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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week’s news:

1. Retail marketing: How technology is reinventing the shopping experience as we know it

“[Consumers] expect the in-store experience to match the convenience of online," writes Chris Donnelly, global managing director of Accenture Retail, who identifies the latest trends in merging the offline and online experience:

  • Social-enabled tech: Retailers like Kiehls are helping customers make better purchases by enabling them to take a picture a specially designed tag that automatically directs them to online product reviews.
  • Virtual try-on: Through online app, StyleWhile, consumers can select an online model that resembles them to virtually "try on" varying apparel, footwear and accessories.
  • Body scanning: Software developer Me-Ality is working with brands like Banana Republic and Bloomingdales to help consumers find their best-fitting styles using body-scanning equipment. Customers get a quick body scan in-store and instantly receive a list of recommended clothing styles for their body type.

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2. Travel marketing: Messaging can get a lot smarter with responsive design

Airlines are finding smart ways to engage customers on mobile. They let passengers board planes with passes stored on their mobile devices. They send text messages to passengers when flights are delayed or cancelled. What aren't airlines doing? Using responsive design for their mobile websites. Of the top 50 airlines in the world, none have mobile-optimized versions of their websites, writes Ben Davis on Econsultancy, who cites research from Google. One small airline that does use responsive design in U.K.-based Thomas Cook Airlines, where conversion rates up are 30 percent after the carrier optimized its mobile site.

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3. Unbelievably simple ways to improve Twitter engagement

Twitter pros and newbies alike all face the same challenge on the active social channel: getting heard. Here are a few simple Twitter hacks touted by marketers to help brands improve their presence today:

  1. Never start a Tweet with a username (ex. @Twitteruser): Doing this means that only you, the user mentioned and his or her followers will see the Tweet — greatly decreasing your brand's.
  2. Schedule tweets to post just before or after the hour: As Jay Baer, the Convince & Convert founder notes, this catches people who check their social media just before or just after a meeting.
  3. Follow Twitter users who retweet your content: By keeping an eye on who engages and shares your content, you're more likely to build a loyal audience who is interested in your brand.

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4. Financial services marketing: How mobile can strengthen the customer relationship

Banking at a branch isn't going to cease in the digital age — but it will change. Customers aren't depositing checks at the nearest branch so much as they're looking to solve other personal finance needs. That shift, combined with the rapid rise in smartphone use, gives retail banks an opportunity to create unique customer experiences, writes Nancy Radermecher, President of JohnRyan. For instance, a customer walks into a busy branch, gets a number delivered to her mobile device and keeps her updated on her "place" in line so she can leave to take care of other errands. "[M]essaging to teens and young adults might focus much more on initial account acquisition and digital tools," continues Radermecher, "while messaging aimed at older customers can be tuned, instead, to things like retirement savings plans and services."

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5. Social media marketing: How much are social shares worth?

Marc Jacobs is putting a price on social media shares. The fashion brand hosted a pop-up shop, called the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, earlier this month that accepted Tweets, Facebook shares of Instagram posts promoting their products as “social currency” instead of money to buy from the shop. "While posting a picture to Instagram costs shoppers nothing, collectively it gives Marc Jacobs an instant burst of #marketing across social media platforms," writes contributor Eliza Brooks, for Fashionista.

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