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  • September 5, 2014

Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Why every brand should tap into Facebook Events

While many brands engage with customers via Facebook, few are creating Facebook Events to promote events, webinars and workshops. Only 30 percent of Facebook Events are created by organizations that have a Page. What's the promise of Facebook Events for marketing? They remind users when an event is happening, and if a user R.S.V.P.'s, it's instant word-of-mouth marketing since their planned attendance to the event is posted to their timeline. The creme de la creme is the ability to convert a Facebook Event into an ad.

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Salespeople, like marketers, must be storytellers

Salespeople and marketing folks alike are looking to increase engagement and drive sales conversions, yet they often take different approaches. Customers associate salespeople with talking about products and marketing professionals with business value. But customers care about the value of a brand or product, so salespeople need to learn a tactic from the marketer's toolbox. Telling customer stories builds trust and shows the value that the brand has delivered in the past. Too often, salespeople rely on standalone facts when they should bake those points into stories. A fact wrapped into a story is 22-times more memorable, according to cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner.

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New plug-in brings transparency to native advertising 

Time and time again, marketers hear that content is king. Since brands typically produce promotional content, a new plug-in AdDetector now standardizes how articles are labeled by displaying a red banner that states what company is sponsoring the content. Since media sites including BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal publish traditional journalism articles alongside sponsored content, or native advertising, the plug-in will inform readers about the source of the content they're reading. While this plug-in doesn't change the work of content marketers, it may change how readers digest the content.

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6 ways to address top marketing challenges

Every marketing team has its own set of challenges to face, but Steve Olenksi, senior content strategist at Oracle Marketing Cloud, has nailed six ways to deal with today's top marketing challenges.

  1. Lead generation: If you're losing leads (and sales), assess how you're reaching your target audience, and make sure the referrals are part of your strategy.
  2. Target audience: To hone in on who your target audience is, consider the demographics of your key customer.
  3. Content marketing: To create more engaging content, look at the quality of the content and where it's being distributed.
  4. Social media: Connecting with your audience is key, so figure out where they live on social media.
  5. Latest marketing trends: Follow popular marketing blogs, engage on social media and attend webinars.
  6. Increasing ROI: Instead of focusing on overall traffic, hone in on the traffic that drives conversions.

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It's a cross-channel world for travel marketers

Retailers have learned that customers interact with brands across channels, and the same is true for travelers. From smartphone and tablet to laptop or desktop, a customer uses an average of 6.5 devices and websites before booking travel, according to a Webtrends report. Since most travelers show a strong preference for mobile for researching but prefer to complete a purchase on a desktop or laptop, travel brands should take those habits into account when designing user experiences. Marketers should consider cross-channel interactions and leverage digital technology to stay relevant and unique.

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