Friday Aug 18, 2006

Torn - Music video for the hearing impaired

Got this funny Google video clip from a friend, which was too good not to pass on...

Saturday Jul 08, 2006

Chasing cheap gas

I just found this site excellent site (in swedish only), which tracks gas (or petrol, depending on your english dialect) price in Sweden.

It will be very handy in two weeks when we'll be driving 1200 km north through Sweden (and back) to visit friends and family.

Friday Jul 07, 2006

Neither A2DP nor AVRCP support in Mac OS X

I just bought a HBH-DS970 for my new P990 (which is yet to be delivered), but to my dismay it doesn't work with Mac OS X!

It turns out that Mac OS X doesn't support neither A2DP nor AVRCP. I've found two threads ([1], [2]) on the Apple Support site about this, but no solution in sight. BUMMER! :(

Other than that, it is very cool to be able to stream media from multiple sources!

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Monday Jan 16, 2006

Rio de Jano

This weekend we rented a DVD called Rio de Jano which is a documentary about the French cartoonist Jean le Guay, a.k.a. Jano and his visit to Rio de Janeiro in 2000, to make a book about the "Marvellous City".

His drawings are truly amazing in their detail and how accurately he captures the surroundings and the people. When I head down town later this week, I'll see if I can't get my hands on my own copy of the book.

If you ever spot the DVD in your local store, I recommend you to rent it. It is fascinating to see how the pictures come to life...

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Monday Jan 02, 2006

New Years Eve in Copacabana

Happy New Year!

I spent New Years Eve with my fiance and her family on the Copacabana beach among 2 million other people, watching the almost 20 minutes long fireworks show. I'm at loss for words to describe it, but I will give it a try...

Having grown up in a small town with only a couple of thousand people, in the north of Sweden, this was soooo different. I'm used to being inside most of the evening, only going out five minutes before midnight, after getting into very warm clothes to encdure the -20C it usually is. Then we watch some minor fireworks, have a toast in Champagne, which has been left outside for about 1 hour to get really cold. After that we quickly head back in to get warm again.

This time we spent most of the day trying to stay cool, which was quite hard as it was above 35C most of the day. After having eaten cuzido at 1500 and taking it easy in the air conditioned living room, we took the car and drove from Flamengo over to some relatives who have an apartment in Copacabana. There we had even more food and drink, while we waited to go down to the beach.

Around 2300 we walked the two blocks down to the Copacabana beach, which now held over two million people! One fifth of the population in Sweden crowded together on one strip of sand. You would think that so many people together in one place would make them stingy, but not at all! People were in their best party mood, singing, dancing, drinking and enjoying themselves.

We found a good spot about 50m from the water, where we waited for the countdown. Once we passed midnight, after hugs, kisses and many "feliz ano novo", the fireworks show started! What a show! It lasted almost 20 minutes, and made the crowd "ooh" and "ahh" a lot.

Once the fireworks show was over we started to walk back home. After only five minutes it started to rain, and after five more minutes it started to pour down on us... before we got home I were completely soaked!

Copacabana beach
© O Globo

Fireworks at Copacabana beach
Watching the fireworks

Saturday Oct 01, 2005

Going to Venice

It looks like I will be going to Venice for a week in November

I talked with my girlfriend on the phone, i.e. Skype, for a couple of hours yesterday and we both agreed that waiting three months until we meet again is a very long time. So we are going to get together for a week in Venice (that is Italy for you geographically challenged people in the audience) to break up the long time apart in half.

Why Venice? Two reasons:

  • There are direct flights between Rio and Venice, and Copenhagen and Venice
  • It is a very romantic place

Now we can spend time looging for a nice little hotel, sights to see and places to go. I've read some of Donna Leon 's books about commissario Guido Brunetti, which are set in Venice. It'll be fun to visit the places she writes about in the books.

Thursday Sep 29, 2005

All work and no play makes Martin a dull boy

I just ordered Black and White 2 from Amazon! I'll get it almost a week before it will be available here in Sweden! Neat! Now I can do something other than hack Solaris in the evenings...

Apparently they have changed the game so that it is more rewarding to play evil than it used to be in the first. Mouahahahahaha! >:)

Wednesday Sep 14, 2005

My kind of humor

Cute, cuddly, and horribly wrong... It's the Happy Tree Friends! These films might look like they are for children, but they got a nice little twist to them...

My favorite episode is eye candy. Enjoy!

Tuesday Sep 13, 2005

Sony PSP

I spotted this beauty on Guarulhos (the São Paulo airport) two weeks ago, and immediately fell in love with it. It was playing Spiderman II, and the screen was amazingly good, 480x272 pixels and crystal clear. Really jaw-dropping!

