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Your Content Pros' Guide to Crafting the Optimal Experience

Jeff Cohen
Director, Content Strategy

Four top Content Pros have joined us this past month to reveal their prowess in the marketing industry. Is your website unattractive or are your customers giving your content the silent treatment? Have you been overwhelmed by the push for video and haven’t yet been given the budget to hire a specialist?

Stop scrambling and perusing “how to’s” online! Listen to this month’s Content Pros podcasts to hear direct, successfully proven strategies from Yoav Schwartz, a master of creating content experiences and Co-Founder of Uberflip; Dana Fugate, video aficionado and Content Director at Brightcove; Victor Yocco, website mastermind and Research Director at EY-Intuitive; and Brian Miske, leading content strategist and CMO at KPMG MSLP.

Creating Influential Conversations

We all know content has the power to engage consumers and activate their purchasing power. But there is another, more powerful aspect of content that can be easily overlooked when focusing on driving KPIs. That is the ability of content to influence change in the marketplace. Brian Miske has refined an unconventional approach to content strategy that focuses on conversations that drive business strategy.

Hear Brian discuss:

  • How conversational content leads to shaping the market
  • How understanding strategy behind the conversations leads to winning content
  • The communication concept of 30/3/30

Setting a Pretty Tone

How does one invest wisely to create an accessible website layout? For Victor Yocco, it’s about approaching your website’s foundation from the user’s point of view. His experience of walking a mile in a customer’s shoes combined with advanced education in customer research has helped him identify three key values and their unique way to drive conversions. From research to wording, Victor can transform a company’s website from an underperforming landing page to a content rich, customer engaging sales tool.

Looking to create content rich, customer engaging website? Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • Why communicating with your audience means taking a break from the jargon
  • How personas lead to a more refined, sometimes re-calibrated, message and customer journey
  • The three different customer values and how they work in content creation

Show and Tell

On the surface, video content production appears to be a whole new medium that requires training, equipment, and an eye for visual art. Dana Fugate disagrees with this impression and knows how to incorporate video into a marketing plan so that it’s approachable, impactful, and (most importantly) effortless for everybody involved. With experience doubling some clients conversions and achieving 70% retainment by properly utilizing video content throughout the sales funnel, she will help you apply video on your site so that you can connect on a deeper level with your buyer.

Listen in now so that Dana can share the following with you:

  • How well placed video content leads to a better connection with buyers
  • Why a smart marketing plan means incorporating video content on your homepage
  • How integrating your platform with marketing automation and CRM leads to a deep understanding of your customers through video metrics

Crafting the Experience You Wish To See in the World

One of the most important reasons Uberflip exists is to help solve a huge perception problem when it comes to content marketing. There’s no one tool or platform that can address them all. Tune in to hear Randy’s colleague and co-founder of Uberflip, Yoav Schwartz talk about what makes a fantastic content experience and the best ways to distribute your content.

Yoav’s determination to answer these questions and change the world through great content experiences is infectious. Click here to hear Yoav share more about:

  • How to take control of your destiny when it comes to displaying great content online
  • The biggest problem with today’s perception of content marketing
  • How to identify gaps in your content creation and distribution process

And before go and listen to these informative episodes, grab a copy of The Future of Content Marketing, to think about what comes next after you implement all the great ideas from this month's guests.

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