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  • August 30, 2012

Why I Go To Dreamforce: Answers from 7 Dreamforce Veterans

Most people call Dreamforce the biggest cloud computing event of the year. But why did this event, which was once known as user conference for salesforce.com customers, turn into a premier event for the industry?

Was it the sessions? The quality of the speakers? The parties and the music? The networking?

All of the above. We addressed some of these very questions in our previous post, "What is Dreamforce?" But as Dreamforce 2012 nears, we wanted to ask some frequent attendees why they attend the event, year after year. The answers, though all different, are also remarkably similar. Feel free to tweet them out, and tell us in the comments why you're going to Dreamforce this year.

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing
A conference like Dreamforce is as much about connections and networking as it is about learning.  A good friend (and Eloqua employee) told me once that a great conference delivers on three things: content, connections and cocktails.  Dreamforce is all three of these and more.  A mandatory trip for B2B sales & marketing professionals looking to improve their skills, learn what's new, and meet people that matter. < Tweet this!

Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research
"Dreamforce is a place where the early adopters, the pioneers, and the folks looking for innovation convene once a year to see what's the best in cloud computing, social, and mobile.  More importantly, the event has evolved into a showcase of what's possible. I'm looking to discover the customer stories untold, the best practices we can share with others, and the new solutions out there." < Tweet this!

Nick Besbeas, Vice President of Marketing for LinkedIn “We look forward to meeting customers and colleagues at Dreamforce to again share experiences, surface new ideas, and discuss the future of sales and marketing.” < Tweet this! 

Steve Gershik, CEO of 28Marketing
"This is my 10th Dreamforce. I go because cloud computing is at the leading edge of business transformation and the people who attend are some of the top thought leaders on how business is changing. People can expect to go home with a bag full of new business contacts and a head full of ideas. < Tweet this!

Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of the Annuitas Group
Dreamforce has become one of the premier events for marketing and sales professionals to network, learn from each other and educate themselves on the latest B2B trends. It's a great event for marketing professionals to engage with their sales counterparts and learn what learn how to better enable them to do their jobs most effectively. < Tweet this!

David Raab, Principal of Raab Associates
"I go to Dreamforce to see all the B2B marketing automation vendors and leaders in one place.  They’re my peeps! I most look forward to learning what’s on the collective mind of the industry. People get exposed to new ideas and exchange insights with their peers." < Tweet this!

Paul Greenberg, CRM and Social CRM Author
"For me, Dreamforce is one of the conferences that I consider an annual must-go. First, because I cover the space, and salesforce.com is one of the key players, so I need to be there. Second, I like to go there because the conference provides me with critical insights into an area that is at its future core, fundamentally important to businesses as we move through the 21st century. Third, I get meaningful meetings with senior executives both as representative of the company and as my friends. Finally, its as close to Hollywood as I'm gonna get in the technology world. Marc (Benioff) is one of the best speakers and marketers I've ever seen so there is always something that is just cool." < Tweet this!

Don't miss us while you're at Dreamforce! Stop by our booth (#911) for a free expresso. Stay up to date with our sessions and RSVP for our events. Just be sure to say hi.

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