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What A CMO and a Politician Have in Common

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Let me make one thing perfectly clear...a CMO and a politician do have some things in common. 

You will pardon my unintentionally intentional reference to Richard Nixon but seeing how the topic today deals with politicians, I thought 'what better way to start it off then with a political reference?' Ok, maybe not the best reference to use but, you get the idea. 

The reason for the title and why I think a CMO and a politician do in fact share some of the same goals stems from something I read today on AdWeek. In a piece entitled What It Takes for a Brand to Achieve Iconic Status, Oracle Marketing Cloud GM and SVP Kevin Akeroyd says "A political campaign is ultimately a marketing campaign that comes with the same challenges that today's leading brands face." 

Now, the overarching context of the quote is the whole "how brands reach iconic status" discussion and his "political" analogy was a continuation of his thoughts on how a given brand does indeed reach the holy grail of icon. 

"We tend to think of certain brands as 'iconic' because they're well known, but we rarely talk about how they achieve that iconic status," says Akeroyd. "What really sets these brands apart is that they have a core identity that remains consistent across all of their marketing—and that holds true even when marketing is so fractured across so many different channels and devices."

And therein lies the manner in which a politician and CMO are alike as per Akeroyd:

  • - How do you reach people in so many different ways, and continue to expand your reach, without losing the essence of what really makes you who you are?
  • - How do you embrace the fractured nature of today's media world without seeming fractured yourself?

However, for as daunting as this may appear, the solutions, as Akeroyd puts it, are "surprisingly straightforward." 

"We actually have marketing technology at our disposal right now that allows us to bring a sense of cohesion to a campaign," he adds."It works because the technology can connect behaviors that take place across a variety of online and offline channels to one unique person."

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