Monday Aug 13, 2007

Eu gosto do Rio

This weekend we went to Braz which is a typical Paulista (someone from São Paulo) pizza restaurant with two friends. As we went there on a Friday evening around 2000 (8 pm for the 24-hour challenged people) the place was full and we had to wait almost an hour to get a table, but it was a beautiful evening so we didn't mind waiting outside, and you could order drinks and appetizers so we didn't starve.

Inside it was a bustle, over 50 tables with guests and waiters everywhere catering to everyones needs. Lots of well dressed and elegant people, and since it is winter now you see men in suits, which are painful to wear when it is over 35C in the evenings during the summer. We even spotted Camila Pitanga an actress from the most popular novela (Brazilian TV show) Paraíso Tropical.

You have no idea how big the novelas are here until you have seen and heard the Brazilians engage in lively discussions about the characters and the plots. They talk about them as if they lived in their building. Even the fashion follows the novelas! Bebel, Camila's character, wears clothes which usually are quite revealing, and when we are shopping you can see that they sell very similar clothes in the stores.

Back to the dinner: the pizzas were fantastic. A crisp and tasty crust, with fresh and savory toppings. We had a nice bottle of Los Vascos, produced in Chile by an estate owned by Château Lafite-Rothschild. The combination was so good that I could not help ordering a second pizza, even though I was so full I could not eat more than two pieces. Luckily you could get the remaining part pra viagem - to go :)

I hope we can make a second visit there before we leave in September!

Wednesday Sep 13, 2006

Korean food

Andreas and Valerie took me to a Korean restaurant in Santa Clara for dinner. We had insane amounts of food!

I didn't count how many starters we had, but we ended it with 4 main courses. I can usually most meals, but I had to stop or I would have passed out in my chair!

It is over two hours since we finished the meal, but I'm still in food coma :)

Thursday Nov 24, 2005


Last weekend was lucky enough to be able to take Miss Rio de Janeiro out on a date to Antiquarius, one of Rio's best restaurants, which is located in Leblon (Rua Aristides Espínola 19, in case you are passing by).

To be honest, it wasn't Miss Rio and it wasn't a date, it was my girlfriend and we celebrated our six month anniversary, but I felt very privileged to have such a stunningly beautiful, intelligent and witty lady at my table.

We started by having a Cosmopilitan, and it was the best Cosmopolitan I've ever had. While drinking it, we nibbled on loads of delicious appetisers, which the waiters kept refilling all the time. The service was excellent! Very discrete, sincere and friendly waiters.

For main course we both had fish, and for such an upscale restaurant the portions were very large. She had salmon and I had cod, which is a Portuguese speciality, and I could almost not finish mine. We finished off the meal with two delicious desserts, passion fruit cake and home made pistachio ice cream together with strong Brazilian coffee.

It was a very memorable night, even if we ate so much that we were almost unconcious in the taxi back home.

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Saturday Sep 10, 2005


One of the really nice things about Brazil is the easy access to caipirinhas. Its is a very refreshing drink made of cachaça, lime, sugar and ice. Cachaça is a rum-like drink, but instead of distilling the molasses they distill the sugarcane juice when it is unrefined.

It is the perfect drink when the temperature climbs above 40°C, that is 104°F for you Celsius challenged people. Make a big batch, put it in a steel thermos, and try to find a spot where the wind breezes...

The first real caipirinha I ever made

I've gotten instructions how to make them from a professional, so now I just have to practice making them :)

Tuesday Sep 07, 2004

The Home Espresso FAQ

After almost a week as proud espresso maker owner, I have now consumed more cups of delicious espresso than I had before my 35th birthday. I'll have to cut down my consumption to 5 cups a day soon, I feel like a hummingbird...

Alec sent me the ultimate link for an espresso newbie: The Home Espresso FAQ. He also gave me some good advice on grinders. So far I've been buying freshly ground coffee, but I understand that to get the best result I need to buy my own grinder.

Wednesday Aug 25, 2004

Austrian whites

Damn! I'll miss this evening's wine tasting session of Austrian white wines.

We unexpectedly had a friend who is staying at our place tonight, and we're heading out for dinner at Fyra Knop, so I'll have to forfeit my seat at the session.

I'm not that bummed out, the food is excellent, and I guess that we can open a bottle of Penfold's Bin 389 when we get back from dinner, to still my cravings.

Tuesday Aug 03, 2004

Mojitos and PCs

I spent yesterday evening trying to put together a PC for my parents, from a couple of old and unused PCs I have in my study. This only resulted in frustration and a couple of Mojitos to calm my nerves.

Something as simple as moving one motherboard from one system to another can cause grief beyond imagination. I thought I'd take the newest motherboard and put it an a mini tower, as it was located in a box which could easily be mistaken for a fridge.

Having been told off by numberous hardware engineers, I decided to be a good boy and use my anti-static mat and hooked it up to the 'puters, slaughtered the fridge and put the montherboard and gfx card in the mini tower. Lo and behold, powering on the power resulted in nothing.

Two hours of trouble shooting, and I now can get it to boot 50% of the time.

If you too get stuck while playing hardware engineer, I suggest a Mojito or two


  • 2-3 oz light rum
  • juice of one lime
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 2-4 mint sprigs
  • soda water


Lightly muddle the mint and sugar with a splash of soda water in a mixing glass until the sugar dissolve and you smell the mint. Squeeze the lime into the glass, add rum and shake with ice. Strain over cracked ice in a highball glass. Top with soda water, garnish with mint sprig.

Drink at once and feel the pain go away...




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