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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, tricks and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from the news:

Go visual or go home: 4 tips for visual storytelling

As social sharing takes off, images and videos are increasingly important because the most successful posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are ones that include visuals. Forty-four percent of people are more likely to engage with brands that post pictures than other media, according to a ROI research report. Devika Girish shares four tips for going visual:

  1. Opt for responsive design or adaptive delivery on mobile
  2. Create "shoppable" images that provide information on how to buy products
  3. Let customers contribute to show that they are valued
  4. Provide actionable content that resonates with customers' hobbies

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User-generated content creates emotional connection 

Establishing an emotional, human connection with customers drives engagement. No one knows that better than marketers in the space. At the Westchester Digital Summit last week, marketing experts discussed the importance of letting customers contribute content. Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of social media company Vayner Media, said, "Pinterest is like window shopping 3.0." By leveraging social media and creating connections with customers, brands are able to deliver meaningful stories that reach customers beyond a single purchase.

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The need for transparency when collecting customer data

Brands collect data about their customers whether they're shopping in the store or online, and customers often don't know when brands are gathering that information. To increase transparency, California is introducing privacy guidelines requiring websites to tell customers how they're collecting data. Sound like a nightmare for marketers? All that's necessary is a simple addition to the website that tells customers about data collection. Eric Goldman, an Internet and advertising law professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, says these voluntary guidelines "are often a roadmap for where the regulator is going." Get ready for data regulations to be enforced in due time.

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Looking to reach Hispanics with digital marketing? Turn to mobile

Segmenting customers, as many marketers know, is a key tactic for personalizing messages based on the customer profile. According to recent research by PwC, if marketers are looking to reach Hispanics, they should be focusing on mobile. The Hispanic community is more likely than the non-Hispanic community to use coupons and banking services on their mobile devices. Regardless of demographics, all marketers should be adopting mobile strategy, but this research proves that those trying to reach Hispanics have an even greater use case for it.

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4 things every digital marketer should know

Social media is an evolving landscape and with that comes new ways to think about reaching customers. Some marketers may think they know it all, but here are four things that marketers likely don't know, according to Steve Olenski:

  1. Trust is a must-have for success. Create trust through clear communication and delivering on promises.
  2. Social media helps for finding prospective customers. Avoid cold calling and research the customer profile first.
  3. Reposting the same content on social media gets boring. Diversify posts to keep the customer engaged.
  4. Customers like the tangible element of offline interactions, so don't just rely on online conversations.

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