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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week’s news:

1. Gaining Pinterest followers is as easy as 1-2-3

Social media marketers are mastering the tricks of the trade for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but when it comes to Pinterest, there’s great opportunity for brands to increase engagement with users. Here are a few strategies to gain more followers:

  1. Promote popular boards rather than your entire profile. Most people search for subjects that interest them, not brands in general.
  2. Engage users through contests. Whether it’s asking users to contribute pins to your board, re-pin your content or follow your profile, contests encourage users to pay attention to your brand.
  3. Contribute to community boards. When users see that you’re contributing quality pins to boards relevant to what they’re interested in, they’ll be encouraged to follow your pins.

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2. Marketing metrics: Google and comScore make cross-channel a priority

Cross-channel communication is key to retaining customers and increasing customer loyalty, but often those messages have been difficult to measure, especially for display. Not anymore — Google and comScore are integrating to offer reach and frequency metrics for display ads through DoubleClick. This effort to unify mobile, video, search and display messages reinforces the need for marketers to consolidate all of their data and analysis in one platform to best utilize the customer data at their fingertips.

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3. Social media marketing: Online meets in-person interactions

New York Fashion Week is redefining what social media engagement means for brands. One brand that’s making a name for itself is Tommy Hilfiger with its “Social Concierge,” which allowed Instagram and Facebook fans to request photos of a favorite fashion product or handwritten notes from models. The brand introduced in-person brand-customer interaction to its social media followers with its Instameet, where 20 local Instagrammers got a backstage pass and had the opportunity to take pictures. These pictures were then shared using the hashtags #tommyfall14 #nyfwinstameet. Similar to Target’s Awesome Shop and Marc Jacob’s Tweet Shop, brands are taking a fresh perspective on engaging with customers beyond social media. 

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4. Marketing messages play to the tune of the customer

Brands aim to establish a long-lasting relationship with customers, and what better way to do so than through music. Steve Olenski writes in Forbes that brands that use music create an emotional connection with the customer. Adds Alex White, Co-founder and CEO of online music analytics provider Next Big Sound: “Music is a universal language so I think that brands and ad agencies that are able to find the right music and sound for their product will dramatically improve the results of the campaign.” When pairing music with products, marketers must fight the desire to use their favorite song and instead think about what tunes represent the brand and customers.

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5. The 7 social media types you need to know

Knowing who your social media followers are is key for identifying the most valuable messages for them. And now brands can segment followers into brackets, thanks to a recent report by Reach Local that defines seven different types of followers and the best ways to reach them — or react to them.

  1. Quiet follower: Create visual content like polls, images and videos.
  2. Casual liker: Talk to them about new or popular products, and ask them to share.
  3. Deal seeker: Send them deals and offers in exchange for social promotion on their end.
  4. Unhappy customer: Respond to negative posts in a timely manner and monitor your mentions.
  5. Ranter: Disengage with them and avoid fuming conversations.
  6. Cheerleader: Provide quality content that you want shared often.
  7. Loyal fan: Acknowledge them with customer loyalty rewards.

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