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  • June 6, 2013

Warm Welcome Emails

Hello, everyone!

My name's Raleigh and while Lyla's out on maternity leave, I'll be sharing trends and observations from my time in the digital marketing space, and I'd love to hear from you, too. I’ll be posting about once a week on retail email trends, offering my insights, tips and best practices. 

I've been out on maternity leave myself for a few months, and in that time, most of my email subscriptions have lapsed. I'm not proud of it. (But I am proud of you retailers for managing your lists. Nice work.) The upside of this is that when I took over this blog, I had the pleasure of signing up for my favorite email programs all over again.  And I gotta say, y'alls welcomes are looking gooooood.

When you're writing welcome emails, there's a basic recipe that always works. It goes, "Thanks for signing up! We'll send you this stuff at this time, but for now, you should start shopping. BUTTON." Add a nice lifestyle image and you've got a workhorse welcome that sets nice expectations and is a lovely introduction to your brand. But just because something works, doesn't mean you shouldn't tool around with it a little bit. That's why I was so pleased to see some fresh takes on the standard Welcome when I revived my poor neglected inbox. Today’s welcomes feel warmer and more personal than ever before. And they’re making it look effortless.

Design Within Reach, 5/28 -- Welcome to Design Within Reach

Check out the open, breezy feel of this Design Within Reach welcome. I feel like I could walk right into this room and have coffee. By keeping the copy minimal and the images juicy, they're catching my interest and getting me excited for what's to come.

Athleta, 5/28 -- Welcome to the Team!

Ditto this nice one from Athleta. A little inspirational copy is all you need to get immersed in their world. Bonus points for putting a new spin on the well-loved "here's what you can expect from our emails" spiel.

Modcloth.com, 5/28 -- Five ways to join in the Modcloth fun!

Finally, this Modcloth email goes against trend and applies their trademark adorable style to this Welcome, which is bursting with cute details. It may not be as streamlined as the Design Within Reach or Athleta emails, but it does a fantastic job of illustrating the features of their website. Whoever created this gem fit not two, not three, but five ways to engage without crowding or coming off as pushy. That's no small feat.

Has anyone out there experienced a particularly warm welcome lately? Share it with the group! And for some smart tips on getting personal with your customers, check out Maeghan Ouimet’s fantastic post on the New School Marketing Blog.

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