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What is Content Analytics & Who Needs It?

Clayton Stobbs
Director of Account Management

Left Brain




A content marketing strategy has many moving pieces including blogs, social content, email, graphics, paid syndication, etc. An effective content marketing strategy measures the successes and failures of all the moving pieces through content analytics. 


Content analytics, as a whole, is not a new concept. What is new, however, is the level of detail a content analytics report provides savvy marketers -- targeted personas, segmentation, personalization and product integrations provide new opportunities for learning how your audience engages with a specific piece of content.


As you develop your content marketing strategy, lean on content analytics to guide you along the way:


Step 1 - Develop Personae: Before you begin drafting your first piece of content, you must first understand who you’re writing for. Using analytics, customer segmentation and other top-of-the-funnel data, begin building your target personae so your writers and employees know their target audience.


Step 2  - Build a Content Strategy: What are your customers and prospects talking about? Do your audience members spend most of their time on mobile devices? Again, study your Google Analytics data to learn more about the popular terms referring traffic to your site. You might also invest in monitoring tools that provide a snapshot of keywords and popular phrases being used around topics of key importance to your industry.


Step 3 - Establish Tracking: It’s imperative you know what action you want your prospects to take. Once goals have been established, set up tracking (tracking can take place in Google Analytics or another tool) and monitor religiously. Use data to inform the content creation process and provide key insight into purchasing behavior.


Step 4 - Pivot: Using the data you collect from conversion points, alter your content marketing strategy to better meet the needs of your prospects and drive leads. Are you writing to the wrong persona? Don’t be afraid to tailor your strategy based on data.


Executing a cohesive content marketing strategy isn’t complete unless you’re measuring the performance of your content. Use analytics to help map out your personae, define your content marketing strategy, identify wins and determine where you need to adapt your current strategy.

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