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  • September 12, 2014

Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

4 features marketers love about Apple's new devices and software

When Apple announced the iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch, marketers instantly looked to how they could use these new devices to their advantage. Here are a couple of features that marketing teams are happy about:

  • Larger screens on the new iPhone are better for digital video advertising and social media engagement.
  • Wearables mean marketers can reach customers in a less interruptive manner.
  • Enhanced notifications tell customers about relevant updates and new content.
  • Mobile payments will make the shopping experience seamless.

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Kraft puts its weight behind content marketing

Brands often think of distributing content as free, which devalues its worthiness, but Kraft thinks about content the same way it thinks about paid advertising, says Julie Fleischer, director of data, content and media at Kraft. As such, Kraft only produces content that it would pay to distribute. That means the company might not publish a new piece of content every day, but all content is held to high standards. Fleischer adds: "If you wouldn't spend money behind it, then why do it? It's shouting into the wind without making a sound. How many of us are guilty of being slaves to a calendar or posting cadence?" With that mindset, Kraft has created a content marketing program that brings in four times the ROI of targeted advertising.

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Brands combine location-based marketing with social media

With location-based technology, marketers are able to reach customers with personalized, relevant messages, yet many brands are abusing customers' privacy, which will only push customers away. One effective strategy is tying location into social media posts. Take Heineken's @wherenext campaign. When customers geo-tag their Tweets with @wherenext, Heineken suggests a fun destination nearby. Similarly, Spotify connected with Bonnaroo festival attendees by sending them Tweets with playlists of artists performing. By using location tagging to engage with customers in the moment, brands are delivering valuable content to customers and ultimately creating customer loyalty.

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How to be effectively produce content for positive ROI

While content creation requires time and creativity, high-performing marketers are five times more likely to prioritize top-of-funnel activities over pre-sales projects, according to HubSpot's State of Inbound report. How can marketers join these top performers? First, blogging can make a world's difference. Marketers with blogs are 13 times more likely to drive positive inbound ROI. Second, outbound marketers need to start integrating social media, SEO and blogs into their projects. Third, content should come from a variety of sources including staff, executives, guests and freelancers. Brands with outside contributors are more likely to see an increase in ROI rather than a decrease.

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Why customer satisfaction is a #1 priority

At a time when customers have many messages they can listen to and many brands they can choose from, brands must put the customer first. For marketers, that means collaborating with other teams including sales and customer service to ensure that they solves issues at record speed, provide help support on a variety of channels (chat, email, social media, phone) and deliver a personalized experience based on the customer information available to them. Since 70 percent of customers make a purchase based on how they feel they're being treated, marketers must realize that customer satisfaction is the most important piece of the puzzle.

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