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  • August 8, 2014

Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Lancome's loyalty program makes a social media push 

When customers are engaging with brands on multiple channels, they should be rewarded for those interactions, and that's the mindset that Lancome adopted with its loyalty program. The Elite Rewards program ties in social media, in-store and mobile components in addition to the classic e-commerce interactions. When customers connect their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare accounts to Lancome's, they receive 25 points, and when they watch branded videos or opt-in for email or direct mail messaging, they receive rewards as well. These kinds of loyalty programs open the doors for luxury brands like Lancome to own the relationship with customers, when previously the communication happened through third-party retailers, said Irving Fain, CEO of CrowdTwist. This is a prime opportunity for luxury brands to establish a unique, socially-engaging customer relationship.

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A 5 step guide to make the most of your data 

Marketers collect tons of data, but less than 10 percent of companies use those insights in a strategic way. To manage the amount and diversity of data sources to deliver personalized messages, Katharine Hulls, VP of marketing at Celebrus Technology Limited, and Christy Ferguson, director of applications communications strategy at Teradata, suggest following these five steps:

  1. Make sure you're collecting data that will provide insights
  2. Collect and connect online and offline data
  3. Create a cross-functional team with marketers, analysts and IT
  4. Explore the capabilities of analytics
  5. Start small, and test and learn

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Who the marketing teams of the future will include 

The marketing team of tomorrow looks very different than today's since new trends and technologies demand skills that the current team doesn't have. Preeti Upadhyaya, content specialist at WebDAM, pinpoints three areas that will be more important for marketers: content, mobile and digital. Here are some of the positions that will be important to have on your marketing team:

  • Content: content strategist, SEO specialist, web writer
  • Mobile: user interface designers, mobile designers
  • Digital: user experience designers, web developers

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The gap between marketers say they want to do and what they actually do

If you're a marketer and aren't on board with a cross-channel marketing strategy, it's time to catch up or risk falling off the grid. Yet, just because marketers recognize the importance of cross-channel doesn't mean they'll put the strategy into action. While 67 percent of marketers are saying that they prioritize cross-channel integration, only 30 percent are facilitating integrated marketing with cross-functional teams, according to the Cross-Channel Marketing Report by Econsultancy and the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Marketers are talking the talk but not walking the walk for cross-channel strategy, and the same can be said about mobile messaging. It's time for marketers to put their thoughts into action.

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How to prepare the team for marketing automation

Getting the team on-board to adopt a new strategy or technology can be a challenge, but for it to be successful, everyone's buy-in is necessary. A key component of that is creating co-ownership by showing the direct impact of marketing automation, involving every employee in the decision process and highlighting early successes, notes Mary Wallace, marketing automation expert. Next, managers should continue to communicate the status of adopting marketing automation software and to market the benefits and success that it brings. Finally, if employees don't know how to use the software, they won't put it into action. Start with training all employees on the basics and continue to develop their skills about more complex capabilities.

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