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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week’s news:

1. What skills gaps hold digital marketers back? 

The skills marketers need and actually have need some alignment, according to a survey from the Online Marketing Institute. The research shows that teams at marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike lack crucial strengths needed to develop successful digital marketing campaigns — a challenge that threatens to hinder sales. Where should marketers focus on closing the gap? Here are the top five desirable skill sets, along with the percentage difference between what's desired and where marketers stand today:

  1. Analytics: 37 percent
  2. Mobile marketing: 29 percent
  3. Email marketing: 27 percent
  4. Content marketing: 27 percent
  5. Social media: 27 percent

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2. Buying a social media management tool? 5 must-haves

CMOs looking to improve their brand’s social media presence need to master analytics, produce compelling content and engage with customers, explains Forbes contributor and Responsys Senior Creative Content Strategist, Steve Olenski. Effective social media management tools greatly simplify this juggling act. Olenski recommends that CMOs seek out the following features when selecting a social media management tool: 

  1. Sales management tools: These should give marketers a clear understanding of where their social traffic comes from and where they're routed once they visit the website.
  2. Information to aid product development: Marketers need at least one feature that lets them mine social media for product development ideas. Feedback features or more sophisticated applications are fair game.
  3. Customer service functionality: Customers expect prompt, helpful responses to their needs and wants regardless of the channel. “No social media tool would be complete without robust customer service functionality," Olenski says.

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3. Find a new digital marketing model for your brand

Customers today expect to browse products, solicit feedback and make purchases on whatever platform they choose. Since much of the consumer journey takes place online, brands have unprecedented opportunities to collect and act on detailed consumer behavior, write partners at global consulting firm Booz and Company. They've identified new marketing models that companies should use to guide their digital marketing investments. 

  • Digital branders: Like Coca-Cola, these companies typically are B2C, with a focus on building deep customer engagement. One example: Coke Zero’s popular social media contest which asked consumers to submit, “my favorite dance moves.”
  • Customer experience designers: Using insights culled from customer data, brands that follow this model, such as Virgin Airlines with its in-flight concierge service, wow customers at multiple touchpoints.
  • Demand generators: These brands focus on driving online traffic and conversions. Take Walmart, for example. The retail giant's "how-to" online videos helped drive engagement with products and, ultimately, conversion on its site.
  • Product innovators: Digital marketing and product development go hand in hand. Germany-based Henkel, a manufacturer of household products, for example, depends on teams from both marketing and R&D departments for idea-generation contests and incentives.

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4. Eye-tracking study helps defeat display ad blindness

Here's some direction for display advertisers concerned about the visibility of their content. Spots with the best visibility include in-content units, nontraditional placements, contextually relevant creative, and above-the-fold locations, according to a study from Infolinks. Research also shows that that native ads are seen 47 percent more quickly than banner ads in traditional locations on the same pages.

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5. Not paying attention to Pinterest? You should be

Pinterest lures users with the propensity to buy — a fact that has marketers looking for ways to get more visual every day. Adobe predicts that the image-sharing platform will surpass Facebook this year in terms of revenue per visit. Pinterest's newly released API lets marketers see which "pins" are the most popular, providing valuable customer insights for future offers. In January it bought VisualGraph, a technology service that feasibly can learn people's preferences from their pinning habits. In case marketers had any doubts, “Pinterest should be a focal point of every retail marketer,” Adobe says.

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