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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week’s news:

1. Display ads: Look who's growing now

Mobile marketing gets all the buzz these days, but guess what? Display advertising, is actually growing faster than any other marketing channel, according to a new report from eMarketer. Turns out, marketers are applying the same strategies for collecting consumer data on mobile and email marketing to display ads — and it's working. Today, display advertising is being held to the same standard as other platforms for driving customer engagement and, ultimately, sales.

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2. Jay Baer: 9 clever examples of marketing customers will pay for

Baer says it best: Smart marketing is no longer about products alone, but about providing value to customers. As he points out in his bestseller, "Youtility," effective marketing is "so useful, people would pay for it." Recently, Baer identified 9 fresh examples of marketers offering messages with "so much intrinsic and inherent value that people actually WANT to be exposed to it." AJAX turns its popular household cleaner into a handy tool for Twitter users. The "Social Wipe" helps Twitter users clean up their accounts by identifying potential spam and robots.

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3. How to provide every customer value in email promotions

Every marketing email shapes the customer-brand experience — that’s why, even promotional emails need to deliver high customer value. Take Uber’s "National Cat Day" promotion. In select cities, the popular ride-sharing service gave users the opportunity to cuddle with a real kitten for 15 minutes and eat cupcakes. Uber users who didn't get the opportunity were sent a $10 coupon for their next ride. Contrast that with a recent Groupon giveaway: customers who didn't win got a cryptic message stating "You didn't score." Bummer, right? The takeaway: always offer a reward, no matter how small, to keep customer loyalty high.

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4. Travel marketing: How airlines are introducing new social networks

Even at 30,000 feet, business travelers want to network. Virgin America tapped into this desire with a social network that allows travelers to connect with one another via LinkedIn, writes Steve Olenski, Senior Content Strategist at Responsys, on Forbes. Air France-KLM lets customers book travel through Twitter and Facebook and send gifts to passengers in-flight. As Martijn van der Zee, the airline's Senior VP of E-Commerce, tells Olenski: Companies are "a guest at somebody else's party." Adds Olenski: "The consumer is throwing this party. Yes you may be invited but you are surely not exempt from being shown the door at any moment."

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5. Good-bye mobile-first, hello platform-first!

When marketers think about how to deliver a customer-centric experience on mobile, many turn to responsive design to make it happen. But Tomer Cohen, Product Lead for mobile at LinkedIn, argues that a mobile-first mindset has been replaced by a platform-first approach. That explains why LinkedIn nixed the idea of responsive design, instead opting for progressive design, which focused on optimizing the experience on each platform by implementing progressive design.

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