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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week’s news:

New Facebook tagging feature brings content to broader audience

Companies generally Facebook pages to communicate with existing customers and promote products, but now retailers have a new way to reach customers beyond page fans thanks to a new tagging feature. "In short, any post from one brand that tags that page of another brand (be it a person, company, service or anything with a Facebook page) effectively gets a shot at tapping into a brand's Facebook followers," writes Greg Finn on MarketingLand. It's not just a broadcast to everyone and anyone though — Facebook claims to gauge the relevancy to the user before overloading a news feed with product offers and promotions.

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The #1 missed marketing opportunity: Site search data

Marketers know that sending highly personalized messages to customers via email, push, SMS, social media and more are effective and boost customer loyalty — but one area they're missing out on is the search feature of their websites. Six out of 10 retailers do not use site search to enhance marketing programs, according to a recent study by SLI Systems. That means they aren't using site search results to create more targeted display ads, improve email campaigns or integrate with social media efforts. Good news is the majority of retailers are planning to use site search to improve marketing ROI this year.

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New study: Short, personalized email subject lines are top performers 

Email marketers often pull their hair out debating whether subject A or subject B is likely to get more clicks and engagement. Turns out subject lines with 6 to 10 words deliver the highest open rate (21 percent) compared to 5 or fewer words (16 percent) and more then 10 words (14 percent), according to a recent study by marketing analytics firm Retention Science. Plus personalized subject lines that include the recipient's first name increase open rates by 2.6 percent. So what should marketers do? Keep email subjects concise and targeted.

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How listening to social media conversation plays a role in Big Data

Big Data is a big buzzword moving around the marketing landscape, yet many marketers are struggling to find ways to use data effectively when there's so much of it. Steve Olenski, senior content strategist at Responsys, recently spoke with Jeanine Bassett, vice president of global consumer insights for General Mills, to find out how her company streamlines data to render it useful. Bassett shares the importance of social engagement: "Over time, as we take a common event or topic and compare and contrast the 'chatter' across many different social platforms on the same issue, biases clearly emerge."

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Facebook, Google ads over-deliver on their promise

Rarely are marketing efforts delivering greater ROI or value than expected. Yet, marketing models have underestimated the ROI on Facebook ads up to 48 percent and Google search ads up to 39 percent, according to the Digital Media Consortium study. Another key point: impressions instead of clicks are more predictive of ROI of Facebook ads.

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