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Is YouTube Replacing the Printed Manual? [CHART]

Monday, November 12, 2012

Author: Andrew Stivelman

In June of 2010, the nielsenwire published statistics on how much time people spend using social networks and blogs on a monthly basis.  The number is a staggering 110 billion minutes per month, with the top four sites being Google, MSN (Windows Live/Bing), Facebook and YouTube.  In April 2010 alone, visitors to YouTube accounted for 53% of world's internet user population, spending an average of 110 minutes a month.

So, how does this relate to documentation?


The chart above shows just how important YouTube is, in the case of the Eloqua Channel Video Tutorials, since an overwhelming 51% of all methods of access for the month of October 2012 were a result of a direct search within YouTube, compared to just 1% via a simple external Google search.  It also might suggest that going immediately to YouTube to search for documentation is the replacement for the traditional printed manual.

Of course, as a marketer you could also point your prospects and contacts using an Eloqua campaign by including links to files (whitepapers, FAQs, etc.), or by using of Cloud Connectors right on your Landing Pages that provide either embedded YouTube videos, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, or any number of other social media sites.

Look for Part 2 of this Chart of the Week in the near future for a discussion of how an added benefit of using YouTube for your documentation could potentially reduce your support call volume and costs.

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