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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week’s news:

1. Email marketing: How A/B testing your email design can improve conversion rates 

Colorful graphics and catchy call-to-action buttons may seem like a winning formula for an effective email campaign, in this brand's case a text-based email delivered higher conversion. MECLABS, a Florida-based independent research lab, recently ran an A/B test to find out whether promotional-style emails full of images outperformed letter-style emails with limited graphics. The results: letter-style emails increased conversions by 181 percent compared to promotional-style emails. In this case, A/B testing yielded unexpected results, allowing the company to convert to the most successful email design for its audience.

Read more at Marketing Experiments.

2. Digital marketing extends beyond the marketing department

With new digital technologies constantly being launched, digital marketing stands for much more than online marketing, writes Ashley Friedlein, CEO and Co-founder of Econsultancy"An organization is digital if it exhibits two things: it focuses on the customer experience, irrespective of channel, and it has a digital culture." Yet digital marketing doesn't just affect the marketers. Here are several traits of a company with a digital culture, according to Friedlein:

  1. Data that drives decisions, is shared among teams and is transparent
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit that is "empowered by a 'permission to fail' and 'ideas can come from anywhere' mentality"
  3. Marketers who are tech-savvy and techs who are marketing-savvy

Read more at Marketing Week.

3. A glance at 2014's social media trends

As October wraps up, marketers have two months to plan for next year’s social media strategy. With social media trends shifting all the time, here are a four predictions from Social Strategies Summit: 

  1. SEO and personalized search comes to Google+
  2. Increased use of newer social media platforms builds audience
  3. Short videos on Vine and Instagram video boost ease of social sharing
  4. Foursquare becomes irrelevant with rise of other location-based services

Read more at Social Strategies Summit.

4. Nearly half of Gen-Y prefers mobile for viewing online content

With the average American owning just under three mobile devices, it's clear why Gen-Y consumers prefer mobile devices for consuming content. According to research commissioned by UK-based mobile commerce company Weve, mobile is considered the "first" and most important screen for almost half of the 18-34 year olds, placing mobile ahead of PCs (30 percent) and TV (12 percent). Says David Sear, chief executive of Weve: "The way consumers behave has really shifted – anybody who is now watching TV is actually listening to TV, and they are normally playing with their mobile device or following a story about the TV on social media."

Read more at Marketing Magazine.

5. How to get your mobile marketing strategy in shape

Research shows that m-commerce will reach $24 billion in 2013 and $24.32 billion by 2016. Given the projections, it's understandable why marketing strategies are becoming mobile-centric to yield higher conversion rates and sales. Asi Erenberg, co-founder of ECommerce Partners, offers a few tips for how to get your mobile strategy in shape:

  • Boost customer engagement and word-of-mouth marketing with social media apps such as Instagram and Google Maps
  • Implement responsive design or build a mobile website
  • Optimize SEO for mobile by using shorter keywords

Read more at MarketingProfs.

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