I've been thinking about buying a portable DVD player, so I can watch movies and make time pass a bit faster when I travel or commute, but the PSP would also let me listen to music and play games (and surf the web when I'm at home). Very compelling package!

The only downside is that they use the Sony proprietary UMD disks so I won't be able to write my own. However, you can store data on Memory Stick (PRO) Duo which means that I can rip my existing DVD collection and watch it on the PSP.

At the moment I haul up my Acer Ferrari 3400 to watch movies or work while I'm stuck on a plane, which can be a bit of a pain when traveling in coach, as it is quite a bulky computer and there isn't much space between me and the seat in front of me. The PSP I can keep in my pocket, but I won't be able to hack away on Solaris on it though

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Monday Sep 12, 2005

Konfabulator - not as cross platform as they say

I tried out Konfabulator today, and even though it is a cool looking thing, I'm not really that imporessed with their claim to be cross platform. Well, they run across two platforms, but come on, you could at least have included Linux. I'm used to being marginalized running Solaris on my desktop, but them leaving out Linux surprises me.

There are rumors about a Linux version being in the works, but since they it isn't open source I'm not holding my breath for a Solaris port too. Luckily there is lxrun to work around that problem.

Anyway, it is a neat tool, and some of the widgets are very cool. Working with people in different timezones I especially liked Sun Clock and Timezone.

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Sunday Sep 11, 2005

Black & White II

Oh dear! On the 16th of October it looks like I will drop off the face of the earth for a while. Black and White II will be available then, and I had great fun playing Black & White and from what I've read the sequel looks even more promising! For those of you who don't know what Black & White is about, I'll give you a quick description: you are God. Almost like being root or running with all privileges(5) in Solaris 10. (I know, I know, I just could not resist, I am a security geek after all)

I don't seem to have time to play games any more, keeping up with reality take too much time. I've also tried to stay away from games, as I have been playing EQ, DAoC, SWG, EQ2 and WoW. You just can't play them a little! Either you play or you don't... and since I haven't been able to set aside 4 hours a day for the last months, I've choosen not to play.

With Black & White II it will be easier, as you can pause the game if you need to, so I expect to be able to loose myself in it more often

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It is Sunday and I'm working... sort of. I should be writing on my presentation for Internetdagarna (only in Swedish), a Swedish conference where I've been invited to speak, but it it too hot at the moment, it feels like my brain is melting!

So I have been playing with Southpark Studio, and made a picture of me and my girlfriend:

The beauty and the gringo

I've also been a good boy and made a backup of my laptop in preparation of my trip. I have tons of stuff on it which I'd hate to loose.

On Friday I will go to California for an IT Security Office meeting, as we got a new Vice President who wants to get to know us. It'll be nice to catch up with my colleagues, as I haven't seen some of them in a long time. Working in a distributed team has its pros and cons: you don't have to see your colleagues every day and you don't have to see your colleagues every day ;-)

I will also stock up on some computer hardware, as it is very expensive here in Brazil. More than three times the price than in California! Most likely a new external (USB) disk for all kind of crap I save. The 300 GB disk I brought to Rio is 98% full now.

Imagine this enclosure filled with 500 GB disks! That should do for a while...

Wednesday Aug 03, 2005

Home and gone again

I'm back in Rio again, but only for less than I day. In an hour I will get on a plane and head north to Recife, and from there go to Porto de Galinhas, where I'll enjoy one weeks vacation.

I'll mostly be slacking in the shade, cooling down in the pool, snorkling or cuddling in the hammock with my girlfriend.

Once I get back from that I'll have a ton of work waiting for me, and also some blogging and uploading of pictures from Defcon to do. Stay tuned.

Being a geek, I and my fellow geeks made a hike up to mount Tikaboo, where you can look into Area 51. I took some pictures, but since I only have a Canon IXUS 500, I could not zoom in enough to get pictures worth showing. Luckily there are others who have made the same hike, and brought big-ass cameras, so when I write the real blog entry about the hike I will post some links to good pictures.

Tuesday Jul 26, 2005

Stunning view of Rio

This weekend I got to go to the town Niterói, which is across the bay from Rio. We visited the museum of contemporary art, which is a very strange building. After the trip to the museum, we went up on a hilltop to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Rio de Janeiro from Niterói
A breathtaking view of Rio

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Monday Mar 14, 2005

It is snowing - again!

Crap! Just when you think the spring is around the corner it starts to snow again

The view from my livingroom window at 1730 (or 0530 pm for you 24 hours challenged people)




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