffany Bianco and  I were tasked with a fun video project for today's MySQL/Systems launch. This was a fun little departure for me as I have been so focused on all things JavaFX. When Liz asked Tiffany and I to do this side project, I knew exactly who I wanted to shoot and edit the video for us. Danny had helped my team at JavaOne tremendously and captured some great video for our team. I knew that he would be the perfect person to help us again with shooting a fun, fast paced, high energy video. Not only did Danny deliver that, he made it look effortless. Thank you again Danny for all your hard work and making us look so good. :-) We had a blast shooting it with the MySQL/Systems teams and the end result couldn't have made me happier! Enjoy the video and be sure to enjoy the day! :)



Monday Oct 20, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Netbeans!


NetBeans is turning 10 years old and the celebration kicks off today! Visit the Netbeans website to participate! 

Be a part of the celebration by taking part in the Birthday Decathlon. You don't need to be an athlete, just enthusiastic about the NetBeans project and community! There's an event for everyone to participate in to show their NetBeans spirit and win a special edition t-shirt. To take part, simply click here. We also encourage you to join in the conversation on our special birthday forum conversations. 

The 10th Birthday Bash runs from October 20-27 with new content added daily. 

And what kind of birthday celebration would it be if we didn't get a little birthday love from James Gosling?


Friday Oct 17, 2008

My Name is Jenn Winger... and I approve this message.

Happy Friday everyone. I have been a quiet blogger lately partly because I was sick for a week or so, and partly because work has been absolutely insane. And partly because I was having major bloggers block. With all that is going on around the world and the U.S. elections coming up in 18 days, its time for me to get political on all of you for a quick moment. 

Sun and Zembly (which has been in private beta) have launched a new application called MyPicks U.S. Election 2008. MyPicks Election 2008 provides you with a fun and simple way to participate and voice your opinion. How do you ask? It's easy!

For Facebook

For MySpace:
  • Login to your MySpace account
  • Install application 
  • Play... (and invite your friends to play)

After installing the application, you can participate in a poll indicating how you will vote in the presidential election, provide your opinion on issues being debated by the candidates and state what you believe are the views of your friends. Invite your friends to play MyPicks U.S. Election 2008 by guessing their views on various issues and give them the opportunity to agree, disagree and comment on the issues themselves. It's a fun, interactive way to get involved! 

Also, Heidi and I sat down on Wednesday and shot a quick video to tell you all about MyPicks Election 2008...enjoy!


 And remember to get out and ROCK THE VOTE on November 4th!!!  

Friday Aug 08, 2008

myPicks Beijing 2008 and more

Happy Friday readers! It has been a long week of getting things done, but I am happy to say that I have checked many things off of my to do list this week. My awesome team and I had a fabulous planning and brainstorming meeting yesterday and it was awesome to be able to spend the day in one room with everyone. About half of my team work remotely or in another state, so when we get together for these meetings, its always good to see the girls! And we had an awesome team dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Palo Alto called Junnoon. I have one things to say. YUMMY!

In any case, I am super excited about the Olympics starting today and even more excited about this really cool new application (ok... really, its  a game!) that was launched on Facebook called myPicks Beijing 2008. What is myPicks Beijing 2008 you ask? WELL... it is a game that allows users like you and I to predict winners at the Olympics. And, if your predictions are correct, you win points. All points we accumulate are credited to the country we choose when we sign up and you can challenge your friends to competition predictions and more. Whats even more cool about this is that the game was created on Zembly - the worlds first and easiest Facebook application development environment. Zembly is built from the ground up on Sun's technology (both hardware and software...sweet!).

 My partner in crime and all around fabulous friend, Heidi (aka SDNGal) and I shot a video today for Sun Total Access Network to talk about myPicks Beijing 2008. Make sure to head over to SunTAN and to Heidi's blog as well to find out just what we have to say about all the cool stuff that is happening in our worlds. Heidi, I am ready for our Olympic challenge. GAME ON! Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy your day! :-D

Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

Ch-Ch-Check It Out!

Check it out everyone! 

 Want some new duds to impress all your friends with? Tell us what you think about the new SDN channel redesign on the SDN Channel Blog and get a limited edition t-shirt from JavaOne 2008. They are pretty sweet! Enjoy the day! :-D




Monday Jul 14, 2008

All I want is your photograph...


