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Facebook impinges on Twitter's real-time territory

Twitter is widely known as the social media platform to host real-time chats with experts and customers, but that reputation is in jeopardy since Facebook recently released a Q&A tool. Sony Masterworks promoted Jackie Evancho's new album through an hour-long Facebook Q&A with great success, largely due to the singer's large Facebook following. But before Facebook replaces Twitter as the go-to chat platform, Facebook will need to find an easier way for users to follow the chat, since comments appear based on popularity, not timeliness. "This isn’t a question of either-or — this is a question for brands looking for more of their consumers in more places,” says Julie Ask, an analyst at Forrester Research.

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Why one CMO isn't good enough

These days, marketing encompasses much more than it did five years ago, yet the C-suite executives are expected to keep pace with the innovative landscape. Instead of relying on one CMO to know everything about digital marketing, companies should divide the responsibility between two CMOs, argues David Rodnitzky, CEO and co-founder of search engine marketing firm 3Q Digital. Since people tend to focus on what they know, CMOs put the most energy into their particular area of expertise, meaning other areas lack the attention they deserve. Rodnitzky's solution? "Have two CMOs – one for direct response and one for branding. Give the direct response CMO a ROI or ROAS goal; give the branding CMO a lift/awareness goal," he writes.

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Instagram influencers boost revenue and site visits

At first glance, Instagram may have limited options for marketers to reach customers, but once brands create an influencer-built strategy, the social platform opens up entirely new avenues. Messages on Instagram reap engagement rates that are 58 times higher than those on Facebook and 120 times higher than those on Twitter, according to Forrester. SHREDZ, a nutritional supplement company, tapped into the fitness trend on Instagram by asking fitness junkies to post about the products, resulting in an annual revenue increase from $90,000 in 2012 to $5 million in 2013. Bachelr, a men's fashion e-commerce site, verified its success with Instagram influencers by garnering more than 20,000 visits in two weeks.

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Short-term goals hinder marketers' ability to think long-term

While most marketers likely think of themselves as somewhat current, only 11 percent are considered modern, according to Forrester's study, "Why You Need To Be a Modern Marketer." The reason more marketers aren't focusing on modern strategies is because they're focused on short-term goals instead of long-term growth, says Jonathan Riemer, director of global marketing campaigns at Oracle Marketing Cloud. “Most marketers (from the CMO down to the manager) have growing pressure from their leadership to generate immediate and continued success (leads, engagements, etc.),” he says. “Much like the stock market, instant upticks and quarterly delivery rather than year to year strategy are all that matters.”

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Email marketing lessons from startups

Marketers focus most of their energy on pay-to-play channels, but email, typically seen as a "free" platform for marketing, deserves more attention. Andrew King, senior strategy consultant at Lyris, argues that big brands can learn valuable strategies from startups. Here are three of his six tips:

  1. Create a simple design with lots of white space to make information easier to find.
  2. Center an email around one call to action instead of packing in too many.
  3. Have fun with fonts and deviate from the classic ones.

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