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Why CMOs Need To Know the Difference Between Cross Channel Orchestration and Coordination

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Let's cut right to the chase kids. It is important for CMOs and all marketers to differentiate between cross channel coordination and orchestration.

Sending messages to individual Email, SMS, Push, and Social lists might feel like cross channel orchestration, but it isn’t. Without the context of a unified individual identity, marketers are just scaling batch and blast practices across multiple channels.

The plain and simple truth is marketers must move from coordination to orchestration to deliver the consistent brand experiences customers expect.

How Can This Be Done?

So glad you asked. 

First off, marketers need to break down internal marketing silos that pass marketing inefficiencies onto the consumers. Marketing teams need work together collaboratively and efficiently to orchestrate channel programs with that deliver consistent and personalized experiences for the customer. 

Secondly, marketers need a technology tool that provides a single unique identifier which can be used across all channels which in turn allows marketers to eliminate repetitive or irrelevant cross channel messaging, and provides them with the context needed to speak with each customer individually. 

The technology needs to be able to:

Orchestrate personalized, consistent brand experiences across channels. 

  • One canvas for all cross-channel marketing means that channel-oriented teams have visibility into all of their audience’s interactions across channels and can design more informed, effective programs that adapt accordingly.

Provide real time retargeting.

  • Decrease the time between when a customer event happens, like a cart abandon, and
    a marketing action happens, like a follow-up email. 

Drive cross channel conversions.

  • Leverage  integrated tools which ensures every customer’s experience is personalized, relevant, and consistent as they interact across channels.

Reduce time and resource intensive marketing.

  • Use automatic multi-variate testing to simplify conversion rate optimization. 

Improve marketing efficiency.

  • With the right tool marketers can create content once with the confidence that it will reach their customers in the right format for their screen of choice and at the right time.

How Can I Learn More?

You ask great questions, you know that?

There are literally thousands upon thousands of tech tools available today. Fortunately for you we gathered some of your fellow CMOs and asked them how they do it - literally. Download The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms and see for yourself. 

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