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  • October 20, 2013

Who's Watching Your Video Content? [CHART]

Editor's Note: Today's chart comes courtesy of Joe Gelata, Director of Demand Generation of Vidyard.

Modern marketers are gaining insights all the time based on new technology and developments and, when it comes to video marketing, now we can contrast video engagement data by job title for the first time. It’s pretty exciting stuff!

Frequently at Vidyard we get asked, “Who is watching video content?” Is it generation Y? Do C-Level executives watch content?”

Turns out...everybody watches videos! (But there’s more to it).

The data is based on Vidyard analytics data from a snapshot of 6,000 views from B2B marketers’ video content libraries.These views were taken from more than 250 unique video assets viewed by 1,700 unique job titles. All videos were ‘click to play’ (as opposed to auto play) and we have since condensed the data for job titles into six categories. Any job title that was incomplete in Eloqua was removed from this sample.

Vidyard Views by Job Title

What we wanted to show:

In the chart we’ve contrasted the proportion of a specific audience (by job role) per percentage of video viewed. We compiled the data to see whether there would be a strong desire or distaste for video content within a specific job role and whether specific job roles demonstrated a higher or lower attention span in general. For example, from this data, we can see that 36% of executives engaged with the video content to 100% completion.


  1. All roles are watching video content. This is exciting for us. As expected, C-level executives have a slightly shorter attention span than more administrative roles. However, the contrast is not daunting. All roles are experiencing a 30-40% completion rate on assets.

  2. It’s important to respect your audiences’ time. Given the data shows half of the audience drops off before the video is complete, viewers are sending a clear signal of their disinterest; something isn’t keeping their attention. It appears we are still not always delivering the right video at the right time to the right person. Video marketers need to collect more customer insights and analytics to create videos that speak to target prospects in exactly the right way in order to see this drop-off rate decline.

  3. Anonymous viewers are less engaged. Users with an ‘unknown’ job title are significantly less engaged than viewers with a title. This reiterates that incomplete data correlates to a lower quality lead. When we have incomplete data the leads are generally earlier in the funnel. The challenge here is that without complete data it is difficult to determine what is relevant content to that individual. This causes us to provide them with less targeted video content that results in lower engagement. Behavioral cues here tell us that the individual is still doing their homework and have not raised their hand with an explicit request yet. As we see these prospects consume more content, we can capture additional information, increase our targeting ability, and continue to move them through the funnel.

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