Hello everyone! I figured if I started out with a music lyric reference, I would catch your attention. Any idea what song and group I paid homage to? SDNGal and I have officially launched our Sun Total Access Network on Flickr and we want you to join us! Its pretty easy...all you have to do is become a contact and upload your Sun/Sun Developer Network related photos (old or new..we welcome all!) to our page. Whether its a picture snapped at JavaOne, Tech Days, or a a group of you out and about together, we would love them to be part of our set. :) And, to make things fun for you, we will be giving away a Prize Pack to one of our new contacts. Simply upload your photos between July 14, 2008 and July 28, 2008 and tag them with SunTAN/Sun Developer Network/Event title/Event date/Persons/products shown and you will be entered into a drawing for our Prize Pack which includes a Sun SPOT Development kit, Sun t-shirt, SMI press book, and Java ipod carrier. It's pretty sweet package...but we expect your photos to be even sweeter. Become a contact and start uploading today!

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Shift Radio

Last week while I was on my mini-vacation for my birthday, Chris Melissinos, our Chief Gaming Officer and one of the greatest people I know, launched his new radio show called "SHIFT Radio". The show is all about things that I find way cool like entertainment and the electronic lifestyle. His first show was last week and featured Hal Halpin, President of the Entertainment Consumers Association. You can check out the replay here. I can't wait to see what else and who else Chris brings on his show. I might have to give him my wish list of guests I would like him to talk with... my brain is already going. ;)  



Wednesday Jun 18, 2008

Be An Identity Hero!


Always wanted to be a super hero? Here is your chance!  Team up and compete against your counterparts in Marketing, Sales and Engineering to earned well deserved bragging rights! Practice your strengths and powers here and bring out your inner super hero... stay tuned for challenges coming to a campus near you! 




Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Join the OpenSolaris Community for OSDevCon in Prague!

My friend and co-worker, Terri Wischmann, who works on all things OpenSolaris just told me about a great event that is happening in EMEA for all you OpenSolaris developers!  

The OpenSolaris Developer Conference is an annual worldwide community event organized conference for OpenSolaris enthusiasts, engineers and users. The purpose of the conference is to bring together people interested in OpenSolaris development and meet, discuss, create connections between attendees and do coding together in an informal fashion.  The annual Developer Conference (OSDevCon) moves for its second year from the heart of Germany – Berlin to the heart of Czech Republic – Prague. (both of those cities are beautiful AND fun) All OpenSolaris enthusiasts and people interested in the development of OpenSolaris are kindly welcome.

Looks like it will be a very cool conference and I look forward to hearing about and blogging about what comes out of the show. Enjoy your day! :-D 



Sunday Apr 06, 2008

Sun Total Access Network

Happy Sunday everyone! I realized I forgot to tell all of you that I posted two new videos to our YouTube channel, Sun Total Access Network (SunTAN)... I sat down with Bill Sheppard, our Chief Digital Media Officer where we talked all about the digital media space for JavaOne 2008 as well as my fellow teammate and friend, Cassandra Clark, talks about being a newbie to Sun and to JavaOne. Stay tuned to our channel for all the latest news and happenings in the world of JavaOne. Tomorrow and Tuesday find me attending the Evans Data Developer Conference. I am sure I will have lots to talk about, so keep on checking back here to get all the latest from me. :-) 

Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

SDN Program News.

Hot off the presses:

Three NEW SDN only Member Benefits have been added...sweet!

  • Sample Chapter and 40% off Available on McGrawHill's - Secrets of the Rockstar Programmers by Ed Burns, Sun Microsystems
  • Advance Draft Chapter and 40% off Java CAPS Basics - Implementing Common EAI Patterns by Michael Czapski
  • Register for CommunityOne | May 5, 2008 | San Francisco - SDN members receive priority General Session seating.
Go here to learn more about these and other SDN Member benefits and register!

Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

NetBeans Blogging Contest.

There is a NetBeans blogging contest underway!

Prizes include:

  • 10 chances to win a $500 American Express gift certificate!
  • 100 chances to win a cool NetBeans t-shirt!

Want to know how? It's simple:

  1. 1. Download the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta (or later release) and try it out.
  2. 2. Blog about it!
  3. Submit the URL to your blog.
  4. 4. Do it before April 18, 2008.


Thursday Mar 20, 2008

It's My Blogday!

Today marks an important day in my career at Sun! It's the birthday of my very first Sun blog. I have been blogging on my own personal site for a long while, but I really hope to have some interesting topics and discussions on life, work, travel, music, the latest hot technology (plus much, much more) to communicate with all of you out there. I have a lot of things to get me started (how about an overview of what me and my partner in crime, Heidi Dailey did at SXSW this year?...or how about JavaOne which is right around the corner)? In any case, I wanted to officially say hello to everyone out there. Maybe I'm right...maybe you're right. All I know is that you will have to stay tuned to this site for all the latest news and happenings in the world according to me. :-)

p.s. and I have to thank the ever so wonderful Gwen Coyne for making my blog look so fabulous!! Thank you Gwen.... you rock! :-)


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