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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from the news:

The holy grail of consumer behavior data: Wikipedia

To understand customers better, marketers dig through data, but the platforms that many marketers use (Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and panel-based data such as comScore) don't provide real-time numbers or only collect from a small subset of data. The crème de la crème for customer behavior insights is now Wikipedia, according to Benjamin Spiegel, director of SEO operations for Catalyst. How? The site makes its pageview and unique visitor data available to everyone. Spiegel adds, "With all the tools we have available to measure consumer intent and behavior online, Wikipedia holds the key to unlocking some terrific near-real-time, granular data around consumer interest."

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Social media is the gasoline for your content fire

Content isn't just about telling customers about how awesome your brand is. It's about delivering valuable, actionable information to customers as a way to boost customer loyalty. Jay Baer, author of Youtility, recently spoke with Terry Foster of Cision Canada about how distributing and amplifying content is just as important as producing it. "Content is fire, and social media is gasoline," Baer says. Instead of using social media as a way to share a press release, brands should use social to drive traffic to great content.

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Bridging the great marketing divide with a need for speed

As customers interact with brands, there continues to be a great divide between what brands deliver and what customers want. While technology can help bridge this gap, as long as marketing teams continue to work in silos, customers won’t receive the cross-channel experience that they want (and demand). Joe Stanhope, senior vice president of marketing at BrightTag, argues that top-notch marketers stand out with their need for speed in collecting, connecting and acting. “It’s about moving as fast as your customers want to move,” Stanhope adds. Plus it goes without saying that marketers have to feel a sense of ownership of the data.

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3 brands that are useful for customers

Marketing isn't just about creating a customer connection, it's about delivering high value and being useful. Tracey Parsons at Social Media Explorer highlighted three notable companies that use their social media and content to inspire, instruct and provide behind-the-scenes perspective. Sherwin-Williams features design blogs to help customers with projects and answers customer questions via Twitter using #AskSW. River Pools employees provide video and content advice about building a pool or spa as well as a calculator for building. Maersk provides behind-the-scenes looks at what experts are doing in the shipping industry, driving engagement and leaving customers happy with answers.

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The (low-cost) power of social marketing

Marketing can be costly, and many marketers struggle to prove the business value of marketing efforts, even if it's real. That’s why GoPro and Tesla’s campaigns combine the best of both worlds — they are low in cost and engage the audience. GoPro dominates YouTube with its thrill-seeking videos, and the channel’s almost two million subscribers are the fuel that make videos like “Fireman Saves Kitten” a viral success. Tesla relies on the power of social spread even more since the company doesn’t even have a CMO. “Your neighbors might buy a GoPro Camera for their upcoming whitewater rafting trip, but they’re less likely to start commuting in a Tesla any time soon,” writes Dominic Smith, content strategist for Rackspace Digital. “That’s okay with Tesla. They just want your neighbors to post pictures on Facebook or Instagram when that first sleek Tesla drives by.”

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