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  • March 19, 2011

Where's the Mystery?


From: The Children's Place
Subject Line:
Up to 50% Off -- Open & Try Your Luck

Date: Thursday, Mar 17, 2011

From: The Children's Place

Subject Line:
Have You Tried Your Luck Yet?

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am beginning to
think that I must be the only one who finds Mystery Deal emails and
perplexing (you can read my previous blog posts about them here and here). Admitedly, I haven't been privy to any data on how well they perform in general,
so I'll just assume that since I have seen them repeatedly, they must
be somewhat successful. Also, The Children's Place is not the first to use the whole Irish Luck theme for a
Mystery Deal/St. Patrick's Day email. Fellow Responsys blogger Chad White wrote about Chadwick's doing so here.

Allow me to just say first that I

The Children's Place. Their sales are some of the best around, the product is darn cute
and the the quality:value ratio can't be beat. With that said, I
can't help but feel let down by this set of St. Patrick's Day emails. The first
email Subject Line is "Up to 50% Off -- Open & Try Your Luck". Ironically,
despite the (potential of) 50% Off being a great offer, I actually missed
the first email when I scanned my in-box on 3/17. It was the second
email sent 2 days later with the "Have You Tried Your Luck Yet?" SL that
caught my attention, because it seemed odd to me that a retailer would
continue to market the St. Patty's Day angle after the fact. But going
back to the first SL, I was feeling relatively unlucky that my deal was merely 15% off when it could have been up to 50%. So much for luck o' the Irish!

least all I had to do to discover my deal disappointment was to click the
email... I would have been more annoyed had I taken  the time and loaded
up my shopping cart (as I have seen in past mystery deal emails). In
the end, the big mystery to me is how do they distribute the deals?
Totally randomly? By previous purchases? (Doubtful, as I consider myself
a big spender). Did anyone else get this email who cares to share their
deal and/or thoughts? Do tell!

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